BREAKING – Religious Terrorism in Cornwall Ontario? Church on Sydney Vandalized – Car Gassed

CFN – The Church on Sydney is the alleged victim of two attacks that culminated with a break in and trashing of the facility and gassing of local Real Estate guy Brock Frost’s Truck.

Brock Frost locks his gassed truck after Police drop by.

The Truck was not set ablaze.  Mr. Frost had parked it there Saturday night as he attended Cornwall Kinsmen Lift Off 2012.  This was the second attack in the past month according to Mr. Frost.

A first attack was of a rock thrown through a window stating that a Church was no place for Business.

Mr. Frost shared that a similar note was found inside the facility.

The following message was on the businesses Facebook page today:

It is with deepest regret that The Church on Sydney will be closing its doors until further notice. Unfortunately, we have been the victim of several criminal acts of violence and we must protect the safety of our members, clients and more importantly, the community. A criminal investigation is currently underway and if anyone has any information about the recent threats, we ask you to please come forward as soon as possible.

Police have yet to issue a statement, but if you know of anything you can email and we will forward any information you may have.

Mr. Frost said the police and insurance will be investigating further starting Monday.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.



  1. The interfaith community in Cornwall should be quick to condemn these acts. This kind of persecution BY religion is as intolerable as persecution TO religion.

  2. Ummmm wasn’t it an art gallery after it was a Church? People are sooo stupid….it’s not even a church anymore and hasn’t been for a long time. Once again the uneducated are ruining what can be a great city. C’mon…can we move on now and get into the 21st century?

    My invisible man that I pray to is stronger than your invisible man.
    Like WTF?

  3. @ Michel Daw and CFN. Why are you suggesting that this criminal activity is being carried out by a religious group or individual?

  4. Author

    Ed I did not suggest that. I reported what was alleged. A rock with a note that said a Church was no place for business. And a second note with similar sentiment.

  5. As Bob stated, it hasn’t been operating as a Church for some time. How come it wasn’t vandalized when it was an art gallery? FYI, a Church ceases to become a holy place of worship once the altar is removed. Was there an altar in the building? Was there any evil going on – Satan worshipping, drugs, defiling virgins, etc??? Really! For crying out loud, put a video camera around and inside the building so the culprits can get caught red-handed.

  6. Sorry Admin. Somehow I missed the part about the note.
    Too much sun the last few days. 🙂

  7. Holy Pastor Tom! Clambake at Frost’s house. I don’t know who he is but somebody doesn’t like the idea of him renting a church from that couple that owns it. Let us pray..

  8. I really hope that they reopen this building soon. Whether or not this is a case of ‘ religious terrorism’ or not is long out the barn. That building has not been an official place of worship in a long time. What I suspect is that this is the work of people trying to bust something up just to see if it breaks. That wouldn’t be a new modus operandi around these parts. Put up cameras, then go back to business as usual – you cower away from people like this, then they win and can brag about it on facebook. This is a good, original idea on how to use an existing spot and breathe new life into a building. Let’s hope that this was just an isolated incident and that they can reopen the building soon.

  9. Author

    Jim, I agree with you. We need to try and grow our downtown core especially. I was asking myself why cameras weren’t installed after the first incident? Maybe some were and more info will roll out. Either way, who the heck expects something like this in Cornwall? All bs aside this is a peaceful and wonderful community.

  10. All people should respect personal property, specially Christians. To a born again Christian a building is not the “Church”. There is nothing sacred about a building, no matter what it was used for in the past. What God gives to us, we are to be good stewards of and be thankful for all that He gives. Such disrespect for personal property is unloving and needs to be dealt with.

    By the way, calling this establishment “the church” was it not mocking religion, especially Christianity? Still no cause to throw a rock through the window, and damage the truck!

  11. Pastor Tom, I don’t see how calling it ‘The Church’ was mocking religion. The structure itself is a church, and it is a gathering place for like-minded people. Perhaps topics of a spiritual nature may even be discussed from time to time. True, no worship is taking place, yet there is a certain awe that comes from looking at the beautiful building and knowing that it was once a place of worship. I don’t believe there is anything ‘mocking’ about calling it ‘The Church’, as it shows respect for the building’s past, and acknowledges the architecture of the building itself. This is not mocking Christianity.

  12. “Perhaps topics of a spiritual nature may even be discussed from time to time…” – Like should we play the next song in d minor or a major? topics of new age, and environmentalism? Again -“There is nothing sacred about a building, no matter what it was used for in the past.” Such “sacredness” comes from the teachings of Roman Catholicism, not from the Holy Word of God.

  13. @Pastor Tom….”What God gives to us, we are to be good stewards of and be thankful for all that He gives.” Amen to that!!!!!!
    Sorry to hear about the Church. Just for the record, there was vandalism to the Property when it was Sue’s Art Gallery. If you read this Brock and want further details, kindly contact Gilcig for my contact details.

  14. I never said the building was sacred. I never mentioned music or the other topics you bring up. People in the community gathering to do something productive and positive is a Godly act. We each have a spark of God within, as we were made is His image, so we gather to use those God-given talents in an edifying manner, as business people who are bringing something positive to the community. What better place to gather than a re-cycled church building.

  15. “People in the community gathering to do something productive and positive is a Godly act..” Not so! all according to John, according to human reasoning – the true and living God will not accept, no matter how sincere it is. Can’t be a godly act if faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is left out.

  16. Anywhere you find love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, you find God. Against such things there is no law.

    But this thread is to express ourselves regarding a horrible act of vandalism that occurred in our community, not to be turned into a soapbox for religious opinion. Let’s just say the church was doing something good, and someone did a bad thing to try and stop it.

  17. Just a little kick in the shins to people of the Roman Catholic faith by the preacher.
    Carry on.

  18. I don’t believe this building is a church anymore and hasn’t been for a very long time. Time to take this building down and turn it into a community garden. Gardens feed people and as for the church… I believe they beg for your money every Sunday.
    No way can this be religious violence as it isn’t even a church.. Duh,,,

  19. @ Robert. Tear down a perfectly good, almost historical building in down-town Cornwall to plant a little garden? Maybe in the winter our homeless population could camp there in tents? You have a plan?
    Buildings like this should be preserved if the cost is reasonable. It can be used for business, converted into condos, or God forbid, be converted into affordable housing units. A building like that would cost millions to reproduce today.

  20. @Robert Martin

    Stop eating all the cookies Yogi and stick to your own garden.


  21. @ Furtz and Wow.. My concern is the potential target for a more vandalism. Thes folks that are doing the damage.. What will they stop at??

    The building could have many other uses, but I think its so far gone that its not worth fixing. My opinion only and I respect others.. Peace to both of you folks 🙂

    P.S. To the folks that are doing the vandalism..Give your head a good shake! Do something constructive to help your fellow man!

  22. What a horrible society that we have today of destroying property of all sorts and even to destroying a church. A church is a sacred place whether Roman Catholic or Protestant. Even the Jewish faith and other faiths should be respected except for Satanism. The Reverend here should talk about the Harbinger and it is in Isaiah 9 and 10. What happened on 911 was something that was sent by God because of people’s bad morals and going against Him. When people do not love God and take His good words and respect one another then we are going to keep going into a terrible tyrany. Some US congressmen spoke on Isaiah 9 and 10 on how people of the US did like the ancient Israelites of defying God. Well people who defy God will be ignored by God. There is a messianic Rabi on and he speaks all about the Harbinger. Pastor I really do think that if people don’t get back with God very bad things are going to happen. If you can speak a bit about this maybe people might understand some things from yourself since you are a preacher. Believe me folks I was born and raised Catholic and knew nothing about the Bible since Catholics are not taught these things. I have a King James Bible here that belonged to a Canadian friend of ours who is Protestant here in Ottawa. I listen to ministers on the net to learn things.

  23. I just went to iron a few things and sweating like crazy and wondering where I put the words down and how to say it but the Pastor would be best at this of Isaiah 9-10 and about the Harbinger. The Harbinger is one of God’s many judgements and it is all throughout the Bible on judgements. Both John Edwards and John Dashel in the US said the following at Ground Zero in NYC and I will mark it down as soon as I say something. At Ground Zero was the very place where the US constitution and their republic was formed and it wasn’t in 1776 BUT in 1789. There is a little church where George Washington went to pray thanking God for his blessings. During 911 and you all know about the terrible explosions in the buildings well that little church was not touched at all. The same thing with the wars in Lebanon the churches were not touched and Pastor the church is a sacred institution whether Protestant or Catholic.
    In the explosions of NYC on 911 there was a piece of steel that hit a Sicamore tree and went right through it like a sword. The Yanks made a statue of this in front of Ground Zero not knowing what all this was about nor did John Edwards and Tom Dashel understand what they quoted on 911. Well now I will quote a short piece for all of you: Isaiah 9:8-10 from the Bible – King James.

    The Lord sent a word against Jacob, and it has fallen upon Israel. All the people shall know – even Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria – who say in pride and arrogance of heart:

    “The bricks are fallen down. But we will rebuild with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.”

    These are the words quoted by John Edwards and Tom Dashel not knowing what those words meant and they were being very bold towards God. Both were knocked down by God in His way. The Cedar Tree is a very sacred tree in Lebanon and anybody who touches those trees goes to prison. The Cedar tree is the strongest tree as well.

    I feel that these are very important things to say to everyone. Those who ignore God or defy Him are going to pay a terrible price and believe me it is all true. Those who say there is no God are going to pay the terrible prices for what is coming up. Get on your knees people and pray and ask God’s forgiveness.

  24. Are there any updates on this sad story? Suspects?
    What a shame it would be for a business (or organization) to shut down because of some nut throwing stones and writing notes.
    Security cameras are really cheap to buy.

  25. I am one for security cameras and I have mentioned this before either on SF or here in this paper. I am a firm believer in this system to crack down on crime as well as on the streets. Soon there will be the drone system coming in from the US and that is no exageration. What they do overseas is going to be done here. I entered about Isaiah 8-10 about God’s judgement and believe me it is coming and people will be down on their knees begging for the Lord’s forgiveness of their sins.

  26. Jules, I’m not sure whether you are putting us on, or if you are serious.

  27. Gee, I’d tell you where Jules came from Ed but last time I did that I got erased by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  28. Wow – John how spiritual is that – a movie about “I really liked the slasher horror genre of film,” he said.“A real killer is actually stalking them,” explains Welsh.

    This sounds more like a Black Mass prelude to the sacrifice of ……..
    Will you be selling popcorn? Yes, but there are some redeeming aspects to this movie, can’t over look that -“Although the story is supposed to have somewhat of a dark genre, the project is outweighed by the humourous scenes that seem to have developed on their own,” said Runions. “humorous scenes” – like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde made into a comedy! Wow! Only in Cornwall.

  29. Sounds like it might be fun to watch. I hope lots of people show up for the premier, and it gets seen in Toronto.

  30. edit “premiere”

  31. Maple Leaf Seven you are mighty disgusting and I won’t say here what I think of you.

    Preacher if you are a preacher you can go on the following on youtube for what I was talking about:

    The title is called: The Harbinger – Rabbi Cahn, Full Version

    Where it says show more you will see the speeches of John Edwards and Tom Dashle.

    I just proved my point here Preacher.

    The uneducated are feeling kind of out of place when someone of greater self says something that they don’t know about so they put others down because of their ignorance.

  32. Jules your link gave me this – “The video you have requested is not available. If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process.
    Sorry about that”.

  33. Just go to U Tube and search The Harbinger – Rabbi Cahn, Full Version.

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