Is it time for people in Cornwall Ontario to take their first step towards change? City Council Meeting Invite – February 27, 2012

CFN – Today I was sent a video to watch.   It was well put together with a very very clear message.  The world is ****ed and we’re all doomed.

Our World has been sold out and we’re all doomed.   Governments are all corrupt and we’re all doomed.

I can go on; there was some great information in this video and I too most days feel we’re all doomed too.

As a child of a family that was mostly wiped out in the Holocaust I’ve had my strange thoughts and lucid conversations about what happened back in the day.

As a researcher and filmmaker that covered that period I read a lot of material about what some people did in their lives.

Today; I have one of our student writers working on a piece about why young people don’t vote.   While I may have a handle on what those answers are I wanted it in their words.  We live in a world where too many people speak for others.  I like things raw, unedited, and people’s own words.   I’m not a huge fan of spin although I understand it and understand when I’m receiving it.

The World is changing as it always has and always will.  As long as our species is around there will always be turmoil too.    The Occupy movement has been very loud in the last year or so and of course we’ve seen historic changes in many parts of the world that you rarely see historic changes in.

For me I want to focus on issues closer to home.   I feel personally that if we make changes at home they can change the world.   We have to start in our own backyard.

My backyard is here, in the City of Cornwall.    I want to see more people get more involved.    When I talk with people and hear what they complain about I ask them what they do about it?  Usually there isn’t much of an answer.  Not their bad; for most they simply don’t know what to do to impact change.

The first thing we have to do is educate ourselves about what’s important to us.   For me personally again, my big issue is healthcare.   It’s my bugaboo as I watch pressures on our amazing health care system by “Big Pharma”, insurance companies,  food monsters, and of course greedy politicians that sell us out and have zero courage to do anything about it.

And the only thing that Politicians listen too is money, power, and fear.   That’s it.  There truly are no “nice” politicians.  We don’t want those and we don’t elect those.  We have some that have shiny friendly veneers; but if you truly examine their voting records and what they stand for you can start to connect those dots.

The next City Council meeting here in Cornwall is Monday February 27th at 7:00 PM.     It’s not exciting.  It’s not American Idol; but decisions are made that truly impact the lives of the citizens of this city and some of our neighbors.

It’s a very good place to start.   It’s free. It’s warm and has comfy chairs.    And of course before and after the meeting you have access to the people making the decisions.

If you truly want to change your world it’s a great place to start; to learn; to listen, and even to speak.     If you’re reading this and are from Cornwall I’d like to see you there.

E – Bikes, Waterfront development, roads, recreation, CAO’s that break our bank, high taxes, tax increases, no support for small business; permits that take too long; not enough healthcare, no inter city bus service from Cornwall; almost no train service; bilingual nurses at the hospital, and so many more.  There’s room for everyone; but the only way anything will happen is if you make your voice heard.

And if you can’t make this meeting and have an issue here is the LINK to the council page where you can get contact information for your elected officials that spend over $150 million dollars per year of your money.

Change starts with a first step.   While it sometimes can occur quickly, nearly all times it happens more slowly; but it only can happen if you take action.

Monday February 27, 2012 let’s see if some change can start to occur in Cornwall.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News


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  1. Just FYI, American Idol now runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. No excuse for anyone missing the meeting on Monday evening!

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