Letter to the Editor – Eric Little of Ottawa Ontario : Language Fairness in Canada

There are people who know what side of the fence they are on, others are in the middle and some even, do not know there is a fence. I believe we need to have all four sides (within 10 provinces, 3 territories) pushing for one cause very soon. Language fairness. We all should be sending a clear a message to our Members of Parliament, Members of Provincial Parliament and municipal leaders, asking for, no, demanding, one clear question to be put on the ballot of the very next election. (No lengthy commision needed.) Name calling, statistics use, polls, limiting careers and changing friendships has to stop.

To provide a fair, reasonable question for all, I would also request our Queen’s representative, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, oversee this. As a long time Lawyer born in Sudbury Ontario, a Professor with experience chairing several large policy councils, and his current role, integrity of the question would be guaranteed.
After 42 years of the Official Languages Act, 26 years of the Ontario French Languages Services Act, and the current struggles in New Brunswick, this country deserves clear definitions of who is Francophone or Anglophone, what level of services by human or technology is actually required, the real need and for who, among other questions of course should be answered that leads to a ballot question.


I am not asking to end the 1927 act of bilingual postal stamps, or the 1936 change to bilingual paper money. People get along well until government or someone trying to push an issue comes along, so a set goal line is needed for the players, to create a level playing field that does not have a large admission price or a fence to hurdle every few meters. Our kids, grandkids and ancestors deserve this.

Feel free to copy and paste this with your name and address to your elected representatives if you would like to have this addressed. This is a serious issue that all Canadians need to be involved in and each of us can make a difference!


Our Governor General email – info@gg.ca
Senate Members and MP’s email addresses – http://www.parl.gc.ca/SenatorsMembers.aspx?Language=E
Ontario MPP list – http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_current.do

Eric Little – Ottawa Ontario

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  1. TO VOTE IS A DEMOCRATIC RIGHT-Lets vote for the french services language act as well as official bilingualism.
    Something that effects your life , livelihood ,as well as future generations she be decided by the people not interest groups.
    Canada needs to become a democracy again and to prove this our government should have a referendum!

  2. Concerned citizen2, are you asking “to vote for the french services language act as well as official bilingualism”? Wow, you do more harm than good to the fight against bilingualism.

    By the way, it’s “affects” (not “effects”).

  3. The referendum question should either ask:

    1) to abolish the OLA


    2) make English the official language of English Canada, and French the official language of Quebec, at the federal level.

  4. Excellent letter Eric! Copy and send to your elected officials!!!!!!!!

  5. mistype of work- vote on as opposed to “for”-thank you Laura Lee for your comment.

  6. @ Tom,
    I like your questions. Plain and simple, easy enough for anyone to understand, no matter what language they speak!

  7. I am a bit surprised that the Francophones who often post on here are not weighing in on a proper vote!
    Perhaps it will be discussed at the annual gathering of Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario in London Ont. this September.

    Or perhaps they will let Heritage Canada do the heavy lifting against democracy with the current slanted Roadmap for Linguistic Duality survey.

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