The Cornwall Free News Celebrates our 1,000th Video – All Shot on JVC Everio Camcorders! Mini Me & ME 2 Updates!

ME 2

CFN – The Cornwall Free News has reached another humble milestone as we shot our 1,000 th video.    In just over three years we’ve been busy.

To date we’ve used two camera’s; Mini Me, our first JVC Everio which now resides in the JVC Hall of Fame Museum in Toronto with some of their other fine and historic electronic devices.

Our 1000th Video!

Mini Me’s exploits were covered in our earlier story from last year:  LINK1Link 2 –  and at that point the good folks from JVC stepped in and offered to try and save Mini Me who ultimately succumbed to his fall.

the Mini Me Update

and his sad demise

ME 2 has served amazingly.  He’s been way more talented than Mini Me, but he’s starting to show signs of wear and tear from the beating that he goes through.   ME 2 alone has gone through four tripods in just over a year!

He’s getting cranky and it looks like it’s time for CFN to look for ME 2’s successor.    We’re hoping that ME 2 can last a while longer, but we’re searching for his replacement.

Since its inception in February 2009 Mini Me & ME 2 have shot and published over 7,000 photos and now over 1,000 videos.   With over 100,000 visitors per month Mini Me and ME 2’s work has been seen over 1,000,000 times over the last year!

To check out our videos you can visit our You Tube Channel.

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  1. Congratulations on your success & happy 100,000 visitors/Monthly You keep beating your compeditors to what people need/want to know!!!

  2. Congratulations on this accomplishment, it’s a big deal! You will have to introduce us to your new Mini Me when you have sealed the deal.

  3. keep plugging away guys -you are doing the community a service by tackling the more difficult issues .
    great article with Guy Lauzon and Minister Moore.

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