The Cornwall Free News – 98.4% Of Our Viewers are From Canada! Top Cities & Numbers – July 17, 2012

CFN–  It’s been a busy week here at CFN and it’s looking to get crazier!  We have set some new traffic records thanks to you, our amazing and awesome viewers!     We are the number 5 overall website in our hometown of Cornwall Ontario and have set a new record Canadian ranking for CFN of 1,917!  As well we set our own personal goal of hitting highs of Canadian traffic which is harder and harder to do as you get more and more people reading.  We pulled in 98.4% Canadian viewership!  Oh Canada!

Top Canadian Ranked Media Websites on in our Region

1) The Cornwall Free News 1,917 (#5 in Cornwall)

2)  (Kingston) 2,886 (only 30.4% Canadian Traffic)

3) Standard Free Holder 4,483  ( only 70.4% of site traffic comes from Canada)

4) 11,708

5) 16,907

6)  25,123  Brockville

7) 32,243

Our Top 20 Cities for the Last 30 Days

1) Cornwall 5.06 pages per visit!

2) Ottawa  4.38 pages per visit!

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Kingston 6.11 pages per visit!

6) Rockland

7) Brockville

8.) Prescott

9) Carleton Place

10) Hawkesbury

11) Mattagami Heights

12) London

13) Hull

14) Calgary

15) Vancouver

16) Edmonton

17) Morrisburg

18) Cooksville

19) Moncton

20) New York NY

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  1. I for one welcome the fact that Cornwall Free News is there for Cornwall !
    My view is that having different viewpoints from multiple media outlets is beneficial for the population -one editors view on issues certainly varies from others !
    That as well being said the more media the more accountability with civic matters .
    Thanks and keep up the good work Jamie /Don and staff

    You are here to stay …you do a great service for our community

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