Is Breast Feeding the New Ad Buzz? First Oreo Cookies and now Time Magazine by Jamie Gilcig

CFN– Is breastfeeding the new hot buzz in marketing?   Is America that nipple hungry?  Has our society deprived us of human connection that by plunking it into advertising images that we feel better or is some core titillation?

The people that make Oreo Cookies have probably had a billion dollars worth of exposure all over a bit of of nipple.   Time now will probably do quite well with its cover.

Are we going to be seeing more and more of the fount of human milk in our advertising like we are on HBO?   And is that such a bad thing?

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  1. The mother with the older boy is sick,

  2. As a mother I did alot of research into attachment parenting and found that practising it with my children helped me in my own healing process with respect to my attachment deprived childhood. I think that these images are meant to shock the public into yet another divisive debate about how to do raise children properly. The thing is what is the best for the child should be the burning question. And not for one individual child but for all children…if we looked at issues from that perspective we would probably not be shocked at all that a mother would nurse her three year old since the child started out as an infant. It was a natural, organic process to breastfeed and comfort that infant. Emotional needs of children are pretty simple, they need security and to be loved unconditionally by their parents and they need to be allowed to have this dependence on their mom until they are ready to move on. They also need to be taught many things to self soothe. I would much rather see a mom nurse her three year old to sleep than see any child be put to sleep by an electronic device or left to cry and feel abandoned, or to overeat which is going on alot nowadays. I think we need to trust that mothers have the wisdom to know what their children need and support them in their efforts. Mothers take alot of blame in this society, it’s not necessary. I nursed my youngest until she was five years old because she expressed that need for closeness and I wanted to support her emotionally. I am very glad I did because the trust between is so deep.

  3. Vezina you get it. Good for you and your children. Louise, the “older boy” is a 3 year old and you don’t get it obviously. That makes me sad for you…

  4. Then Jason I don,t get either cause I think breast feeding is the best start & simply not done enough,however, a 3 year old still being breastfed is sick

  5. Jason is sickos! I bet Jason has a wheatgrass smoothie for breakfast and eats only protein before he looks in the mirror longingly at himself.

  6. To the very first question: Ad buzz. How in the world did I miss the Oreo advertisement? That obviously trying to connect motherhood to the need (in reality a want) for the cookie. Really would a child that age be eating a cookie? My opinion odd to mix cookies to a breastfeeding.

    Now, the Time’s cover: Depending on the research background, it might be worth the time to read. Many cultures around the world breastfeed children to an older age than what the norm for the American society. Yes, its natural and may even allow for a healthier immune system of the child.

    Under a normal situation, breastfeeding will not have a sexual connection, so a three year old shouldn’t be an issue and should be the choice of the parents. It might become odd for the child (and confusing for them) when they reach an preschool, especially kindergarten age though.

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