Do you know someone that deserves to be a Star? Unsung Hero? Someone that Helps Your Community?

CFN – Ever notice how the news gets filled with stories about psycho killers and corrupt politicians?    Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on people that quietly make their communities better?  We too at The Cornwall Free News.

What we’ve decided to do is honour those that really deserve it and shine some love on them and the work that they do, but this is going to require some help from you, our magical and wonderful viewers!

And you don’t have to be from Cornwall.  It doesn’t matter where you’re reading this,  if someone deserves a media hug we’re happy to oblige!

Just send us an email to with a blurb about them and if it clicks then we’ll focus on them.   There are so many unsung heroes in our society.  Not everyone is a star, but many deserve to be.  Now is your chance to make them one!

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  1. What a wonderful idea

  2. Great idea. Anyone that I know who is deserving of such recognition is the type of person who works tirelessly and never shines the spotlight on themself. In fact, most would be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea.

  3. I would like to nominate Denise Samson, She is a volunteer for the Cornwall Handi Social Club. A Club that helps adults with Physical disabilities socialize within the community. She is the Vice President on the Executive Commitee and she does just about everything from driving members to Swimming, bowling, meetings, dinner club and any other event or activity we might be having. She also takes charge of the Cornwall Handi Social Bowling league. She contributes greatly to picnics, Spaghetti dinners, Christmas parties and any other special event that might be going on within the club. Thank goodness for Denise Samson. She has a kind heart and everyone arounds her knows just how loved they are. We just hope she knows how loved she is too!

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