Letter to the Editor – Liz Craik on Lily & Lucky the Beavers in Ottawa Ontario – July 27, 2012

They were a lovely couple, Lily and “Lucky”, who met midstream in life. They knew immediately that they would be lovers forever, build a home together and start a family. Both had always dreamed of having a little cabin by the water, so they searched for the perfect location and when they found it they started to put down roots. They meticulously built their home, piece by piece, taking care to account for their future family and to protect themselves from intruders and the harsh winters that were sure to come. Once the home was securely constructed, Lily found herself to be with child and they were so happy in the little home that they had built together, looking forward to their future.

Then, one day, intruders came upon Lily and Lucky’s home and decided that they would destroy the home that Lily and Lucky had worked so hard to build. The assailants ripped apart every piece that so lovingly went into the construction of the home and they utterly destroyed the home that Lily and Lucky built. Lily and Lucky unfortunately were home at the time when the assailants arrived, so during the annihilation of their home, Lucky wasn’t very lucky, because he was the only one who didn’t make it out alive. Fortunately, Lily and the two babies did survive the devastation of their home.

Now, Lily is alone. A widow. Homeless. A single mother, trying to survive, with two babies to care for.

The assailants threatens to return, leaving Lily in a constant state of fear for herself and her babies. She tries to rebuild a home and a life for her family, but circumstances are very difficult these days and it’s almost overwhelming when you are grieving your lost loved one as well.

Does this tragic story make you angry? Do you want justice for Lily and her family? Do you want to help Lily and her family to continue to survive?

Does it matter that this tragic story is not about a human family? It shouldn’t, because we are all connected.

This is the story of a family of beavers, who live at the Paul Lindsay Pond in Stittsville, Ontario. The ‘intruders/assailants’ who destroyed their home was the City of Ottawa.


Here are some links if you want to follow the story of Lily and her kits.




Liz Craik  – New Westminister BC

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  1. Great letter, Liz!

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