UPDATED – Cornwall Ontario City Council Holds Another Secret Meeting – VIDEO – June 18, 2012

CFN – Another secret council meeting was held in Cornwall Ontario.   A phone call today leaking the meeting to CFN led to the video below being shot right after Cornwall Ontario City Council stepped out of their 4PM meeting to have a meal before going to the PAC meetings scheduled for 7 PM.

The only member of council not at the meeting was Elaine MacDonald who was in Toronto.

Council has recently gone through the Fournier report which explicitly talks about “In Camera” meetings as well as a round of governance.

The meeting that occurred at 4 PM was not publicly announced.  Sources at City Hall stated that City Clerk, Madame Denise Gelinas Labelle was responsible to notify the public.  The clerk is off this week and deputy clerk Manon Poirier ejected this scribbler from City Hall while confirming the meeting’s start time.

Mayor Kilger, reached via telephone shortly after stated he’d be looking into it.

Red flags though as this begs the question; how many other meetings have taken place without notification and what is going on during them?

I met up with the City’s new hot shot Lawyer, David Sherriff Scott outside of City Hall; seems like a nice guy; needs a better car for what he’s charging Cornwall.  There was no word about this meeting possibly being related to a Firefighter seeking Whistle Blowing protection?

Right now City Council is mum on what’s going on; but short of early onset senility on the Clerk’s part it would seem that The Mayor, CAO, and Council have some answering to do?   If this was Madame Clerk’s fault perhaps it’s time for her to shuffle off to pasture or be censured and if not maybe she should consider answering as to why she did not send out missives to the media?

We will be updating this story as more info becomes available.

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The Clerk has responded .

This past Monday evening, at 4:00 pm, Members of Council met for a Special In-Camera meeting called by Mayor Bob Kilger, to discuss personal matters about an identifiable individual. 

On Thursday June 14th, I prepared the public portion of the Agenda and prepared it for media release through the normal e-genda process.  The email was addressed to various individuals, which I believed  included the media. 

I am currently away from the office, however this morning I was contacted and informed that the notice had not been sent.  I attempted to back-track on my e-mails, and cannot confirm what happened.   

There was no ill intent and certainly no purposeful reason why this e-mail would not have been properly sent. 
Once again, my apology if this has caused confusion and aggravation. 

Apology certainly does not remove the error, however I can say that in future, we will ascertain that all public e-mails are double verified for inclusion of all intended recipients. 

Denise Labelle-Gélinas, R.P., C.M.O.                                                                        
City Clerk / Greffière municipale

 This was the second email we received from the Clerk today.   The first was this one:

A special notification for the meeting being called for Monday’s In Camera meeting ( June 18th), was sent out on Thursday June 14th.  The email was addressed to various individuals including all media sources, or so I believed.  I understand that the notice was not received by all destinations . 

My apology for the oversight.  My office will be more diligent on following up with e-mail deliveries in the future. 

Denise Labelle-Gélinas, R.P., C.M.O.
City Clerk / Greffière municipale   

A request was put in for the original email Madame clerk stated she sent Thursday.   That email just arrived.


..my e-mail quota had exceeded its capabilities and I couldn’t save anything going out.  

Isn’t it odd that this happens for secret meetings instead of regular or pac notices?

Video Preview


  1. I’d like to catch that (EDITED FOR MODERATION) when she’s off her broom and throw some water on her. Did I mention she gave her son-in-law a XXXXing job at the Lecky Ice Palace?

  2. What a joke our city council is! Always caught with their pants down and they keep doing it!!!!!! Thanks again Free News for keeping the citizens of Cornwall informed on the truth.

  3. I was born and raised in Montreal, One reason I left 40 years ago was because of all the Idiots..40 years later here we have a sample of a Quebec idiot migrated to Cornwall..Get a life and show respect as you are a guest in the City of Cornwall. Maybe You can look at the good things instead of your impression of all the bad..Put your Time In JAMIE and pay your due’s Then maybe you will have more than 10 follower’s and not be so hated so much.

  4. Delayed reaction statements or what?! What’s up with this area of the world? It’s like Hazard County!

  5. @ 2 sides, are you saying that unless you are born in Cornwall or put 40 years in residence you don’t have any rights to express an opinion? If you pay taxes you have a right.

    I was born and raised in Cornwall but left in 1975 to work in Toronto. I returned to the area in 2007 with a more worldly view of community and just like Jamie I can plainly see that something is wrong with the way Cornwall is run.

    If people like you don’t pull your head out of the sand the world is going to pass Cornwall by and it will be reduced to a little fiefdom that is tightly controlled by the cliques and cronies. If you are part of them then life is good. If you’re not, then you wait forever for permits and government services that are supposed to be administered by the municipality. You’ll sit at your kitchen table reading happy news sanitized by city hall and wonder why your taxes keep going up. You’ll shake your head and say “Oh well, there’s nothing we can do”.

  6. If Jamie is an idiot 2 sides 2 a story, this world needs more.
    Don’t remember seeing, or being given an application & rules to live in a city and requires a time frame before taking note of situations that may or may not smell right.

    I kind of like the idea of less friends, they take me away from watching TV. LOL

  7. Two sides -that is pathetic ! Ignorant of someone with that call sign!

    Two sides of the story means you sit on the fence and view both!

    Clearly you only see one side of the story !

    The more media and their different views allows the truth to eventually come out !

    In the USA -Media and its numerous entities keeps politicians honest and advises the people of what GOV does for or against them!
    Jamie keep plugging away to get to the truth!

  8. Memo to ‘2 sides 2 a Story’ from a former waterfront committee member: our residents showed up by the hundreds last week to protect our waterfront parkland from development interests, and Jamie and CFN were a big help in saving Cornwall’s famous green spaces and river views.

  9. Time to say GOOD BYE to the old guard and bring in new blood.
    They are worn out and time to say good bye to the old guard including the Mayor.
    Whenever there is is secretcy involved, that means war. There IS NO WAR here in CORNWALL. If you think so, time for you to hang your hat up and say goodbye.
    SINCERE smiles and laughter help with tension times and decisions should not be made hastily and sometimes looked outside of the box.
    Say goodby to the “old boys club”, this is from another era.
    As far as the city clerk is involved with, follow the chain of command, just do your job. period and don’t care how many honours you have like RP & CMO to me.
    I have a CD, I could of had made other badges of honours in the CF but that does not help me. Just do your job,please.
    Have a nice day.

  10. I just took a look at the video and I thought that I had just interrupted luch at a senior’s residence.
    I said it once before and I’ll say it again, it’s time to change the old blood for new,younger blood. We may not have – to wait so long for results/action compared to the present time.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Reg Cofey is right folks. I too was born and raised in Cornwall and I left with my husband to live in Ottawa and that was back in 75 era. I went back to Cornwall back in 89-90 area and it was a shock coming back. I came back to Ottawa in 2004 and I can tell you all from first hand as well like someone described as “Hazzard County” which I called in many names and one was Boss Hogg, Peyton Place as well as Dodge City. I can see it plain as day that the Mayor is running a corrupt system and corruption to the hilt. André Rivette is the only one that I respect and if he retires there goes Cornwall because the young faces on council are chickens and are not there to help any of you. When people say “what can we do” there are plenty of things that people can do and I learned this from a Yankee. You can run for office as a councellor and voice your opinions. You also have to be active in the community as a citizen and go to the meetings and do voice your concerns and if you reject to what is going on speak up for heavens sake. It has been so mighty long that the people of Cornwall have been trampled upon by the “so called elites”. I don’t care who these people are or how much money they have all that means nothing to me. I have run in on my job from way back when when I first came to Ottawa and I can’t tell you where it was or who it was but these people were mighty wealthy and mighty powerful and I can say so as people won’t know who they are. I was not afraid of this man’s wife nor were the staff there and everyone was more than fed up with her calls everyday crying about her husband. They lived in a mansion on the hill and they were divorced and a sad story from what I heard. Money doesn’t bring happyness because that comes from within. If you do not stand up for your rights in this life then you will be trampled upon. Have self respect and self confidence in yourselves. Never feel that someone is more important than what you are no matter who they are and how wealthy they may be – you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I am not afraid of anyone and I have self confidence in myself and think very well of myself. I have seen people of all levels and nothing fizzes on me at all. Stand up for yourselves and be firm with all of them. Nobody is more important than what you are and remember that folks. We know of a man who was a taxi driver here in Ottawa and he became a “senator” and my husband and I laugh about that quite often and my husband always says “some country this is” and we laugh. Anybody can become whatever they want here and just get the courage to stand up for yourselves.

  12. If the PM Harpo or the Gov. General or anyone was to come here and speak to me I don’t bow down to anybody nor do I feel that I am talking to someone more superior than myself. I had to learn to outdo my shyness many years ago and some people in Cornwall said that it was me who always felt more superior to others and I have developed that personality in order to show that I wasn’t below anybody. I became a much stronger person overtime and I want each and every one of you to do the same. Stick up for yourselves.
    Live a happy life folks but stick to your beliefs and never let anyone walk over you. You can do it and believe me I did it and my husband is the same way. My husband’s uncle was the Director of the UNRWA in the UN when he was alive and he was a doctor of internal medicine and his personality was mighty strong. My father in law got him that job because my husband’s family were well known and powerful in the past. All that means nothing except who I am and my husband is the same way. Have a strong personality of your own and let nobody walk on you and stick to what you believe in no matter who they are. If you don’t do that then others laugh at you and walk on you. You wouldn’t believe how many people laughed at Cornwall to my face when I was first in Ottawa especially in the government. You get stronger and stronger as you go along. Change Cornwall for the better and it is only you the citizens who can do that. Even those of you who can run for mayor do that – don’t be afraid. The system is crooked as it stands – a Boss Hogg system and it has to be changed. In order to gain respect you have to respect yourselves.

  13. Jamie you are doing a good job. Don’t let the sheeple get you down. I love your paper and continue the good work that you are doing. I don’t follow much what is going on here in Ottawa and follow what I can what is going on in Cornwall. You have a good paper.

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