Cornwall Ontario CAO Paul Fitzpatrick – Sick Leave or Platinum Parachute? Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

City Manager Stephen Alexander sits in for CAO Paul Fitzpatrick

CFN – Pee Wee, Pilsbury, Mr. Potato Head were some of the epitaphs used for the first time yesterday about CAO Paul Fitzpatrick as emails and calls flooded CFN regarding the Sick leave of $1.4 Million Dollar man Paul Fitzpatrick.


Never kick a dog when it’s down?  Not by  Cornwall Rulz.

While the city is not “officially” saying much about Mr. Fitzpatrick’s leave the email read to this scribbler indicated that he won’t be back at his seat next council meeting.

Of course stranger things have happened?    This is an interesting paradigm.   Mr. Fitzpatrick’s contract which started in January 2010 for a period of three years plus a two year option ends in a scant 9 months.     It called for 5% raises based on review as well which I’m wondering if he was given in light of what’s gone on behind closed doors?

Being on sick leave means Mr. Fitzpatrick doesn’t have to answer questions before council as more and more issues come to the forefront.  It could be just a break or it could be the most lucrative payday Mr. Fitzpatrick has ever seen!

Executive benefits for people like Mr. Fitzpatrick, who gets more per week than the City paid us for marketing in all of 2011, get about 20 weeks of full salary before having to go onto Great West Life, the city’s insurers long term disability.

Instead of being given notice and not having his contract extended at the end of 9 months Mr. Fitzpatrick’s 20 or so weeks of full salary could turn into 9 years of 75% of his salary.   We’re talking about over $125K per year for 9 years!

It’s become apparent that a core group of councilors and Mayor Kilger have Mr. Fitzpatrick’s back and have had since crisis after crisis have hit their regime.

Councilor Thibault was outwardly hostile to this scribbler last night calling me a rumor mongerer.    Some city management were in a distinctly better mood.

It should be interesting to see how this folds out?   Mr. Fitzpatrick can be back at his chair next council meeting or be gone for good. Only time will tell.

In the meanwhile there are still scandals and issues to deal with.  Still real victims out there who have suffered at the hands of bad management that have bullied many and raised taxes that desperately need to be cut if this city is to progress.

And there are still a lot of questions that have yet to be answered that this scribbler will continue to attempt to bring answers to you the public.   For instance why hasn’t Mr. Fitzpatrick not repaid the city for using a city vehicle for towing his car out across the street from Donna Derouchie’s home?

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  1. Bon débarras.

  2. The lesson to be learned here is you don’t hire a plumber to be CAO. You hire a businesswoman with financial management experience like Maureen Adams. How much will the city have to put into an annuity to co-pay his 10 year mental health holiday Jamie? We need you to find out cause you pushed him and coucil over the edge. Bravo! The stupidity of this is that it might have all been different if he called a tow truck. What a dope.
    Psychiatrist: What seems to be the problem Mr. Fitzpatrick?
    Dough Boy: I got caught outside my girlfriends house getting pulled out of a field by city workers on overtime and this computer blog guy Jamie told everybody the truth.
    Psychiatrist: You’re stupid not crazy.
    Dough Boy: But council told me I had to have a stress problem so they can hide me in Florida on medical leave.
    Psychiatrist: Who referred you to me.
    Dough Boy: Bob
    Psychiatrist: Here’s your prescription. Did you know I’m part of Team Cornwall and the Waterfront Commitee?

  3. Even if you are presumed as being sick, you’re sick! You stay home in bed to recuperate. There is no going to Florida! I think that if Fitzy leaves Cornwall then his salary/insurance should STOP AT ONCE!

  4. It,s time for him and bob to go

  5. I’d like to know how a person can accumulate 9 months of sick leave pay and only work for 27 months….did someone win a lottery?

  6. Author

    Miss Steak this was Mr. Fitzpatrick’s second contract as CAO. It was renewed with the controversial raise included.

  7. Ohhh la la! C’est-so-Bon! La vie est belle!

  8. Does Mr Fitzpatrick accumulate all his time a a city employee in these times?

    He was the head of economic development for many years. Was he offered a rollover on time worked?

    Who gives the city the right to offer this man a pension? Does he and all people employed by the city of Cornwall not work for the citizens?

    It is my understanding they are all public servants, therefore the public should have input into what is to happen next.

  9. Author

    Geez Hailey you sure are writing like Smee….

  10. Yes admin. I think Smee and a few others have assumed new identities. Not sure about Furtz or the preacher though.
    Banning commentators is a little like playing Whack A Mole.

  11. Yes indeed, time for Kilger and Fitzpatrick to say AU REVOIR!!!!!!!!! Let this city grow….get out of the way!

  12. City employees don’t have to answer to the citizens, they have a powerful union that makes sure they get what they want and protects them

  13. Author

    Jason Mr. Fitzpatrick and most city management, at least in Cornwall, are not unionized.

  14. Get rid of the bum and remove all these golden benefits.

  15. Mr. Alexander may be quite the trooper.

    Considering that some members of the waterfront Committee (that are trying to line their own pockets) have attempted to give him the “bum’s rush” out the door and off their backs, he’s still game and taking it for the team.

    Maybe his new powers will allow him to rein in a few of the pickpockets on our many committees.

  16. Well lets hope the Insurance Company send him to a Psychiatrist
    to prove there really is a health issue.
    When my friend was on stress leave they had fine phychiatrists Like Dr. A and Dr. J (both from Cornwall) ….who lost their medical licence to practice for misconduct with female patients..
    Now that would be a session to see…Hey doctor..i have also been accused of seeing a woman under…my employment.
    If the Insurance company allows a visit to Florida something is seriously wrong..can’t see that happening..BUT who would have thought all this “stupid” behaviour would have happened????

  17. Lets forget all the issues
    Lets just look at the “ribbon” around the mayors neck
    Where else but a Borat movie do u see stuff like this??
    Can we move into the right century here
    Cornwall looks so awful..councilors quitting..this guy on sick leave…reports of kiddy porn charges in local paper…
    And Rick Shaver can’t figure out why the city is rated so low??
    This from a guy who used to run all kinds of “rumor and scandal with no backup” as a weekly Scuttle BUTT column..shame

  18. Author

    Actually David we’ve had countless requests to run a blind item column for a long time now.

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