Quebec’s Growing Love Affair with Justin Trudeau by Jamie Gilcig – February 18, 2012 POLL

Justin Trudeau

CFN –  To understand French politics in Quebec you need to understand why Quebec women like to be spanked.  No, I’m not suggesting they like to be abused or beaten; but spanked; usually with a bit of hair pulling thrown in.

As matriarchal a society as Quebec is its women like men (and some women)  to actually be manly in the boudoir; forceful; pull their hair (not too hard) and not care about them yet still wear sweater vests and smoke cigarettes.

Rene Levesque.   Need I say more.   Did he ever have trouble getting sack time?   Quebec voters respond to bad boys.   They really do.

Brian Mulroney - still has your money girls!

Brian Mulroney?  You know he’d lie to you;  use your RRSP to buy gifts and cheat on you with your best friend; but Quebecer’s gave him a Majority government that Stephen Harper could only dream of.

Surely Mitsou would love this Cowboy at the end of a long day...

It’s why they love Thomas Mulcair.  It’s even why they love Jean Charest who’s probably spanked a bum or two in his time.

Quebec’s latest heart throb is none other than Justin Trudeau; he of the mane of hair that women want to grab with both hands while he sings his ABC’s.  He  the son of Canada’s favorite political bad boy, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Studio 54 Wild Woman; Margaret.

No; Quebec loves Justin Trudeau; young, old, male, female, straight, and I’m sure the Friends of Dorothy in la belle province would pick him first on Election day; especially if he knocked on their door.  With each sound bite he drops the province grows closer to their native son as Mr. Harper grows more and more distasteful to Quebec voters.

Thomas Mulcair may be selling the sound message that you can vote for a lesser fascist state with values that Quebec voters appreciate  like Social caring, and better cheese  without having to be a Separatist; but Justin Trudeau is selling sex; excitement; flipping the bird at Conservatives.    If somehow he ends up the Grit of choice Quebec will probably be a very red province come the next election.

You see Quebecer’s didnt’ like the treatment from Mr. Harper in the last election.   It was too rough; too uncaring; no wine, or late night Tele Bleu in the background.  It was brutal with no hints of romance or caring.

Mr. Mulcair can do the daddy thing; but Justin Trudeau?    He’s the real deal in Quebec.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. You’ve got to hear this guy on the calgary sun website compare Justin to ‘one of the guys in Zoolander.’ I’m guessing he’s thinking of Owen Wilson’s character. Why not throw in Owen’s over-the-top role in The Royal Tennenbaum’s also? Owen in a dark curly wig IS Justin – it’s uncanny to think about so next time you feel tempted to swoon over Justin’s adolescent vacuousness, think Owen at age 17 or something. Anyways, I’m a Liberal who can’t wait to see Justin cross the floor to the Bloc. I’m guessing it could happen this week. Bob Rae will be relieved I bet.

  2. Justin Trudeau might have rock-star status in his riding, but to the rest of Canada he looks like a poser. He’s a very attractive young guy who has obviously had acting lessons and decent speech writers and a full-time coiffure. It will take another five or ten years before we if this guy is just a poser or a serious politician.

  3. Edit… “before we know if”

  4. Justin Trudeau’s “Stephen Harper is NOT Canada” speech as reported in the press last week was bang on. He shows he has the courage to give voice to what millions of Canadians feel. A sign, perhaps, that he’s on his way to becoming the real deal.

  5. Kind of sounds like give us more stuff or we hate you. The rest of Canada needs to pay more so we can reduce the 7 dollar a day daycare in Quebec to 5. We need more than just 8 billion we now get from the 14 billion transfer payments, how can we live on that amount.

    If anyone dares say anything towards a level playing field for all provinces, the attack ads come out, well go ahead.

  6. They are thick with with other things that are not palatable.

  7. MMMMM Beefcake! One of my favorite dishes! I think we’ll have to see if the juices run clear or if they are thick with other things that are not palatable.

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