1,373,750 Page Views in June 2012 – Cornwall Free News by the Numbers and Top Ten & 20

CFN –  I know there are tons of outlets with way more traffic than us, but in three short years what was abusively called a “blog” and that web thing by certain people in power in this city has evolved.

Frankly far more than this humble scribbler ever thought it would and that could not happen with those of you out there that clicked on The Cornwall Free News 1,373,750 times in June.   Add in our traffic on Social networking site and that adds up to over two million ringing of our collective bells.

So thank you to all out there who made it possible.  While I know many are not “fans” of CFN all are welcome!

Frankly what I’m most proud of is that we’ve been able to build those numbers up here in Canada.   Over 95% of CFN’s traffic is home grown!

Roughly 95% of visitors to the site come from Canada, where it has attained a traffic rank of 2,210. Visitors to the site spend roughly 32 minutes per visit to the site and 72 seconds per pageview. Compared with internet averages, Cornwallfreenews.com’s audience tends to be users who have incomes between $30,000 and $100,000; they are also disproportionately moderately educated men browsing from work who have more children. 

And that could be why we’re the number one ranked online media site in Eastern Ontario!*

1) The Cornwall Free News Alexa Canadian ranking of 2, 210

95% of The Cornwall Free News Traffic comes from Canada!

2) thewhig.com  (Kingston) 2,951

3) Standard Free Holder 4,321  ( only 60.7% of site traffic comes from Canada)

4)  thecornwalldaily.com 9,571

5)  thelocalseeker.com 10,704

6)  CornwallSeawayNews.com 28,289

7)  recorder.ca 33,993  Brockville

Our Top 20 Cities for the Last 30 Days

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Kingston

6) Rockland

7) Brockville

8.) Prescott

9) Carleton Place

10) Calgary

11) Edmonton

12) Morrisburg

13) London

14) Hawkesbury

15) Vancouver

16) Hull

17) Kanata

18) New York NY

19) Hamilton

20) Moncton

Klout.com Rankings (scale 1-100)

CFN 63

The Cornwall Daily 40

Standard Free Holder 36

Brockville Recorder 21

Seaway News 20

The Local Seeker 13

Our facebook demographics below seem to flip flop our general traffic flow.  Social Media is very female centric.

Almost 7% of our users are from mobile devices with iPhones and iPads leading the way.  Over 20% of CFN visitors do so more than 25 times per month!

Advertising online is not the future.  It’s now.  If your business or organization isn’t online you’re running behind.

Advertising on The Cornwall Free News offers you the most exposure and value in the region.

With over 100,000 visitors per month can you afford to not call Don?

Phone today to see the solutions that CFN can deliver today!

613 932 8952 or 613 361 1755


You can call Don or our office at 613 361 1755 for info on how to market your business, service, or organization.


CFN also produces TV Quality Video Commercials with our Partner KAV Productions.

KAV Productions
If a picture is a 1,00o words, what’s HD Video professionally produced, edited and presented on the number one media site in Eastern Ontario?
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* Alexa.com is owned by Amazon.com and measures web traffic world wide.   With over 1,000,ooo million users with the Alexa Toolbar it’s one of the most widely covered ranking system available for web traffic.

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  1. Goes to show you that having a vision and sticking to your principles is an unstoppable force in life, I would challenge business people to support this online media as it is a force for good simply because it offers a platform for everyone to speak and is moderated fairly. Good for you for being transparent, serves as a model for others.

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