Cornwall Ontario CAO Paul Fitzpatrick Gets to Brush Up on his Golf Game on Taxpayer’s Dime – Management Leave until Retirement !

CFN – And the era ends.  As per sources earlier in July, Cornwall Ontario CAO Paul Fitzpatrick is slithering off into the summer on leave sucking thousands of dollars from the city coffers until his retirement kicks in January 31, 2013.   Perhaps “Fitzy” will have time to brush up on his golf game with the likes of Ed Lumley & Judge Bruce MacPhee?

Mayor Kilger released the following on behalf of the City:

The City of Cornwall is beginning the process of planning for the succession of outgoing Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Paul Fitzpatrick.  Mayor Bob Kilger announced in June that Mr. Fitzpatrick would be retiring following a 35 year career in public service. 

“The need to plan for succession in light of retirements and an overall aging workforce is something that every corporation in Canada is facing,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “It is important that we begin working now to ensure that we have a replacement for the CAO.” 

The CAO is a critical liaison between Council and the City staff who provide the day to day services to the community. 

Stephen Alexander has been appointed Acting CAO during this transition period. Mr. Alexander is currently the General Manager of Planning, Parks and Recreation.  Mr. Alexander will perform the day-to-day responsibilities of the CAO position during this transitional period. 

Mr. Fitzpatrick will be on management leave until his official retirement date on January 31, 2013. During this period he will also be taking unused vacation time. His management leave is part of a staged retirement process during which he will continue to be available to the Corporation and will provide assistance on transitional and other issues that may arise. 

One of the key objectives of the transitional process is the recruitment of a new CAO. A report will be on the August 13th Council agenda seeking Council’s approval to begin the recruitment effort. .

Many inside and outside of City Hall have grave concerns about Mr. Fitzpatrick being a part of this process; at least until the secret internal investigation is over.   A new front running name to replace him has surfaced; Ms Debora Daigle, the city’s Manager for Housing and Social Services rumored to be the favorite of Mayor Kilger.

What do you think Cornwallites?   Should the CAO have anything to do with the hiring of his replacement or even more importantly that of the new City Clerk?  Other rumblings are that assistant clerk, Manon Poirier may be passed over to replace the Kilger loving Denise Labelle Gelinas.

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  1. Ah yes, the ruling elites, even the small-time municipal ones, know how to take care of themselves. Tax payers be damned! And what will his pension be once he’s finished his paid leave of absence?
    Let’s hope he’ll be able to afford a decent set of snow tires before winter hits.

  2. “Mr. Fitzpatrick will be on management leave until his official retirement date on January 31, 2013. During this period he will also be taking unused vacation time.”
    That figures out to be 24 weeks of unused vacation pay, could that be correct ?

  3. Ahhh yes! The so called million dollar man is worried about his future and who he is going to chum around with? I don’t think so.
    If he’s smart as he thinks he is and with his friends in high places he should do even better to retire completely without any reservations.
    Have a nice day folks.

  4. What a FXXXXXG loan of BXXXXXXT! Holy Gilles Latour Batman the XXXXr must eat sXXX three meals a day for the garbage that spews from his mouth. Public Service? Just a public servant making a wage while diddling the help.

    In a functional organization the top executive usually helps pick and groom his successor. This backwoods incestuous corporation will perform a weird and inexplicable hiring process like we have seen before. Logic will be lost in the hiring and Mrs. Adams will not be named CAO. Shame.

  5. You realize that (most of) your readers are able to read through the “XXXXX’s” of a censored comment right? Which means there’s no real difference between censored and uncensored.

    Why do you even bother?

    PS – This is how you censor properly:


  6. It’s called get him out before the Donna D. BS comes to light people and it soon will. Well Kilger, will you be on the hook now and finally be a man for the BS you allowed at our expense or will you continue your photo opps thinking people really care? Still want to know how you sleep at night?

  7. And another thing. Mr. Fitz, will you leave a cheque at the front counter please in the amount of $600.00 for the tow bill? Please do it before the door hits you on the way out.

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