Pay it Forward Day by Carol Bennett Bray – April 26, 2012

CFN – The last Thursday of April each year is designated “Pay it Forward” Day. The first time I heard about the idea of pay it forward was from the popular 2000  movie based on a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde.


It is the story of a young boy who’s new social studies teacher has assigned the class the task of coming up with an idea to change the world and act upon it. Trevor played by Haley Joel Osment decides that he will do 3 big favours for 3 people that they cannot do for themselves. Rather than pay back the favour to Trevor, they must “Pay it Forward” to 3 other people.  The next thing that happens is Helen Hunt to shouting at Trevor’s teacher asking why Trevor brought a homeless man into her house.   I won’t spoil the movie for you.  It is worth seeing because it makes you really think.

This “pay it forward” concept can be seen everywhere if we just look.  A son of a friend of mine has been chosen to represent Canada at the World Disabled Hockey Championship in Finland in May.  Max aged 16 has been a volunteer at a telethon each year to raise money for Handicap transport for the last 10 years with no thought of personal reward.  Now with a need himself to fund the trip to Finland, he has received “pay it forward” donations so that he can represent Canada.


On April 17th the Rotary Clubs of Cornwall had their annual dinner to recognize outstanding Members of our community that exemplify their motto “service above self”.  “Paul Harris” awards were presented to the following members of our community: Scott Sayers, Barb Edgell, Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, Herman Rogalsky, Bryan Snider, Pat Clark and John Warner.

It is an incredibly strong message.  While big favours or high profile volunteer work may not be your style, the website: has plenty of ideas that can be done by anyone to make the world a better place.

Check out and do something to make this world a better place!

Best Western Cornwall

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