Senseless Murder of Wicca the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Montreal Leads to Protest – Friday July 27, 2012 UPDATED VIDEO

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CFN –  Thousands are mourning the senseless murder of Wicca, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier became a victim of what happens when Bureaucrats go crazy.

The actual documentation of this case is what makes it most bizarre.  No hospital reports.  No bite marks.  No actual testimony of a bite.  No real process to deal with the incident.  Just the stroke of a pen leading to a death sentence.

If this had been my Dachshund that lunged it most likely would never have come to this poor animal being destroyed at the age of five.

There were options, but for some reason the City of Montreal refused to view them.   Wicca was reviewed by a group and deemed non-anti social.    The City simply refused to consider options in spite of petitions from all across North America.

Owner Chris Papakostas  claims that Wicca was simply startled and defended him.  That Wicca was simply “spooked.”

Would this incident have happened if Wicca was muzzled when outside?   As a Rottie owner myself I’m hyper careful about who I expose my dog to, and what interaction I allow.

In the meanwhile poor Wicca is no more.   Her life snuffed out  because of breed prejudice, ignorance, and a city determined not to listen to the public and consider options.

Technically the by laws are written so that if someone invades your home for example and your dog protects you it could be put down for simply defending its owner.  Does that make sense?

There will be a protest at Place des Arts today in Montreal at 5 PM over the murder of Wicca.   In the meanwhile you can let Montreal know what you think if its behavior.

Here is the contact info:

Please send an email to the Mayor of Montreal Monsieur Gérald Tremblay, telling him what you think of BSL.

Inundate the following e-mails with requests to pardon Wicca:

Ombudsman de Montréal,,,,

Send faxes to 9825 Henri-Bourassa est, Montréal, Qc H1C 1G5 tél: 514.494.2002 fax: 514.494.3180 e-mail:

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  1. Here is a handy link to the story:

    I think we need a speciaized system specifically for animals because they deserve better and more just treatment. I hope that Wicca’s death serves as the impetus for such a movement forward. It seems to me that the cruelty we perpetrate on animals in our society is one of the reasons why our society cannot progress. RIP Wicca.

  2. Here is a copy of a letter I just sent to the Mayor of Montreal:
    Honorable M. le Maire,

    Je suis très déçu de votre décision de supporter la manière que vous avez implémenter un ordre de condamnation au sujet de Wicca. Il me semble que ce n’est pas juste de la faire condamner a la mort puisque elle n’a pas eu la chance de se défendre. Il nous faut un nouveau système de justice envers les animaux qui ne sont pas capable de communiquer ni de se défendre. Je vous implore de prendre une action qui nous redonnerais la confiance en votre leadership au près des membres innocents de notre société.
    Merci de votre écoute.


    Shirley Barr
    Cornwall, Ontario

  3. Honestly, the dog should be put down. Most of you who cry and complain about these issues are either, naive or have never lived life like the rest of us. Yes dogs should not be put in pain or tortured, but if a single dog bites a human that’s the end of the line for that dog to me. People don’t realise that Dogs are not humans, yes they may be mans best friend but they do not understand what is okay and not okay and they should not be fully trusted ever.

    You may think I’m a pigheaded person for saying all of this but come to Australia, live in the outback for a few years and you will see what we use dogs for, not just friends but for work.

    We had a family dog, loved everybody and was the nicest pup you would meet. One day a family member dropped some pizza on the floor and as a young child back then I decided to help pick it up. The dog reverted back to primal instincts with that food and ended up being close to ripping my lips and lower jaw off.

    He attacked 3 times and I was put in hospital with a lot stitches for days.

    You do not ever believe a dog will never harm a person, because you simply cannot make that promise. And if they have already attacked a human it will only be time till it may happen again.

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