Victims of 40th Anniversary of 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre Not Honored in London – Shame!

CFN – The 2012 Summer Olympics in London marks the 40th Anniversary of the Massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich.

Sadly this anniversary is not being honoured.    I find it sad as the Olympics had in the past been a place where many of the divides of our society have been laid down and that sport alone was what mattered.

Does anyone not forget Jesse Owen who despite being an African American who in many of places in his own country faced intolerable racism way back in 1936 won gold medals for the US in Nazi Germany?  Master Race you say Mr. Nazi?  Jesse disagreed and his four gold medals were something the world could rejoice to.


(Sun media tribute video above)

In 1972 11 Israeli athletes died after a prolonged hostage taking.   It shocked the world.  Not honoring the victims on the 40th anniversary  is a stain on what the Olympics should stand for.

Black Sunday WIKI

List of Fatalities

Shot during the initial break-in
Shot and killed by grenade in helicopter D-HAQO
D-HAQO was the eastern helicopter.
According to the order in which they were seated, from left to right:
Shot in helicopter D-HAQU
D-HAQU was the western helicopter.
According to the order in which they were seated, from left to right:

And that’s why this scribbler boycotts the Olympics.  Because the spirit of what they are about has long long ago been forgotten….

They have become a crass and over saturated marketing exercise.  Shame on the IOC.

What do you think dear viewers? Should the victims of the 72 Massacre be honoured, on this the 40th Anniversary?  You can post your comments below.



  1. There are only two things I hate, people who are intolerant of others and the Belgian pigs running the Olympics.

  2. I boggles my mind that this circus still goes on. Distraction for the masses. The old trick has worked for a long time.

  3. It is shameful. The decision makers were likely victims of “group think.” No leadership and a complete lapse in judgement.

  4. Perhaps you should ask the “Official Sponsors” why the Munich massacre has been forgotten. According to, the official worldwide sponsors are Coke, Atos, GE, Omega, P&G, VISA, Acer, Dow, McDonalds, Panasonic and Samsung.

    No doubt they do a lot of business in the Arab/Islamic world, so to be seen supporting Israel in any way would certainly be bad for the bottom line.

    Terrorism, no matter the cause, the perpetrator, or the victim, is totally inexcusable and deserves the toughest sanctions possible.

  5. Here’s an idea. Let’s remember and honor the victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre, just as soon as Israel ends it’s longtime illegal military occupation of much of Palestine. When a country behaves like a bandit, bad things happen.

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