Dear Apple, how about kicking back something to the customers that gave you $97 Billion Dollars to spend? March 20, 2012

CFN – Apple is in the news for issuing a dividend for the first time since the 90’s and announcing a share buy back program as it’s sitting on a cash egg of over $90 BILLION dollars!

The company is also set according to media reports pull in as much over the next four quarters which has the share price hovering around the $600 mark.

That’s lovely for Apple stake holders, share holders, employees that are paid with stock options and the company itself, but what about consumers that are the chief reason why the company is in such good shape?

Of course good products that are well marketed by well run companies lead to these types of situations, but why not kick some back to the consumer?

Why not do a one day price roll down?   Or for all current clients of Apple products get a credit for future purchases or for apps or products via iTunes?

At what point does it make sense for a humongous company like Apple to show some love back to the real people that put the cash in their stash?

You can post your comments below and here is what I still think is one of the most mind blowing  TV commercials ever shot.


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  1. I don’t think the problem with Apple is the greed. The problem is the profits are made on the backs of the lowest paid. worst treated Chinese children of all those Chinese slaves working in the electronics and textile industries. Thinking people do not buy devices that cause children to commit suicide to avoid another day of building gadgets. Apple=Murder. It’s the damn Liberals fault. Good conservatives buy from Bangladesh.

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