No English Language Debate for Pauline Marois. Imagine?! Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – August 4, 2012

CFN – You have to love PQ leader Pauline Marois if you want language laws reviewed in Canada.   Official bilingualism has cost our great country billions of dollars since implemention, but what it’s chiefly done is create this special class of civil servant which grossly favours those with a French background.

The question is why?  In Quebec Ms Marois feels quite comfy not bothering to show up for the English leadership debates.  Recently it was reported that Quebecers will have to prove they can speak French before gaining English language services.   Something despicable and punitive especially against the elderly.

If many of what Quebec does to English rights occurred in Canada to Francophone rights could you imagine the outcome?

Maybe it’s time to simply say if this is what the largest French speaking population in Canada feels is best for its language and Culture that the rest of Canada do the same?  If Ms Marois can’t learn English proficiently after 30+ years in Politics why should it matter if a Canadian Prime Minister should speak French unless they are seeking that Francophone vote?    Why should we offer at great cost services in the manner we currently do in remote parts of the country to limited amounts of people at great cost?

With digital translation & communication improving all of the time does it make sense to build French schools in remote locations like the Yukon?

And while Ms Marois and her wacky party may be on the extreme when it comes to language rights the hypocrisy of the Provincial Liberals throwing bones by occasionally supporting small erosions of English rights in Quebec is vomitous.

And yet English culture still survives in Montreal and pockets of Quebec….maybe it’s time to let Francophone culture outside of Quebec sink or swim like the English in Quebec?

I don’t think we’ll see a Premier Marois, but it’s sad to read her quotes and watch the rhetoric during Quebec elections.    It’s sad in many ways to see what Quebec has become; but it’s sadder to see its tentacles reach out and infect the rest of Canada.

I say keep Quebec linguistic politics in Quebec and keep it out of Eastern Ontario and the rest of Canada.   It’s time for Quebecers to make some big decisions, and while most want to be a part of Canada there has to be change within Quebec and how it treats English residents and businesses or some big changes should occur in the rest of Canada.

What do you think my fellow Canadians?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. well, If I could find at least 50 countries that speak french, france and sweden arent dictatorships. I hope your not saying that they are all bad countries. Most of europe isnt either

    I can’t believe this but I agree with some here that pauline marois should speak english. She did take courses and as she explained on ¨tout le monde en parle¨ that it was hard. They asked her questions in english and although she had some difficulty, her basic english got her point across and she gave it a hell of a try. Now that is alot better then some anglos in eastern ontario. Sticking to this plays into the seperatists hands…and will drum up support from her base which is what she needs….now is it enough for her to win.. LEts hope not.!! Even though I dislike charest he’s still is the best thing for Québec ….so far.

  2. Touchez!!!!! Tres bien dit, tu as raison. On ne peux raisonner avec du monde qui ne sont pas raisonable **s**

    Touchez…….BRAVO!!!! Two Thumbs way way up.

  3. Tell me Mr. Chris…..

    How could you say……the interest groups have misled/misinformed people when Galganov sent out phamphlets showing how french can and should be abolished? Are you not affiliated with him?

  4. Well well well…….

    Shall I make my grand reintroduction here!!!

    Back in my hometown of Cornwall Ontario!!!!

    Going to have alot of fun doing some activism with fellow LFA members this week!!!

  5. Thank you Jamie, your article hits the nail on the head. The PQ is a hypocritical racist political party interested only in the welfare of French Quebecers. It demands from English speaking Canadians what itself has always been unwilling to give it’s own provincial minorities. Quebecers and French Canadians in general are certainly not hard done by in Canada. In fact they have been catered to to the point of absurdity. The Francophone minority should not be calling the shots for the entire nation. We have to thank Quebec nationalist Pierre Trudeau’s outrageous social engineering policies for much of this present nonsense. It is time for English Canada to say enough. The tail should not wag the dog! The English language is a necessity in today’s world, French is not. Let French Quebec look after it’s own house and we in the rest of Canada will tend to ours. Official bilingualism only creates division. It is ridiculous that just over twenty percent of Canada’s population located basically in one geographical area of the country should be allowed to force it’s selfish demands on the rest of the nation. These policies do not work for the benefit of most Canadians, and certainly not for those who speak English. They were never meant to.

  6. Some quotes to digest…..

    PET(Pierre Elliot Trudeau):

    “Unilingual Anglophones will be sentenced to a lifetime of job immobility”


    “Quebec can make French the only official language in spite of the Constitution”

  7. @Patrick B ..Peu inquiete… the CAQ (with a former investigator Ducheneaux at the helm) will split the vote between Separatistes and CAQ.. les Libs will squeak by..with a small majority of seats ..or minority… that is free political pundit report for the uninformed about PQ politics…And The US has already done their part to discourage PQ sovereingtistes hopes.. money talks!!investments between PQ,Canada and USA will be fine…. small group of disgruntleds don`t matter in the large scope of things…headlines in all the “REAL” news papers …across Canada..

  8. Author

    Debbie when quoting someone it’s always important to give the source….

  9. Thank you Christopher Cameron. We are with you!!!!

  10. The Fate of Canada now depends on it’s western provinces.We need to awaken them as to what is going on. They need to understand that they are not immune to what is going on in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.It may not effect them now but in another 10 or 20 years they will suffer the same fate. Better to rise up politically now while we all still stand a chance.

    The media is our greatest weapon. Online Sites like the Cornwall Free News are scarce and far between. We need to encourage them and support them so that they do not suffer at the hands of the minority.

    We are witnessing a Democratic country stripped off it’s freedoms bit by bit.

    What we were warned about in ” Bilingual Today, French Tomorrow” can no longer be denied. All we need to do is open our eyes to what has already happened.

  11. To all my wonderful friends, I would like to share this with you all. **s** It will only take a minute of your time and well worth the search. If we could all do this……what a wonderful world it would be. Google “youngblood” then click, get together. You will find it enlightening. For those who choose not to google…..your loss!!!

  12. “Google “youngblood” then click, get together.”

    There is no “get together” to click…so it is still my loss….

  13. Thinking you didn’t google right……others got it

    Worth your while to try again Monkton……and if we could all do that……what a wonderful world we would be living in.

  14. Quebec, please separate. Can’t you tell we don’t want you anyway?

  15. what would Ontario do without the tourism money that QC brings to Eastern Ontario and the other Provinces and vice versa… I do not believe they will ever separate… Quebec needs Canada and Canada needs QC. Montreal is a unique city and so is Quebec city and frankly in Quebec city everyone speaks English to you!!!! (Tourism) There are improvements to be made in QC regarding roads signs etc but once again I repeat NOT ALL FRENCH QUEBECERS FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT SEPARATING ETC.. ONLY A MINORITY.. that is why the PQ has not been in office for a few years

  16. Debbie please give the source of these quotes by Pierre Trudeau.. Best PM we ever had!!

    “Unilingual Anglophones will be sentenced to a lifetime of job immobility”


    “Quebec can make French the only official language in spite of the Constitution”

  17. Jane…..not going to happen……because she can’t find the true source…….probably got it from some youtube guy like most of the other things they come up with…..

  18. jane that was taken out of context…that quote has been repeated and repeated… P.E. Trudeau the best P.m. we ever had.

  19. if you don’t speak french and your english your guilty of not speaking french

    if you don’t speak english and your french your guilty of not speakin english

    In Canada there is only one type of guilty its if you english and don’t speak french

  20. You see the rights of the few trump the rights of the many!

    Canada has been chastised in the past on its approval of bill 101 by the united nations.

    It is clearly more important to placate the small population and discriminate against the remaining 96% in Ontario and 83% in Canada .

    We as a country are a United Nations nightmare -with cultural genocide .

  21. One should question the validity of a PM who implemented the War Measures Act. That Act has the power to castrate the freedoms of a populace for any foreseen reason.

    Sounds to me to be much like ‘Homeland Security’ Canadian style!

  22. ONE THING that NONE of the English people should be lulled into regarding this argument IS…

    The COMPLETE misconception that it is OK to compare “the province of Quebec” with the ROC with regard to these language issues.

    Somehow we have been brainwashed into this asinine concept that we can directly compare these two on the some kind of equal basis, when in fact, THIS IS definitely — NOT THE CASE —

    There are certain FACTS involved here that WE MUST BE AWARE of.

    One of those facts is: Quebec is still “JUST A PROVINCE.”
    Yes, “a PROVINCE…” Does that need to be said or hammered home any more strongly… To Anyone ?

    The ROC. is just that. A country with the C being = to Canada … That’s right…

    A “COUNTRY”… “ Yes, A COUNTRY.” Called Canada.

    And thus, when an English Canadian citizen is in some small town in “the province” of Quebec, that person SHOULD EXPECT that this small town in “the province of Quebec” SHOULD be able (to use a VERY French originating term) to “accommodated” that person in the language of THEEEEEE COUNTRY within which the person still happens to be in: IE CANADA. English dominated CANADA… The country of CANADA…
    – Please remember that. “Country of Canada…”
    Not province.. But, country of Canada.

    A French person going to Toronto is certainly NOT coming from “ANOTHER COUNTRY” and thus the question SHOULD BE …
    WHY should they deserve the same rights in quite the same way?

    The comparison is, and should not be, made
    in the “same way” way at all as it is NOT A VALID COMPARISON.

    Sure, provide services to the French in the Federal system as was intended in the beginning of this debacle but, anything more than that and this idea of comparing “the province of Quebec” to the “COUNTRY of Canada” on a direct one to one basis in insane and completely ridicules.

    Otherwise, the brainwashing has been more effective than I thought.

  23. One thing is for certain here:

    Everytime I have commented that the English young people should move out west for jobs both Stella, Patrick, Le Renard Bleu and les Habitants have never once said for the English young people to stay in their hometowns………

    What does this indicate? Would it be easier for their lingusitic genocide to continue unabated if everyone moved west. Let’s not forget folks that there are also Quebecers moving west for jobs………INTO ONTARIO/Nouveau Quebec! Why not, if this is not the case then, all of the Quebec licence plates in gov’t offices’ parking lots?!

    Stand up befoe it’s too late!

  24. Hello folks,

    Now Madame Mirois wants all businesses with over 10 employees to conduct their business entirely in the French language.

  25. Corey, je ne te crois pas. Tu n’as jamais marié une francophone puisqu’elle ne te laisserait jamais écrire de telles faussetés. Des droits pour plus de 500 000 personnes enlevés parce que tu crois ne pas être embauché à cause que tu ne parles pas le français. Peut_ëtre que ce n’est ça pas le problème ?

  26. Cory for God sake….I have trouble believing by your post you are as educated as you say. Many had to leave their hometown to find betters jobs. Geez…..Cornwall was a blue collar town like in mill town Got that? Many highly educated people had to leave to get a decent job…….way before this language BS started capish???

  27. Patrick….tu as raison, ce n’ait pas le seul probleme. C’est pas dure a voir par ses postes. Some people may be book smart but don’t have alot of common sense……

  28. Hey Stella!

    Much like Obama having to prove he was an American citizen I’m ready to prove to you that I went to and graduated from university…

    I’ll take it one step further though. I’ll even give you my original as I feel the degree isn’t worth the cost of the ink used in printing it!

    Tell me Stella……have you had to move away from your hometown to find work?

    Where are you from……Quebec and if so, what are you doing here anyways?

    Smiling at you wholeheartedly now dearheart!


  29. Patrick, very few are saying to remove rights. Tell us which one(s) you are concerned with.
    I for one would like to help the very few who only speak French, and the very few “bilingual” who actually NEED the service in French. That number in Ontario is a very small percentage of the 4.8% (4.2% before a government definition change in 2009) of Ontario’s population by the way, and the expense is very very real. An expense that stops seniiors from better living, cheaper education and a better quality of life for all.

    I would hope that more people of all backgrounds can put the puzzle of recent changes together to see the bigger picture, and fight against this removal of rights for all to help a very very few.
    That is not my Canada.

  30. Stella :

    You said :Some people may be book smart but don’t have alot of common sense…….
    I see neither in you -but hey your Bilingual !

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