Point of Order – 41 year political dynasty lives on as Progressive Conservatives Win Majority in Alberta by Stéphane Groulx

CFN – The results of last night’s provincial election in Alberta can be summed up in one short sentence: Pollsters were dead wrong. Arguably the biggest losers of the night were the Wildrose and the Liberals. One did not live up to the hype, and the other saw its caucus reduced to just half of what it was prior to the election. For weeks the Wildrose had been riding high in the polls and was poised to overthrow the governing Tories and form a new majority government. That didn’t happen. Instead the Progressive Conservatives were able to hold on to power in Alberta despite the threat from the far-right.

If the results were to have been different and the Wildrose victorious, the Progressive Conservatives might have been forced into political irrelevance much like the previous dynasties of the past such as the Liberals, United Farmers, and Social Credit. All serving multiple turns, only to be overthrown and never returned to power.

The Premier-elect, Alison Redford will be Alberta’s first elected female Premier, and while I may not see eye-to-eye with her on a number of issues, I would like to congratulate her on her victory. Women are still a minority in Canadian politics, and it is nice to see strong women in leadership roles in this country.

It is kind of interesting to see that many of us in the political community were actually surprised that a party with a 41 year history of majority governance was able to once again sweep an election, yet we were.  Although to be fair, the Wildrose might have very well been the cause of its own underwhelming showing due to the number of controversies that manifested themselves during the election. I’m of course referring to the homophobic blog post of Wildrose candidate and evangelical pastor Allan Hunsperger, the racist remarks of Wildrose candidate Ron Leech who said during a radio interview that because he was white man, he was somehow at an advantage during the election, as well as the comments made by party leader Danielle Smith denying the science behind climate change. Neither Hunsperger or Leech won the seats they had been contesting; both losing to Progressive Conservatives.

As a whole last night’s results can be considered a bitter-sweet victory for both moderates and the left in Alberta. Not only did the electorate vote in the lesser of two evils, but the province’s New Democratic Party also saw its caucus doubled. While one might assume the 4 seats it won is not anything worth celebrating, the results actually mean Alberta’s NDP has now earned itself official party status in the legislature, giving it the right to certain parliamentary privileges such as funding for research offices and the right to ask questions during question period, that had previously only extended to them at the discretion of the governing Progressive Conservatives.

What do you think about the results of last night’s election in Alberta? Do think Canada’s longest serving political dynasty will ever be overthrown? Feel free to discuss below.

Born and raised in Cornwall Ontario, Stéphane is a social activist and political science student at the University of Ottawa who is avidly passionate about politics, policy-making, as well as getting youth involved in the democratic process.

Stéphane also loves to observe and explore his surroundings, take part in rational discussion, learn new things, write, and meet new people.


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  1. Thats no surprise! Anyone with a brain in their head voted Conservative.

  2. The Wildrose was riding high in the polls until their racist and homophobic candidates started spewing their filth. Most Albertans have a sense of decency. Good for them.

  3. As the Libertarians in Ontario offer, we need to hear different views to shape our thoughts and judge if we are on the right track or not. We will not have a better society with a bunch of yes men & women.

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