Possible Kidnapping – Money, Sex, from Texas to Cornwall Ontario – The Sheridan Diaz Story – June 22, 2012

Sheridan Diaz

CFN–  Stories like this don’t hit Cornwall very often.

Frankly they don’t come about that often here in Canada.  It has intrigue, suffering, and many questions with few answers.

It started out as a simple police blotter item.

It turns into a story of intrigue and possible harm, kidnapping, fleeing justice and warrants.

It takes it’s protaganists from Texas to Montreal, and ends up with the victim  in the Cornwall Ontario Community Hospital fighting for her life.


(South Glengarry, ON) – On June 07, 2012, members of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Crime Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), responded to a call in the Township of South Glengarry and as a result, an 81 year old female was taken to hospital.

An investigation resulted in the arrest of Sheridan DIAZ, 60 of South Glengarry Township on June 13, 2012.  She is charged with Failing to Provide the Necessities of Life and was held in custody for a bail hearing which is to be held on June 25, 2012 at the Ontario Court of Justice, Cornwall.

So we started digging into this story.     Dr. Diaz was living and working in the Houston Texas area.  She and Ms XXXXXXXXX   lived together and shared several properties.  They have been a couple for over 40 years and met while Dr. Diaz was attending McGill University to become a Doctor.

Something happened though.  Sources told CFN that Ms XXXXXX  had not had contact with her family in nearly two years.   Finally a missing person complaint was issued.

There was a police blotter mention in Texas.  LINK

Sheridan Reavely Diaz 59 – Fraud Use/poss Identifying Information Fs (F) 

That led all the way to Cornwall.     Allegedly Ms Diaz smuggled XXXXXXXX  back into Canada in the trunk of her car in March 2012.    They allegedly settled into a home in Dorval, Quebec where Ms XXXXXXX  was kept captive with two large dogs.  Somehow she escaped and ended up in a hospital where Dr. Diaz is alleged to have somehow got “her mother” out of the hospital and fled to a residence in South Glengarry Ontario.

Neighbors hearing cries for help resulted in the OPP investigating and most likely saving Ms XXXXXXX  who had wasted away to about 75 pounds and had bite wounds from the dogs.

The family is flying and driving in from different locales to be reunited, but so many questions remain unanswered.   One person speaking anonymously stated they just want to make sure that Dr. Diaz is not released on bail as they fear that somehow she will get a hold of Ms XXXXX  again.

Milena Cardinal


  1. Wow great coverage Jamie,& even better detective work

  2. This is spousal abuse & elder abuse of the worst kind.

    So many questions. So few answers … just yet. Thank goodness that someone is reporting on this. The police blotter item did not mention much of anything.

    “Doctor” Diaz should not be allowed out on bail. She fled Texas. She fled Quebec. She’ll flee Ontario.

    The upper crust types, professional people, like doctors and military brass like Russell Williams, behave with impunity because we think they are above suspicion.

    Let’s hope the court holds this medical doctor, Diaz, to a higher standard and does not grant her bail. Let’s allow the police time to investigate the very complex matters involving various jurisdictions. Let Diaz sit in P4W until her case comes to trial, or at least until her victim weighs 140 lbs.

    We definitely need to hear more about this case.

  3. Bravo! Ms. Aline Beauchesne, you are absolutely right. This woman Dr. Diaz must remain in prison until trial. It will be a while the victim.
    From what I can see she is definitely a flight risk.
    Been there, done that.

  4. Isn’t it always the way where we see professional people who think that they are so high and mighty above the law and they seem to wind up in Cornwall quite a lot. LOL LOL. Willie Wise, the doctors, social workers, lawyers, cops, etc. involved in sexual abuse, pretending to be a “bankster” stealing from investors, and I can go on and on. Keep the doctor Diaz behind bars and these people should not be let out. These people are “narcistic” and very mentally ill like Russell Williams and others. With a track record like Cornwall who said that Cornwall is boring. LOL LOL. It never fails to amaze me about what goes on.

  5. Is a publication ban not supposed to be pro-active rather than re-active Admin?

  6. Lets keep mentioning Russel Williams because the case of a doctor living in Texas with her girlfriend who kidnaps her girlfriend of 40 years, brings her to Canada in the trunk of a car CLEARLY has a lot in common with a member of the military who murdered women and collected their panties. You know who Dr Diaz reminds me of? Russel Williams.

    Anytime someone associated with the government does something sick and twisted we should point out how they are just like Russel Williams.

  7. As long as there are people you’ll always have some that prey on others. I think thats human nature.

  8. The justice system in this country, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. How this women is able to be released on bail is totally mindblowing. Some of the criteria for release is she a flight risk, is she a risk to reoffend, I think it is pretty clear and you do not have to be a genius to figure this out. Leave her where she belongs in jail, and not continue to work as a Doctor, thank God she is not my Doctor, pity those who have her.

  9. What has happened with this situation? Does anyone have any updates?

  10. I thought that persons are innocent until proven guilty. Why do people feed off of such salacious, unproven information? The so-called “victim” had a Body Mass Index of over 18, which is NOT 75 pounds. If this comes to trial the Crown will be unable to prove its case. However, caregivers beware. This shows what can happen to you if a malicious neighbour, relative, or jealous person decides to make trouble for you. Just as parents have had to be dragged through court on wrong Childrens Aid Society charges, caregivers of elderly relatives and spouses will have to prepare to undergo the same indignities. Remember that for every wrongly-charged person there can be a lawsuit which WE the tax-payers have to pay.

  11. No updates, but the son Dr. Shah (a friend of Willie Wise) has been charged with posing as a doctor, and money laundering, and fraud and…

    Cornwall’s still breeding them it seems

  12. personally this woman is not human. there is no speculation, its a fact crazy daisy left this woman all alone in house coverd “in every room” with dog excrement. I can not believe that someone could leave animals, let alone a human being in these’s conditions. SEND HERE BACK TO THE US. CAN YOU SAY LOBOTOMY?

  13. This woman is going to start January 1st at the clinic on Pitt Street We had an appointment I am not going now that I know this I was even told that she has hospital right is Cornwall that hard up that we have to take criminal for our doctor??

  14. Dr. Diaz is my Doctor and I like her. In fact she has been a great help with my stubborn health issues. She continues to take the time with me that I need to answer my concerns. Not too many Doctors will do tht for their patients these days. I have learnt that one should never judge until we have the whole story. We dont know what really happened, where are all these news reports and the sources confirming the allaeations?

  15. Last Sept. my doctor was in a serious car accident and all he left
    was a note on his door “office closed until further notice”. My
    options were the E.R. or the walk-in clinics, neither of which would prescribe the meds I required. I was thankful Dr. Diaz
    took me on as her patient. Not only did she not lecture me about my meds she arranged an M.R.I. in Kingston within 2 weeks.
    She has done more for me in the last month than my other doctor
    did in the past 5 years. Please remember we are innocent until
    proven guilty. Dr. Diaz has treated me with compassion and
    professionalism and deserves our benefit of the doubt.

    E.J. Derouchie

  16. Wow I agree innocent until proven guilty. You guys feed into this stupid allegations without even thinking properly. She can’t smuggle anyone there is x-rays at the border and yep really this is all bullshit. Dr.Diaz is actually an amazing physician who always puts her patients first. She has been treating me since she got here and honestly best Dr I have ever had. I think this whole story is crap and when it clears in court hope you guys feel like idiots as a Dr we need more of her in this town

  17. On with the Cornwall show this is ittttttttttttttt!


  19. That THING shouldn’t be out on bail!!!! After someone (specially an high profile Doctor) does such thing to another human being IT should be locked up! It should be treated the same way SHE treated the VICTIM!!!

  20. I had used Dr.Diaz as a doctor in Houston Texas.After a year of steroid treatment from her my stomach ruptured due to the dosages being way too high.It has ruined a lot of my adult life and I would never recommend her to anyone.

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