Pond Hockey in Ingleside, Dining in Morrisburg – Family Day Weekend, West of Cornwall Ontario By Reg Coffey

CFN – I almost forgot that this was a long weekend. When you work for yourself you tend to forget these things but having my wife home for three days in a row was cause for celebration. Our extended weekend started on Friday night in Morrisburg at the Russel Manor Bistro for a much earned celebratory birthday meal, mine to be specific and the much earned means surviving 61 years.

Russell Manor, Morrisburg


I had heard whispers of a fine dining establishment in Morrisburg. Actually a golfing buddy told me last summer about Russel Manor but it has taken this long to try it out. I think it is supposed to be a secret amongst the gourmand elite in SD&G but, PJ, the secret is out. I just love to eat and tell. I,m not going to do a full review of the bistro but I will tell you that if you want a decadent fine dining experience you have to go to the Russel Manor. It is the off season for the Manor so the selections were limited. You get a full, properly timed, delicious meal complete with soup (a choice of two), salad, entree (a choice of three) and dessert (again a choice of two) with coffee or tea for a fixed price. Oh yeah, there was also fresh baked scones!!

The Manor itself is just beautiful. It is honeycombed with private eating areas that makes it seem like you are alone. It wasn’t until after we had finished our meal and were leaving that we realized there were indeed other people there. I am definitely going back and you should treat yourself as well…. but keep it between us. We don’t want everyone to find out about it. It could make getting reservations difficult.


The next item on our long weekend things to check out list was the ice fishing tournament on Hoople’s Bay. I know Calvin Hanson has already posted some excellent pictures of the event but I just have to add my own with a comment. ARE THESE GUYS NUTS! There were more vehicles than fishing huts on the ice.

Hoople's Bay Parking Lot


We spent about an hour watching and taking pictures of the event from the safety of the highway and then we moved on to another annual winter sport spectacular just a couple of miles west of Hoople’s Bay, the South Stormont Pond Hockey Tournament.

6 Rinks, No Waiting


The tournament was on all day beginning at 9:00 AM and the Championship games for each of 3 divisions (Recreational, Women’s and Open divisions) scheduled to begin at 4:15 PM. There were 5 games being played at the same time and while watching I wondered if anyone ever scored on the wrong game.

There was a lot more going on than just hockey though.

Tell Me Why We're Out Here Again!


Some of the spectators were actively trying to keep warm, one way or another.

Maybe We Should Watch The Game On TV.


The hockey players were well looked after. They had luxurious change rooms provided for them.

Close the door. There's a draft.


And the ice surface was well groomed……..

Who let those guys in?


……Or maybe they were just trying to chase the pink guys off the ice.

The winners of the tournament were…? I’m not much of a sports reporter. I got cold and went home for a nice hot cup of coffee. I told you it was my 61st birthday didn’t I? I know enough to get out of the cold.

If anyone knows who won could you post the results here?


Coffey's Coffee


  1. Thanks for covering our Pond Hockey…What a great time!

  2. Absolutely right on Russell Manor, Reg. A delight to behold and experience. A tribute to the creative imagination.

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