RCAF Wing In Peril in Cornwall Ontario – New President & Vice President Sworn In – June 22, 2012

Ray Summer President & Mark A MacDonald VP RCAF Wing in Cornwall Ontario – the only Waterfront eatery in the City.

CFN – The Royal Canadian Air Force Association (RCAFA) Wing 424 has been active in this area for many years.

The Wing was started as a Veterans based organization and some of our current members who still visit the club, have served in WWII.

There are many groups that use our home on Water St. W. for a variety of functions free of charge and we do this as a service to our

With all the talk of waterfront development we want to make it clear that the public is welcome any time that we are open” stated Ray Summers, President Wing 424.
“We are proud to offer a spectacular view of the St. Lawrence river from our back patio and we often partner with other community group’s to host events” President Summers went on to say.

“We are volunteer organization and we want to make sure that the public knows that there is a place in Cornwall, with a view of the river, where you can sit and enjoy a cold beverage or snack, and at the same time support our organization” stated Mr. Summers.




  1. I think that is fabulous, I believe most people think, myself included, that you had to be a member. This certainly will make me want to stop by.

  2. Now that’s community for you ,stuff like this is often forgotten in the written news.

  3. I will keep on harping on this issue until I see that the “dirty underhanded money grubbers of the “condom development” keep their grubby hands off the entire waterfront and put their condoms on Water Street and in the good taste like what Mr. Markell did and not some high rise building that blocks views and costs and arm and a leg to maintain and very dangerous to live in. This RCAF organization is a wonderful bunch of people and I support what they do and keep the wing exactly where it is. I think that it would be a good idea for these people (the RCAF) to get together and buy the place and that way they wouldn’t have to worry about leases and being put out by the “money grubbers – dirty underhanded trickery” done by Kilger, Menard, Perkins and all the rest of them. Folks stick to your guns on everything and don’t let any of these people trick any of you. They are out to feather their pockets. We are going into mighty hard economic times and into a Great Depression (Economic) and I don’t say that lightly. The banks in Canada are in a grave situation as well and the government lies to the people something awful. I would suggest to the RCAF to purchase the building and lot and if the people of Cornwall can help these gentlemen to pitch in some money to help them in the purchase I would really like to see that happen. These men fought during the wars and thought that they were fighting for freedom. I think that we all owe them a great deal more than donations of money and support to help them out.

  4. Indeed a wonderful location with a great view on the waterfront.

  5. I am not a member of the Wing, but I dropped by on occasation and have felt welcomed.

  6. I too thought that you had to be a member,although many vets from the two great wars have mostly passed on,my dad WW1,father-in-law WW2
    I would prefer to go here verses the blue anchor ,however good,for fish & chips & a view of the water,maybe some suds.I would like to check out their menu

  7. I too thought you had to be a member to go there. I don’t even consider this place when I’m wanting to sit by the water and have a cold one, but only because I didn’t know it was available to everyone.

  8. I know it’s there and i love the place, having two or three beer after work or on a Saturday afternoon put’s you at risk of being detained by the police, with the possibility of a 3 hours detainment at the cop shop. Some in our society would like to see prohibition. The cops do take down plate numbers in parking lots. I’ll stay home and have a beer.If however, you have a designated driver, I highly recomend it.

  9. whoop’s, recommend

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