A Rainy Night in Cornwall Ontario Watching the Clique at Play & Which City Do you Think is the Friendliest in Canada?

CFN –  So with all of the abuse I’ve taken at the hands of City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce  here in Cornwall I was asked last night at an event where I’d move to if I left Cornwall?

I don’t have any intentions of leaving, but it was very sad for me watching the clique in action; this time essentially putting together a watered down facet of a concept I’ve been saying is desperately needed in this city.

To see people I’ve never met listen to gossip and choose to not only hear what I had on the table, but also to not bother to even try and get a release to us on the event didn’t hurt my feelings.  It resulted in mostly the usual suspects showing up at the event instead of something that the community really could’ve embraced.   It would’ve been nice to see a few hundred out of 46,000 residents show up  instead of a few dozen.

It’s called “Racing to the Bottom”.

When people truly work together amazing things can happen.     As I walked the room and chatted with some good people it was interesting to see how the clique works.   Either you got the fake smiles and slither away, or the frozen blank looks and hiding.

Speaking with a friend after on the phone she said she thought the best thing was just smile and chat with the bad people because it drove them crazy.   I can’t fake it that well.   I’d rather give the bad people a very wide berth and work on good things with good people.

Shakespeare’s paradigm always has conflict start with storms.  Lightning, thunder; it was a lovely night to walk home.

Honestly I hope this venture works; but the odds of that happening will be better if people in this city learn to work together.

The cycles need to be broken and sadly many of those in them don’t even realize they are.    The good people really do need to question the bad people and stand up to some of them.

So from coast to coast which community has the nicest people in Canada?  I’m curious what you; the amazing viewers of CFN think.    The only place I’ve ruled out would be a return to Quebec, and the Arctic because I’m liking the cold less and less as I get older.   I’m going to visit PEI this summer to get away and check out the vibe there.

If I were to move I’d want a place with nice people; some culture, and hope.

Because without hope a community is doomed.



  1. I really like Shawinegan QC, but like you I’m not a fan of cold weather, so I’d like to move to BC or perhaps the us west coast or southern states.

  2. I would like to comment on ” When people truly work together amazing things can happen”. I am part of a small amazing group of people who work so hard each year to put on a free winter event to all the people of Cornwall. Unlike those clique you talk about in this column our goal is not self interest snobbery but is to promote and support our community and all its people.This group is called WINTERFEST CARNAVAL. This year we brought over 23,000 people to the park on Family Day weekend. There are good people here and there is hope still for Cornwall. Rather than join any group of people I don’t care for or they don’t care for me along with over 1300 people I went out to watch the Colts win at the complex.Exciting rough hockey. If I had to move it would probably be to somewhere like Sarnia, London or anywhere in New Brunswick.

  3. Author

    But Gary your group practiced this too. We were not asked to sponsor nor participate. You know that too as you’re on the committee. See this is how it happens. All it takes is one. There’s a group that we sponsored and gave a ton of support to. Because it turns out one of them is now on the Lift Off committee some drama started. CFN simply pulled away from the group. Again, if people within a group don’t stand up when this silliness starts everyone loses.

  4. Admin: noted All I can say now is that media is one area we will be working on at upcoming meetings for next years event. There were a few issues this year but all decisions are made by committee and chair. We are a growing group of volunteers only and we are still learning and do what we feel doing what is best for our buck. We pissed off some groups to work with others but such is life in Cornwall.. (No names of who can be given) Suggestions though can be brought to our table for next year should I stay on for another year. Was happy also to see you at our event.

  5. Im sure there are lots of people who agree and dislike the way council does business. But until at-least one tree falls, people wont believe that anything can be changed. Keep in mind, shinning the light is easy, especially on the city but following through with success will definitely give hope and more would step forward. At this time people are still afraid to come out and I don’t blame them, who wants to get a letter in the mail from the City of Cornwall’s , Ottawa Lawyers.

    Don’t give up

  6. Author

    Hi Gary, you know personally how committed I am to the Community here in Cornwall. I hope that your group does evolve. Cheers!

  7. “A rainy night in Cornwall” was amazing!!! Horrible what happened to you but amazing the way you brought it to light!!!
    The whole working together concept is so obvious, yet daily, we as human beings seem to stride further and further away from eachother. The Internet is breading a very lonely bunch of people who seem to be interacting with each other more than ever. Sounds like an oxymoron because it essentially is. I think there needs to be more human to human interaction as opposed to digital Communication. We’re losing touch of those good old wholesome handshakes, pats on the back, and face to face conversation… I think that your article really embodies the realities of how we’re losing touch with socializing “in person”. And the “Internet era” has left people hating behind a computer screen. In this situation it looks like a case of our municipal government is finding it hard to keep the truth under wraps with journalists like you exposing them, hence all of this hate against you for foiling their plans (might not be the case but it’s just what it looks like to me).
    To sum this random MSG up, I just wanted to say that even though I feel that you taking my post off of your Facebook wall was unnecessary, I don’t plan on holding a grudge. And I really enjoyed reading this!!!

  8. Thanks Jamie cheers back to you Have a great St Paddy’s weekend. My Wife and I will be on holidays all next week in Quebec City ordering my timmies and Molson’s en francais. CFN fan mafia.

  9. Author

    Thank you Sean. In this world people can disagree at times. It doesn’t mean the other person is a creep and should die; or have their job threatened or be run out of town. Today’s friend can be tomorrow’s enemy and vice versa.

    Keep it real! Jamie

  10. You certainly have a funny way of showing your commitment to this community Jamie. The last few months, even year, have been nothing but a barrage of negativity sprinkled with the odd piece of positive news.

    Where was your coverage of #MissionPB and #SoupIsOn, the drives for peanut butter and canned soup for the Agape Centre that brought in over 500 jars of peanut butter, over 1,300 cans of soup and $2,000 in cash donations? Or was that not covered because the donations were tainted by all the so-called “cliques” that helped make it happen?

    Why couldn’t your article about last night’s launch of The Church on Sydney highlight what a great, social, collaborative workspace has been created in Cornwall’s downtown? Why couldn’t it highlight the use of a great piece of Cornwall’s architectural history? Why couldn’t it highlight how a group of young people in Cornwall have taken the time, money and initiative to bring a hugely popular concept in large cities to our small city? Oh, wait, the “cliques” made that happen too…

    You wonder why people and organizations don’t keep you in the loop. Ever consider that they might not want to deal with someone that sees the world and our beautiful city in such a negative light?

    By the way, I hear Iqaluit is a beautiful little town. I’m sure there’s a market for you there.

  11. Author

    Actually Donnie I worked at the Frobisher Inn in Iqualuit when I was young. To answer your question you should ask those same questions to the organizers of those events. I’m sure they could answer it much better than I.

    Like I keep saying; when people pull together and work towards goals the results are always better. My door has always been and always will be open to any like minded community group.

    Thanks for reading and posting on The Cornwall Free News.

  12. There goes that nasty censorship monster rearing its ugly head again. That goodness you’re a crusader for free speech!

  13. After reading the first five paragraphs of this article, I came to the conclusion that many people in the clique, may have something to hide and therefore do not wish to speak to you for fear that they may trip themselves up even further than where they are now. It’s called hypocrisy. I’ve seen this type of behavior first hand and it makes one feel awful. (That’s what they are trying to do to you.)
    These people are bullies in the true sense of the word because they feel they are superior and must stand together. This way they are stronger.

    These are the people we entrust to run our city? OMG!

  14. Author

    Thank you Miss Steak. Coming from you that means a ton. It’s Prime Rib.

  15. I would either move to Calgary or the east coast….not New Brunswick.

    As for Jaime…..well I believe he trys to report the good stuff, but unfortunately our corrupt city needs to be exposed before change can occur for the better. Bravo Jaime. Maybe after the next election he will be able to report the positive side of Cornwall.

  16. Don’t sweat the negative posts. The city has lots of time to shill your newspaper with nonsense.

  17. @ Lulu. Brockville is a lovely town as long as you are white, English speaking (with no accent), Christian, heterosexual, and (C)conservative. Most small Ontario towns are like that. I don’t know anyone who didn’t fit those standards who stayed here very long.

  18. Hey Lulu, Brockville has an amazing physical fitness program that takes place every Christmas and Easter. Participants carry a big wooden cross up and down the main streets and stuff like that. Seriously, Brockville and area is one of the most creepy places I’ve ever lived in. It’s like the Abbotsford of Ontario.

  19. I agree with Donnie….

    Jamie, I think it’s time you pick up your skirt, grab your balls, and stop whinning.

  20. Admin, I hope that allowing the posts of Jason and Donnie are just abject lessons of why censorship is necessary. They have nothing really to say except negative personal attacks directed at you. While you may have a thick skin, I find their posts quite objectionable and I am sure most of the posters here will agree with me.

  21. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm @Jason 🙂

  22. Author

    Hi Reg. I do have very thick skin as Mr. Latour has pointed out; but freedom of speech isn’t about only allowing what I or a group agrees with. Something that Councilor Elaine MacDonald & MPP McFuddle abandoned as we saw in the provincial debate and City Council of Cornwall are the embodiment of now.

    Or as the old adage goes; “Don’t feed the trolls”

  23. Reg has a point, Jamie. We’ve been here before: freedom of speech is not a license to be offensive.

    As a compromise, how about letting your posters register ‘dislikes’ or ‘objects’ beside a second thumb-down icon?

  24. Reg, I think you mean DISallowing the posts of Jason and Donnie. At least two of my posts anyway. Both mysteriously disappeared into the darkness of the internets.

    PJR, would you mind submitting your credentials for what determining what qualifies as offensive?

  25. There are some posters on here who need to get a life!

  26. Thank you for the invitation, Donnie.

    Credentials? I would say an innate sense of fairness coupled with a moment’s thought. I believe we all possess or have access to these — you, me, Jason, Cornwall Harry, all of us — except those who are suffering acute stress or mental illness.

    The first principle of doctoring comes in handy here: First Do No Harm. A principle we could all usefully adapt to conversation, discussion and debate: First Say/Write/Post/Nothing Hurtful, Harmful Distasteful…or that would offend the ears of our nearest and dearest, or we’d regret having quoted back to us at a later point.

    Easy to propose, tricky to observe, especially in the heat of the moment. That’s where a moment’s thought comes in to monitor one’s sense of fairness. And why in posting, I’d suggest, it’s good practice to hit the Pause button before we press SUBMIT.

    It all boils down to self-monitoring for civility in debate, where disagreement is healthy, while crossing the line to abuse is not.

    Sadly, the governing Harperite community appears to have very little understanding of these things, and sets a very poor example.

  27. I am trying to get a picture of what it is like to live in Cornwall as we ( my wife and I, seniors ) are considering moving from the Maritimes.
    The town of Cornwall appears to have everything one could wish for as far as services, housing and location go.
    Of course one need not get involved in these local arguments but the bitterness expressed on this board takes some of the shine off
    the idea of living in Cornwall.
    There must be a hidden reason for Cornwall having the most reasonable real estate prices in Ontario and most other places.
    Anyone care to enlighten me as to the reason for that ?.

  28. @ Ozca. I guess it depends where you are coming from as I do not see Cornwall the same way.

    Most reasonable real estate prices? property taxes? Rents? I think the administration of the city needs a good cleanup and fewer counselors. If there is bitterness on this board it is because people are frustrated with issues that have happened in the city and no accountability taken for any of it

  29. Thank you @AlfredJ,
    Well, as far as no accountability goes, there are many Municipalities with the same problem. I am a property taxpayer in
    Cape Breton and regret to say that our property taxes do not reflect reality as far as services delivered due to the lack of commercial entities in the County.

    We had previously lived 17 years in Kelowna, a great city for the wealthy who can afford the many amenities in the area, but it lacks affordability now.

    I think Cornwall could beome Mecca with a little effort.

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