Open Mike! By Mike Bedard – Cornwall Ontario still not passing the Smell Test!

CFN – Something stinks in Cornwall and it’s not Domtar……..rather the smell of decaying old beliefs and B.S.!  Too many of us living in Cornwall are starting to feel like mushrooms……we are kept in the dark and only fed B*llsXXXX!  The integrity of too many good people are currently being challenged due to the lack of transparency Cornwall City Council has used in recent months!

Cornwall’s Waterfront Development Committee

To personally attack the people who volunteered their names to sit on this committee is just plain ignorant.  How many people do you think applied for this committee and more importantly how many of the those attacking the integrity of Mr. Perkins and Mr. Menard do you think applied for this committee…….I think ZERO!   So, it’s not fair to personally attack the people, who have the most experience in construction, for applying to be members of a development committee when that’s where their experience lays and arguably how they can help our city the most!

Let’s call a spade a spade and stick to the topic of discussion.  The idea of developing any part of the parking lot in question was not looked upon favourably and was for lack of a better term…a bad idea!  Move on!


Development of the Domtar Sites, Oil Tanks, Si Miller, etc. would beautify the waterfront and downtown core as well as be welcomed by those  opposed to the development of any green space.


The committee claims we are all misinformed but I never heard anything other than the words CONDO or CASINO when the topic was discussed.

Cornwall City Council

Cornwall City Council has started fence jumping to save their political careers and it makes me laugh to see how desperate many of them have become.  One week for an idea and the next against.  Well you can see that re-election has become more important to some other than progression.


The biggest shocker of the year, so far, was when I read Claude MCintosh’ column when he declared Mayor Kilger and most of Council would be re-elected if an election where to take place today.  Did the mayor take Claude out for lunch and give a big old take one for the team pat on the behind?  Council has been shamed by the loss of a councillor believed to be due to abundance of secret meetings, firing of managers for mistreating staff, questionable actions by the CEO and need I say more?  Mayor Kilger declared that if Mark MacDonald was elected council would become a gong show…..well this council is this biggest Gong Show in the city’s history!  They either do nothing when they should or the do something when they shouldn’t……..a total train wreck!

This council is running scared and cringes when it sees any other media that isn’t the freeloader!  And if they aren’t afraid then they really are out of touch with reality and how we perceive them!


Two huge thumbs up to the Cornwall Minor Baseball Association for sticking up for the baseball park!  The speech given at the waterfront development meeting was strong and ensured the proverbial backhand was felt and heard!


Did Pat Finucan say that he was impartial by defending the waterfront committee after Mr. Aubin’s criticism of some members!  I may not agree with Mr. Aubin but I call your BXXXXXXX; Mr Finucan and raise you two BXXXXXXX’s!  How can the campaign chair for Mr. Kilger’s mayoral campaign, which chose the waterfront committee, be impartial?  If you ran the campaign for the individual who choose this committee and now the public doesn’t like who was chosen would you not try to defend these people to purely protect your interests or past decisions?  Shame on you for thinking we are all that dumb!


But it doesn’t surprise me that the clique believes their own BXXXXXXX!

Thank You,
Mike Bedard

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  1. Wow……..No Fear……..Gotta love somebody with balls! You should run for council and give these clowns a regular dose of reality.

    Insane is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

    Cornwall will reach its potential with this Mayor or Council!

    Keep up the interesting articles.


  2. Anybody for new mayor except Mark MacDonald!

  3. Sorry, I meant to say that Cornwall will NEVER reach its potential with this group daydreamers at City Hall!

    In no way do I want people to think that I am siding with this group of dysfuntional lunatics!

  4. Mike I beg to differ If W/f members with as you say all the construction experience were using that to help our city progress I could agree with you however that most certainly doesn’t appear to be the case (conflict of interest certainly appears) It seems that group are looking out for Local Business persons interest & to heck with the taxpayers interest. In over a year & a half that group have done nothing constructive for our waterfront.

  5. Re: Believe Me,

    There are a few people who can arguably be replaced, that probably don’t contribute much to this committee, but that is pure opinion and that can be said about any committee. Plus, you can only pick the best that have applied. If the pickings where slim and this how it turned out; than it wasn’t the committees fault more so than the communities fault.

    However, like my article reads we are not aware because we are kept in the dark and our councillors aren’t so open in public as they should be behind closed doors!

    Finally, arguably the two highest profile members are the better educated people, in regards to construction. I would take advice on construction for both Guy and Roy over anyone else and yes I trust there guidance and so should you.

    Do you honeslty think that a former Citizen of the Year would try to ruin his reputation by profitting from a single condo? He is much smarter than that and better person.

    There are bigger issues to tackle and topics. Focusing on the individuals rather than the topics are useless. Conflict of interest, maybe, but arguable and still not worth dwelling on rather than saving our green space.

    Thank You (love the Feedback),
    Mike Bedard

  6. Mike, hasn’t the documents revealed by CFN shown that it’s not just one condo the committee was having wet dreams about but 2000. That’s will probably mean more 2 x 4’s than Rona has sold in the last 10 years.

  7. Yes, that’s right but ultimately I still would like to beleive that our best citizens are deserving of such honours or atleast will act as such once selected. However, my comment on the subject is short and sweet. I have been to a Water Front Development Committee meeting and Mr. Perkins and Mr. Menard are not only valuable but definitely not the weekest link. A strong committee will always ensure one member doesn’t run or make the decisions alone without questioning or overcoming the most obvious and prominent objections that may arise.

    But then again I think the entire idea was poor planning, timing and I am amazed that the overall bad idea passed and went to the public before further examination and sampling were studied and detailed.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  8. The 90’s just called and they want this 31 year old male’s shirt back.

  9. “Dysfunctional lunatics” indeed and their day is coming very soon to get the boot out the door. There will be the rest of the “dysfunctional lunatics” in town who are nutty enough to vote for them because they are insane or belong to this pile of doo doo.

  10. I have a much better idea Reg what to do with those 2×4’s and it isn’t about building condos. Nobody in their right frame of mind that find out about the reality of Cornwall will want to live in such a place. I would never move to a place like another small town ever again without finding out every detail about the place both good and bad and about everyone in town and surrounding. I would never want to live in another Cornwall ever again dead or alive. There are certain people running Cornwall and I hope that people from out of town find out everything about what is going on. We have been hurt and badly and it is only when we left that life has improved.

  11. You are a small fry maniac M.B.

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