Mark A MacDonald to File Election Fraud Complaint During Cornwall Ontario Municipal Election – March 3, 2012

CFN –   Former Cornwall Ontario City Councilor and Mayoralty candidate Mark A MacDonald has initiated filing a formal complaint regarding improprieties during the municipal election that saw Mayor Robert Kilger re-elected in Cornwall Ontario.

Mr. Gleeson—further to this matter, it has recently come to my attention that the Clerk was a member of the “Bob Kilger for Mayor” team. 
She was a member of his team at the same time that she was running our local election–and as my original complaint stated–she was providing voter lists to him with special information.
I would like to lodge a “FORMAL COMPLAINT” about this matter.  
There is no way that an election can be fair if the person that is running the election is openly supporting a candidate. 
I have been told that the Clerk is preparing to retire and she will be reporting to Council that she wants stay in charge of the next election.  This cannot happen–our citizens deserve better service. 
Please advise me on this matter.  Again, I would like to lodge a formal complaint and I would like to know if this matter should be turned over to the OPP?
Mark A MacDonald
  I spoke briefly with Mr. MacDonald and asked why wait so long to report this issue and he had the following to say:
When I first reported this I was told I had to file my complaint with the person I was complaining about.  I didn’t want it to appear as sour grapes, but with what happened to Councilor Rivette and this being Anti-Bullying week  I realized that more people needed to speak up and step forward.
This scribbler personally saw on election night Ms Labelle-Gelinas kiss and hug Mayor Kilger happily bleating:
We won!  We won!
We will be updating this story as more information comes through the pipeline.
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  1. Why am I not surprised?

  2. All through the last municipal election campaign I tried during my first election run to let people know that it was time for change here and that re electing the same old boys around the table would mean disaster for Cornwall, especially for those living in Poverty or for our working poor. Then I saw the results on election night as all the old boys from Builder Bobs fan club return with huge numbers and they all happily join in a group hugfest and get to sit in their new overpriced chairs. Everybody I talked to around town wailed and wanted change but nobody came out to vote against the status quo. So now we are here starting the second year of their term and we have to keep putting up paying for the recent mistakes of the decision makers at city hall. Like Mark I have a huge problem using these partisan administrators for running an election locally when it should be done fairer to all candidates by bringing in an impartial 3rd party. They at council easily pay out big bucks for consultants to do everything else around here. I hope Mr. Mark MacDonald gets action for this complaint as I feel that somehow the biggest stink in Cornwall now, since the Domtar closing was our last municipal election results. I plan on running again in three years and I really hope to see many more and younger, progressive people run for council this time as these old dogs need to lay to rest as I think Cornwall can and will do better next time round.

  3. while it doesn’t surprise me isn’t there a certain time limit he has before reporting it does nothing ( just curious)

  4. State elections, municipal elections — Cornwall will finally get a chance to punish those at the top,” Mark MacDonald said, looking straight into the camera. “We have a chance. We have a program for the future.
    “Austerity is absolutely necessary. It is clear what medicine is needed, it’s just that we all know that the overdose kills”.

  5. “In Camera” meetings requested by “old boy” Mayor Bob Kilger, were held without legally required notice on Nov. 15, 17, 28 and 30. Thanks to Ms Labelle-Gelinas no notifications were provided for any of those. Of course there were no consequences for the “old girl”.

    And more gall than an old canal horse if she asks to stay on to fudge an election as well.

  6. Voter turnout was not the greatest. We only have ourselves to blame, if you wanted change. If I can recall the weather was great voting day, so what could be the excuse? Perhaps voter apathy? Next time get out and vote. What was the voter turnout percentage? Does anybody know the exact number?

  7. He acutally lost two elections by rather large margins, the electorate has spoken, move on you were not the candidate of choice. The vote tally proved that there is no way that can be manipulated.

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