Canadian & Ontario Libertarian Party Show Their Colours at Toronto Pride Rally!

CFN – For the first time in their history the Ontario Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of Canada, were both represented at the Toronto Pride Parade, July 1, 2012.

Ontario Party leader Allen Small was there helping to carry the provincial party banner. He commented that he was amazed at the number of people watching the parade.

“This is the kind of audience we should be appealing to, thousands and thousands of very open minded young people, the future of Ontario, perfect,” he said.


The Toronto Pride Parade is one of the largest of its kind in the world, Parade Organizers said that about 158 groups took part this year in the final event of the festival.

Since the time that the Ontario Libertarian Party was founded, some of its members then, and throughout its history right up to the present day were part of the LGBT community.

The Ontario Libertarian Party has been a registered political party since 1975. They advocate property rights, limited government, and voluntary interactions within communities between individuals and groups.

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  1. I looked at some pictures and a video of this parade. Wow, some people are really liberated beyond my taste for me. Even If I disagree with your expressions, I agree completely with your freedom of expression.

    We libertarians promote options, choices and tolerance regarding all individual ideas, activities and experimentation including economic, social and political associations. We accept diversity, promote peaceful collaboration and reject coercion or force to achieve consent in our relationships. We seek voluntary consent and tolerance in our collaborations. We are the party of choice.

  2. I think this raises the important point in the difference between conservatism, capitalism, and corporatism. Especially recently, capitalism has been thrown in with the other two terms, which is grossly inaccurate. Capitalism is the opposite of corporatism and certainly has no room for hate of someone due to sexual orientation.

  3. I would like to thank Debbie Osmond for providing the photo

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