Chantal Dupuis of Montreal Calls on Governor General & Queen Elizabeth II of England to Squash Bill C 38

CFN – While many people are frustrated with the Harper Government and in particular Bill C 38, Chantal Dupuis of Montreal has been working at asking the GG & Queen to step in.   Below is a copy of the letter she sent in late June.    It’s always interesting to see people take action to try and make Canada a better place.

Ms Dupuis wrote her second letter after getting this reply from Buckingham Palace.


Montreal, June 26th 2012.
Governor General of Canada
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston
Rideau Hall
1, promenade Sussex
Ottawa, On  K1A 0A1


His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston,

I address myself to His Excellency for a follow up concerning a request I sent to Her Majesty The Queen in December of 2011 : «Official request, to Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, for the dismissal of Stephen Harper as Prime Minister of Canada ». (1)
Her Majesty answered to me and unfortunately refused to dismiss the Prime Minister.(2)  I wrote back to Her Majesty (3) and she answered to me again.(4)  In this second letter though Her Majesty told me that she acted through her Governor General and therefore Her Majesty transferred my request to His Excellency.

I also sent to His Excellency conjointly with the Members of the Senate of Canada and the Members of the Supreme Court of Canada , a request of intervention.(5)  I have not received any answer yet.  

I may seem insistent, it is because the hour is constitutionally out of control and His Excellency have the power and duty to intervene.  It seems that the people with Honourable titles supposed be defend our Constitution as well as Canadians are not doing what they are expected to and what they are being paid for.   

A majority of people thinks the role of Governor General is one of decorative purpose.  Since it is not, now would be time to remind Stephen Harper and his Conservative party who the real boss is.  When  a Government is more preoccupied with satisfying the partisan friends than serving Canadians, there is clearly a huge problem.  The Stephen Harper government wants to rush Bill C38 into Canadians’ throat without customary debate and refused any amendment by the Opposition, as if it was a perfect budget bill.  I am sorry here, but this budget bill has more than just budget clauses and just this fact is wrong and it is a big enough reason to divide C38 into multiple bills to be properly amended.  If it is passed as is, it will make future generations victims of bad governance by the Conservatives and it is unacceptable.  I know that through this budget bill, His Excellency’s salary and pension will almost double but His Excellency’s duty to act now goes beyond His Excellency’s personal interests.

The BNA/Constitution of 1867 says in section 55 that His Excellency hold the power to Withhold Royal assent that would end Bill C38 with no discussion and no debate but His Excellency could also Reserve the Bill for the Signification of the Queen’s Pleasure which would be best.  It would give time for a referendum on the Bill and it would not be perceived as a slap in the face by your Office toward the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council (which the PM somehow also controls).

For all the reasons I wrote to Her Majesty, the attacks and disrespect constantly demonstrated by the Stephen Harper government in the House of Commons toward any opposition shows an evident lack of leadership.  Election frauds and over spending are even bigger reasons for removing the Conservatives from the House of Commons.  His Excellency have to act rapidly and use the power conferred to you through your function of Governor General of Canada.

I’ll finish with the only reasonable affirmation ever made by Stephen Harper: « When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern. »  His Excellency should take this wise advice, put a reservation on Bill C38 and dismiss Stephen Harper, to the benefit of all Canadians.   

Thank you for taking time to read my letter and act upon it.  Have a great summer taking care of Canadians.

Chantal Dupuis
Montreal, Qc 

C.C. Her Majesty The Queen

What do you think my fellow Canadians?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Miss Dupuis fails to acknowledge PM Harper’s justification for the omnibus bill – to circumvent the “endless process” responsible for stifling the progress of enacting law.

    Never-the-less, the newly elected Conservative majority successfully defended components of the omnibus bill in a protracted voting session.

    In her extreme disatisfaction, Miss Dupuis might more successfully work with the Opposition to defeat PM Harper rather than appealing to Canada’s Head-of-State who may not wish to confound the majority of Canadian voters.

    Brad Darbyson

  2. In fact, Mr. Darbyson, the Queen would be confounding a minority of Canadian voters, 40% who voted Conservative versus 60% who voted for others.

    The “endless process” you’re describing is called democracy which by now we must all be aware Mr. Harper wishes to circumvent.

  3. Regardless of whether Mr. Harper needs to be removed for his actions, no Canadian in their right mind should be appealing to the Queen to intervene. The removal of our elected leader by a foreign power would be far more damaging to our nation than any legislation he has put through.

  4. With the repatriation of the Constitution in 1982, the BNA Act became just another Piece of paper, the Queen has no power over the Government of Canada, she is just a figure head. Canada is a sovereign nation beholden to no foreign power.

  5. The ‘patriation’ process of 1982 did not change the role of the Queen, GG or anything within the structure of the Constitution/BNA Acts 1967-1981

    A set of amending formulae were added and a “Charter of Rights” (a Code actually- quite odd in our Common Law system) of the existing rights we already enjoyed under Common Law was inclded that added conditions to these rights, giving Judicial and Legislative (both Fed & Prov) overrides to these rights – the opposite of the commonly-held view.

    The enabling UK legislation removed the Commons and Lords Spiritual and Temporal from any effect on any Cdn Law (many think this occurred in 1931 Statute of Westminster – but the amending formula was the final link that need to be severed)

    The Disallowance power of the Monarch(no longer in Council since 1982) of s.56 still exists and the Gov Gen’s Power to withhold Royal Assent and/or Reserve a Bill s.55 still exists.

    Ms Dupuis had the constitution on her side – The Queen asked her to follow-up with the GG and the Queen’s aide stated she was fwding the original to the GG

    Amen Chantal!

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