Kinsmen Club of Cornwall Ontario Elects New Board & President Kerry Adams – July 16, 2012

CFN –   The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall Ontario held their new elections July 1st, 2012 and re-calibrated their board.   I spoke with incoming President Kerry Adams this morning about the Kinsmen and their role in Lift Off.

He shared the new board membership.

Michael Galvin – Past President
Kerry Adams – President
Robert Drover Vice-President
Ray Eady – Secretary
Michael Mahoney – Treasurer
Steve Rivière – Registrar
Directors at Large
Robin MacIntosh
Jody Archambault 
Dan Carbonell.
Mr. Adams, speaking to CFN this morning stated that the club will be considering renewing its sponsorship of the Lift Off Balloon Festival in Cornwall in the near future as its three year sponsorship commitment ended with the 2012 event.
The service club has approximately 45 members.   For more information about them you can visit their website HERE.
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  1. Do I see someone extending a hand in friendship, a peace offering, or a white flag? Are calmer minds going to prevail?

  2. I think admin is a little hard on the Kinsmen.

    But on a more grim note, cause I’m in a poor mood, a totally off topic pain in my ass. I must speak about teachers gaming the system. A recent acquaintance of mine who may or may not be the daughter of the disgraced City Clerk is a pro.

    Here’s how they do it. First you get done of college early, start teaching, build seniority in the board until in late 20’s early 30’s. Sounds good so far. Then comes the first pregnancy.

    Step One: Get pregnant in the late summer.
    Step Two: Maternity leave before the school year is over.
    Step Three: Have baby around end of school year and get paid for 14 months to take care of baby.
    Step Four: Get pregnant two years later. Repeat two more times.

    Work 24 months out of six years on public dime. Shameful.

  3. wow why are you targetting women? they are the only ones who “get pregnant”

  4. @les habitants

    Some share with their husbands. Same scam.

  5. @ Wow- those babies are going to pay your CPP and OAS, you might want to look at it that way. You’re probably also a hater of immigrants but they contribute in so many ways by working and paying taxes and doing all those jobs that Canadians dont’ want to do. I really am sick of your stinking attitude, if you cannot value what women contribute to society and you have nothing constructive to say, please keep it to yourself cause no body wants to hear it.

  6. les opinions on everything -fingers not sore!

  7. @Maggie

    How’s your summer vacation going? I will not be collecting CPP and OAS. Neither will you. It will all be dismantled by then with the clear vision of King Stephen, our benevolent dictator. Free enterprise will shine again. Glory be. I have no disrespect of women, just teachers who abuse the system. My wife makes twice a senior teacher’s entitlement with honest work. Don’t work, don’t get paid. No pension, just pure entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency. Get ready for the real world barrelling right at you cause it’s gonna be scary for the weak.

  8. Highlander…….I won’t say what I would like to say because it would get deleted, but know what grow up and show a little class if that is possible for you….sometimes I wonder.

  9. Stella get back to work does your government supervisor know you are on here?

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