Gerry Flaherty of Cornwall Ontario Proud of Quebec Olympic Medal Wins! – July 31, 2012

Dear Sir,

As of July 31 mid-day our Canadian Olympic Team has won four bronze medals in London; the sports include synchronized diving with two medals, and judo and weightlifting.  The latest winners were Antoine Valois-Fortier of Quebec City in judo, and Christine Girard of Rouyn-Noranda in Northwestern Quebec in weightlifting.  All the medal winners so far are Canadians and Quebecers.  Where are Tammy Hart and the handful of bellyachers about French-language services now?  Probably watching the Olympics!


Gerry Flaherty
Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Shame on you Gerry for bringing insults into what is a glorious win for Canada,Yes Gerry they are all Canadians… dufus!!!

  2. Somehow, I think most Canadians don’t give a rat’s bum about how many medals we win at the circus in London. It’s amazing how easily some people are distracted by this BS. Every two years billions of dollars are flushed down the toilet for useless medals awarded to people for doing useless things. I hear that a Canadian team might “medal” for rowing a boat faster than a team from Lower Slobovia! How many millions is that feat going to cost us?

  3. Gerry…..right on man!!!! You are showing true spirit and pride!!!! The nay sayers have nothing good to say about this country and never will!!! Bravo Gerry d’avoir eu le courage de dire ca ici…..LOL (not sure you speak french) **s**

  4. Confused I am-WTH does Tammy Hart & “bellyachers about French language services” have to do with CANADIANS winning medals in the Olympics?

    An obvious case of “stirring the pot”, I’d say…

  5. What kind of crackpot are you making comments like that?!?!?! Right now we are all Canadians. “Tammy Hart and the handful of bellyachers” as you call them, I’m sure are very proud of the medals that are earned from ANY PROVINCE in Canada. Shame on you for bringing language into this!!! No matter how many medals are won by Quebec does not make language discrimination acceptable. Boy you really aren’t very intelligent are you buddy?!!!! It is people like you that cause all this trouble in the first place.

  6. Quebec — strange how life works out — are now our partners covering the Olympics for QMI Agency,

  7. Do you have no shame Mr. Flaherty? How does one corelate some minor olympic medal victories with French language services? Are we to assume that it was because of French language services that we won those medals.?
    Imagine…if we hadn’t given truckloads of money to Quebec, we might not have any medals at this time…better send more money to Quebec.
    And you’d best be careful Mr. Flaherty in underestimating the “handful” of bellyachers. There is much more underlying discontent than you may realize.

  8. Canadian men’s eight rowing team won the silver. Yeah!
    I am so proud of ALL Canadians.

  9. Wow -why is language any issue with CANADIANS winning medals .
    Peaking of trying to divide peoples .
    Quebecers are Canadians as well ,good for them they served their country well.
    I cant believe how low people will go to try and discredit a group ..YOU are not patriotic when you push for division as you have in your article …We are all Canadians take your bias issues somewhere else .

    Canadian and proud of it!

  10. What does French language services have to do with Canadians winning medals? The Games are not over, however, we should look at providing training facilities, no matter where they are, towards the next generation and Games for the good of Canada.

    Maybe this kind of letter is what Mike Bedard’s recent editorial was about!

  11. Eric your right!
    Mike your right -take a look !

  12. What the hell brought language into this? It shouldn’t have been.However now that it is Que. Language laws (FRENCH ONLY ) clearly upset many fair minded people here and rightly so. It’s not just that but there appear to be those persons (Pro French) who are working to bring all that Que. baggage with them, and there in lies the problem many persons are seeing the light of day finally. Have a nice day.

  13. For those of you who are confused and can’t see beyond the surface, let me explain:

    What Gerry was trying to make you see is that we are one big country (including Quebec) and that we should all be proud of any province’s accomplishments. After reading the blogs, it was obvious that most hated Quebec and even went as far as saying they should seperate.

    Now tell me…… can one hate a province, want them to seperate and be proud of them at the same time????? **smile**

  14. Justice for all……you said a mouth full….many are seeing the english agenda for what it really is and what it is trying to do to our country…..

    You too have a nice day!! **smile**

    Tammy love all Canadians……LOL oh ok **s** wondering if that includes Quebec and all the french speaking people in Ontario. If the answer is affirmative……many would have never guessed it…….

  15. Gerry specificall wrote Canadians and Quebecers, that does not mean one group.
    Quebec rarily sees beyond it’s borders, but everyone outside is expected to view it in a certain light.

    I for one, do not hate Quebec. I am underwhelmed that they can get away with some laws and are allowed to have certain extra benefits though.

  16. Great French-English Olympic divide
    By Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun

    LONDON – The crumpled paper was tacked to the wall in the Main Press Centre at the Lillehammer Winter Olympics, a not so gentle reminder that Canada is a country divided, in politics, in culture, and in sport.

    The piece of paper was put up to tease, maybe mock the English language media — or maybe it was put there just to make a point.

    It read: Medals by Quebec … and then a number. Medals by the rest of Canada … followed by a number.

    And the paper stayed on the wall, as a division of sorts between where the English media worked and where the French media were assigned their seats in the Main Press Centre — but more than anything else, it was about bragging rights.

    Well, our friends from Quebec — strange how life works out — are now our partners covering the Olympics for QMI Agency, and they’re taking more than a little pleasure in making sure we’re aware of what’s gone on so far at the London Games. It’s not so much a gentle reminder to them as part of their life. It’s serious. It’s important. And until the next medals are won at the Games, all that those of us who speak Canada’s other language can do is take the ribbing.


    In fairness to this uncomfortable subject, most of us don’t look at it that way. Most of us are don’t care who wins, so long as it’s a Canadian. A medal is a medal is a medal — even when they come in synchronized diving.

    It isn’t that way in Quebec. It is more territorial, more provincial, more about us vs. them, but even more than that, more about them.


    The medals are worth celebrating by Canadians, all Canadians, no matter what the language. We take pleasure in their wins: Will they take pleasure in ours?

  17. yes justice: many are starting to see the bigger picture here!

    Once again why has language dragged into this ?

    I am Canadian first !

  18. Thanks for sharing that bella-b! Unfortunately, that’s the way the “REST OF CANADA” is treated by Quebec. Not only in Olympics, we the rest of Canada have become second class citizens. They are always fed the big bucks and everyone is dancing around them. I for one am disgusted by how they don’t consider the rest of Canada part of the “team”. This is exactly how language is affecting everyone now too with the loss of jobs for the Anglophones…….all for one and none for all!

  19. Low low now that is so damn funny…….LOL “I am disguted on how they don’t consider the rest of Canada as part of the team …..ROFLMAO!!!! What about how you and your group are treating Quebec and running them down to the ground every chance you get and wanting them to seperate…you should become a comedian, you are truly funny!!!!

  20. Opppss forgot

    You expect them to be part of a team…….too funny

  21. Unbelievable! Even this obscene circus going on in London can stir up the endless language animosity going on around here. What’s that airy-fairy “Olympic ideal” about bringing the world together to celebrate athletic accomplishment?

  22. Canada has done well so far in the medal standings….It was the Canadian athletes goal to be in the top 12 countries’ standings. As of earlier today, they were number #11.

    I think they’ve done very well.

  23. Cory, the medal count is meaningless. It’s only an indication of how much each competing country can or is willing to spend on training. China’s budget is unlimited, and the Republic of Moldova’s obviously isn’t. The only pride we can derive from this BS is the pride of how much we can afford to spend on winning medals. In the meantime, in Canada maybe we should be proud that our food-banks are expanding and multiplying way faster than ever.

  24. Quebec peeing on their medals,very territorial !!! A medal is a medal is a medal,Congratulations to all these CANADIAN athletes,very proud of you!!!

  25. Canadian women’s eight rowing team won the silver. Yeah!
    I am so proud of ALL Canadians.

  26. Quebec is over-funded in sport as it is in all other transfers from Ottawa. Keeps them from whining, more.

  27. All that hot air from Gerry is doing is seeding division within our community ….the Government and francophone interest groups already do a great job at this!

  28. concerned…….you forgot the group you are involved with the LFA…….the language whatever whatever…thinking they are doing a good job of seperating the citizens and country.

  29. Oh stella -its the francophone rights groups that create division.
    For had they not pushed sooooo hard in ensuring that French services surpass English services in an predominant English community (80%).
    Say if another minority group pushed for their rights at the loss of french rights -what would you say then?

    In Quebec English is the minority -yet bill 101 exists -if the population is 50% then bilingual signs -in Ontario its 4% .

    Funny how that is -4% have more rights in Ontario then 50% in Quebec!

    But that ETHNOCENTRISM for you !

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