Long Sault Farmer’s Market Report for 6 July 2012 by Reg Coffey

CFN – It was another hot, sunny and blustery day at the market and you would think that people would want to stay indoors with their air conditioning but once again the sales were brisk. Lots of new produce were on the vendor’s tables as well as fresh baked goods, plants and jams jellies and a pickles. Another new vendor joined us this week, Brenda’s Vegetables from Lunenburg with some great looking greens and root crops.

Coffeys Coffee
Brenda’s Vegetables

Even though it was hot and sticky people still lined up for some of Toi’s delicious Thai food especially the spring and shrimp rolls. They even stopped by my booth for a hot cup of coffee and to buy some coffee beans for their home brew.

Onions, bottom view

While sitting at my booth I couldn’t help but notice some of the gorgeous vegetables on display and I thought I would indulge in a little whimsical food photo shoot.

Garlic Bones?

Garlic is probably one of the most nutritionally valuable foods commonly available. Here I thought they looked like a box of bones.

Herds of Carrots?

I think maybe I had a little sunstroke this afternoon.

Aside from my touch of whimsy it was another great afternoon. The word at the market is that sweet corn may be available next weekend. You should come out to Long Sault on Friday and get a jump on the Saturday crowd. You could be the first of your friends and family to have a corn roast, and invite me. I promise I’ll wear a hat and leave my camera at home.

Long Sault Market

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  1. Greetings Reg,

    It was my first visit to-day to the market, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I picked up a few gluten free baked goods, then picked up some fresh raspberries & the most incredible raspberry-blueberry pie ! I had never tasted that combination before ! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God……..I’m hooked, I shall return .
    You can thank, your article in CFN for tweeking my interest !

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