BREAKING – CAO Paul Fitzpatrick of Cornwall Ontario Pulls a Sickie instead of Resigning – March 26, 2012

CFN –  The end of a dark and stormy era may be dawning in Cornwall Ontario as embattled CAO Paul Fitzpatrick has taken a Sick Leave from his position from the City of Cornwall as of 3 PM EST today.

Erica Stacey, Mary Anne Pilon, Diane Shay, Robert Menagh and probably Donna Derouchie who he was linked to, are probably breathing a sigh of relief.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is the last remaining City Manager or executive left from the Diane Shay debacle  as quoted by Lawyer Fay Brunning.


Two of the three retaliating managers are no longer employed by the City, although the terms of their respective departures has not been disclosed to the public.

Mr. Fitzpatrick’s contract is not long to go, and word is that his sick leave letter sounded like a true good bye thanking many that he’s worked with.

Calls to Mr. Fitzpatrick’s number say that he’s unavailable and not having access to voicemail.   An angry Mayor Bob Kilger stated he had nothing to say and hung up abruptly to this scribbler.

We will update as more information becomes available.


I reached Mr. Fitzpatrick  by phone who refused comment.


It’s expected that Ms Maureen Adams will be stepping in to replace Mr. Fitzpatrick.  Ms Adams, the CFO of Cornwall had been rumored to be the number one candidate to replace him after his retirement or termination.

Cornwall Freenews

Or as Fay Brunning, lawyer for Diane Shay put it:

The three retaliating managers and municipal councilors have offered no apologies to Shay or to the other employees of the lodge for violating the whistleblower protections under both the legislation and the City’s own policies. There was no apology to the public, nor to the residents of the lodge.


  1. I never much cared for his approach to the office of Chief Administrative Officer, but I am rather pleased with his departure.

  2. Maybe his parting package should include a new set of snow tires and a big box of condoms.

  3. If this is accurate and if Mrs. Adams does step into this role! She will be remarkable! She is highly respected and the words “True Professional!” do not say enough!

    I am on a committee with her and when she speaks everyone listens and she always has great recommendations!

  4. Author

    Mr. Alexander is the interim CAO; at least for tonight.

  5. OMG Mike, if your nose were any deeper you’d have to breathe through your ears.

    And bear this in mind, one doesn’t play the piano in a whorehouse and not know what’s going on.

  6. Re: Simon, Well atleast I can’t smell your B%$$Sh$t now…!

    What are you trying to say! Man up and say it directly! All I got from your last comment is that you are either accusing “me” of something or that you like to see whores while playing the piano! (funny analogy though I will give you that)

    Either Way your a coward for not being direct and if your not a coward than use your full name when accusing someone of something you obviously know nothing about! Read my articles silly Simon and you will see that I am not afraid of anyone but I am not stupid enough to hate everyone…sorry!

    P.S. – Simon says…… “Anynomous Posts” are for Cowards!

  7. Re: Pete Dick,

    How horrible…… the cost of rubber will increase…lmfao!

  8. to: Mike Bedard
    For a person wanting to start a career in municipal politics, you don’t shy away from foul, vulgarities.
    Have you no idea how you’re being perceived, or do you not care.

  9. The BS continues on the taxpayers dime. SICK LEAVE, what a shame. Now if we can get rid of Builder Bob (who I am sure will also be taking SICK LEAVE himself) and the other one named Bob we’d be moving into the right direction. What a city. A world of………………. hurt

  10. It’s funny how the other media both paper and radio did not report on this, well we know who’s bed they lay in people.

  11. @ bedfordst. Please point out the “foul, vulgarities”.

  12. If Ms. Adams takes over ,and she may very well be qualified,
    One has to wonder if she has been “tainted” beyond repair
    As she has spent the past few years working alongside
    The loonies that got us into this mess in the first place.
    Just wondering.

  13. to Pete Dick
    Please read Mr. Bedards columns, or his responses to posts (and I assume you can read), and you will
    therein find the foul vulgarities. If you still cannot I shouldn’t be surprised.

  14. @ bedfordst. I’ve read pretty much everything Mr. Bedard has written or posted on this site. I don’t always agree with him, but I’ve yet to read anything offensive or vulgar. And yes, I can read. And you are a condescending (look that up) boor (look that up as well).

  15. True enough… what offence could be taken from comments like “B%$$Sh$t, lmfao, Pu$$ied” (which might even be found in texts of 13 year old girls or boys, anyone with a with a man crush really)?

    And they certainly pale with a truly offensive statement, such as the recent, “in todays [sic] modern society a “NON-RESPONSE” is a sign of guilt!”. For an “aspiring young politician” that’s an incredible show of ignorance and/or disrespect for the “rule of law” and “due process”.

    But this story is about Fitzpatrick, and maturity, and ethics and… hmmmmm, maybe there’s a larger lesson here.

  16. to Pete Dick;
    Please see Lassie above.

  17. Sorry, but I still don’t see anything vulgar. ROFLMAOLMWCWMFDIHM! Figure that one out bedfordst and Lassie. Should keep you both busy for a few days.

  18. Oh Mike… I just now realized why you went PMS up in post #6.

    You mistakenly concluded that “one doesn’t play the piano in a whorehouse and not know what’s going on”, was referring to you.

    The expression, “one doesn’t play the piano in a whorehouse and not know what’s going on”, is a cautionary — meaning that someone working in a house of ill-repute (albeit in the parlour) is not exactly an innocent. And applicable perhaps to the filling of Fitzpatrick’s empty chair.

    That is to say — in the case of Fitzpatrick’s vacated post — it mightn’t be prudent to have the Chief of Finance fill the position of the departed Chief of Administration simply as a matter of course.

    “Matter of course”? …Ask a big person.

  19. Re:Simon, “I apologize” …something you will never here from most of those both posting and in City Hall!

    I am sorry for being bullish but several anonymous posters have been outed and linked to other businesses and past employees of mine that currently work for a competitor that trash me to try and sawy clients! …..Truely unethical! Especially since they are flat out lying to clients and misleading them to try and make a sale!

    I hate people that would make accusations behind a mask!

    Re: Bedfordst and Lassie, Bedfordst you are one of those I speak of and I do not think Lassie is associated with you but rather someone at City Hall!

    Lassie you say I have an “incredible show of ignorance and/or disrespect for the “rule of law” and “due process” which is what leads me to beleive that you are backing the current council and administration! That’s fine because I do to…but not everyone of them and not all the time! That’s why democracy is all about!

    Do you think that the “rule of law” and “due process” is honestly being followed at City Hall? Conucillors are quiting, the CAO has taken medical leave in the middle of questionable and “unethical” behaviour!

    I have a question directly for Paul Fitzpatrick “Who was the citizen that raised the question about the soccer fields in the winter?” and if you didn’t get their name “Is it normal for you take complaints and thennot call back the citizen to discuss your findings?”….Due process…I think Not!

    Call a spade a spade and too many are embarrassed to discuss the topic because they have publicly backed many of these people who have now publicly disgraced the city!

    What is the difference between this year and any other year? Answer – This year it wasn’t all hidden behind closed doors and forced to be made public after Cornwall is now officially the first municipality to be charged under the whistleblower act for the abuse of an elder! WoW! We should be proud!

    It is hilirious that an anymous blogger is offended by words that NOT EVEN A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL would be offended by or is this an example of the form of bullying City Hall is use to conducitng, all behind closed doors!

    You are right there is a larger lelsson to be learned and it is that we are all falable; including myself but it takes a REAL MAN or WOMAN to accept the fact that we are not perfect and find common ground with others to truly be a leader “in today’s modern society!” The status quo of “Get along or Get out!” currently employed at City Hall is a major problem that is outdated and not effective as you can clearly see!

    Maybe I should call myself “Bulldog” – Not Pretty but I will get the job done…lol! oops, sorry I forgot you were offended by acronyms and abbreviatons commonly found in most of “today’s modern dictionary’s”…hahaha!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

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