I challenge Cornwall City Councilor David Murphy to a boxing match for charity! March 15, 2012

CFN –  Wednesday March 14th Cornwall City Councilor David Murphy pulled a bully boy shout up at me at City Council.    The good councilor also said I had something against him or some sort of grudge previously in the Free Holder.

In life it’s horrible when people make stuff up about you; especially when they are in a position of power in the community like the good councilor who aggressively campaigned to have our advertising cut by the city of Cornwall, and has said all other sorts of nasty about CFN and myself.

So I thought about how to defend the honour of The Cornwall Free News and you, our amazingly loyal viewers.  Nobody frivolously slags CFN!

Scrabble?  No, I wouldn’t want to challenge Mr. Murphy weaknesses.   Reciting Shakespeare or reading hockey scores? No, I wouldn’t want to inflict damage on witnesses hearing or viewing that and then it hit me.

I have decided to issue the following challenge to Mr. Murphy and find out what kind of man he is, and raise some dollars for charity too!

Mr. Murphy I challenge you to a three round boxing match with gloves and gear at a location to be determined Sunday April 1, 2012 here in Cornwall.

The Victor will have all proceeds go to the charity of their choice. (I’m sure there’s at least one non-clique controlled one in this city)

You have been challenged for your affronts Murphy.    Either accept or be further mocked for your cowardice.

Any fool can open their mouths in a council chamber surrounded by his peers.    Put the gloves on or pipe down and apologize for yesterday.   The choice is yours!    You may be younger than me.   You may be in better shape than I am, but justice knows not the path that fools follow….or something like that.

You can reach me to confirm by posting your acceptance below.   Not sure if you have to run it by Mr. Sherriff-Scott though before you can answer….

3 rounds; full gloves and gear.  Your choice of local location.  April 1st.  And no, Mayor Kilger cannot be the ref!  Or Fitzy!


To the smart guy that emailed; yes I did think of challenging Elaine MacDonald too; but I knew she’d kick my arse!

Wine Kitz



  1. Omg! I love the idea… I think however you should sell tickets for this event, however that is if he even agrees to it.. hahah!

  2. I would buy a ticket! I think it would be great fun….with a few haymakers thrown! It would be Cornwall’s own so you think you can fight….lol!

  3. Mud wrestling would be safer and more fun to watch. Nobody wants a brain concussion.
    Maybe Sheriff-Scott could draw up the rules for the contest to be signed by the contestants.
    This service would of course be paid for by the taxpayers of Cornwall.

  4. Author

    lol – Pete we’ll be wearing head gear 🙂 And of course we taxpayers always end up paying….

  5. Now your talking Jamie.But we all no ,bullies will not fight when their cornered alone.When your done with Murphy how about Claude Macintosh(freeholder) he is the real reason why Cornwall Officials get away with so much for the last 30 years.

  6. Love it… a healthy way to get rid of some pent up frustration 😉

  7. Author

    Does Claude have that much power? I’ve always enjoyed talking with the senior scribbler here in town, but we media guys don’t have any power in the real world. We simply reflect things…

  8. Well i beg to differ You media guys have alot more power than you think.If Macintosh and the freeholder don,t tell the citzens the whole story or sugar coats the story or even misrepresents all of the facts well then its bussiness as usewell in Cornwall.Mac is a very smart guy, he isn,t stepping on anyones toes with power in this city.He never did and never will.But you Jamie are a diffrent story, the only thing is you will be stoped this is Cornwall.Claude Macintosh certainly know,s what i,m talking about.

  9. Hell yeah Jamie, I support this grand event even if Murph doesn’t accept your challenge. Don’t stop at the one fight though, build a lineup of boxing matches that lead up to this one, bullies always come with followers, I’ll be a contender on the card for CFN, you choose the opponent.

  10. Author

    Thanks Aaron. Even though Mr. Murphy has pulled out I will start to train and help improve my health. It’s amazing how fast this ripped through our community and it’s even more amazing that instead of people being able to verbally discourse their way through an issue the thought of pugilism appeals so much more to the public. Either that or there are numbers that would like to see either myself or Dave get their arse whooped!

  11. I would like more to see the bully get his arse whooped by the bullied. Dave Murphy, grow a pair, show your sportsmanship and HEY! it’s for CHARITY!

  12. Jamie You have CFN fan mafia in your corner.

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