Long Sault Farmer’s Market Report for August 3, 2012 by Reg Coffey

CFN – It was another great day in Long Sault for a farmer’s market. It was again another hot day but the breeze blowing off the river kept us cool enough to enjoy the afternoon. We had two new vendors join us on Friday, one a young produce vendor courtesy of the Summer Company and we had a baker who specializes in cheese cake…… hmmmm cheese cake!!!

Darby Wheeler and sister Hailey

The first new vendor is Farmer’s Food by Darby Wheeler. This company is the product of the Summer Company and of course Darby’s hard work growing and marketing his produce and canned goods. Darby’s sister Hailey was on hand to help and give moral support for Farmer’s Food’s first day in Long Sault.

Karen McManus and her baked goods.

The second new vendor for the Long Sault Market is Karen McManus with her business, Nutcracker’s. As you can see from Karen’s sign in the picture above she offers fine cheesecakes, cupcakes and baked goods. One novel aspect to Karen’s cheesecake is that they are packaged in cupcake cups as individual servings. With Nutcracker’s cheesecake there is no more expectation that you are going to share your cheesecake with your significant other. You can honestly tell them to get their own because there is just enough for yourself.

All the vendors were quite busy on this beautiful day including myself. It seemed that every time I ventured away from my own booth someone would be looking for a cuppa or a package of my fresh roasted coffee beans. That is the only reason why I don’t have any more pictures to show you from day’s market in Long Sault or highlight any of the other excellent products available.

What you should do is get yourself to Long Sault on Friday afternoon from 2 to 6 PM and see for yourself all the great locally grown or locally made products that are available from all the good looking and pleasant vendors. You should try to get there early because the corn and blueberries tend to sell out before closing.

I hope to see you there this coming Friday.

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  1. I was there on Friday. What a great Farmers Market!

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