Cornwall Ontario Canadian Women’s National Soccer Star Christina “Corky” Julien Being Deprived of Bronze Medal by FIFA

Christina Julien & Mark Tewkesbury FACEBOOK PHOTO

CFN –  Cornwall area friends and family are heart broken over FIFA’s slippy footing in not awarding Christina “Corky” Julien a bronze medal for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Bronze showing.

Ms Julien, a strong and devoted player in the Olympic program for Canada was chosen as a reserve even though she’d helped the team get its placement in the Olympics.

Even though travelling with the team Ms Julien has yet to receive the nod to get a medal which has angered friends and family.

Corky on Wikipedia acknowledging that she’s part of the 2012 Canadian National Football team.


Her step dad, Cornwall area Para-legal Jim Moak, wrote a letter to Soccer Canada today:


I am being informed that my step daughter is not entitled to a bronze medal. This is utter nonsence. She has been part of the program for several years, contributed to Canada getting to the Olympics, was named as an alternate as PART OF THE OFFICIAL OLYMPIC TEAM AS SHE WAS ALLOWED TO PLAY IF REQUIRED.

You and soccer canada need to get off your duffs and make sure all of the alternates receive the medal they deserve.  SHE WAS A MEMBER OF CANADA OFFICIAL OLYMPIC  TEAM PERIOD and was photographed as such.  I can assure you this family and her friends will not rest until this is  resolved with Christina getting her just rewards. This is not a FIFA decision, this is the Olympics. I await your  written response.


If we have to get Mr. Harper involved so be it. I do not intend any disrespect to Soccer Canada however this is just wrong and Soccer Canada must stand up and be counted for one of its own. 

I spoke with Richard Scott, media attache for Soccer Canada, who said that it was a FIFA decision and that reserves that don’t get called to play are not “officially active”.  (for more on the Canadian team and regulations visit the FIFA site.)  He said that Soccer Canada is investigating on how to get Ms Julien and another player a medal.

From the website.  LINK


Making her Olympic debut this summer in London, Julien has already represented Canada at the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany, where she played 94 minutes in two games.

A 2011 Pan American Games champion, Julien helped Canada at the 2012 Women’s Olympic Qualifying tournament in Vancouver earlier this year, by scoring the first goal of the tournament in what was a 6-0 decision over Haiti.

Julien, who was born in Cornwall, Ontario, started playing Timbits soccer at the age of five, and played four years of NCAA collegiate soccer at James Madison University. She is now currently playing for Jitex BK in Sweden’s Pro League.

Christina and some team mates in a lighter moment.


Christina training for the 2015 FIFA World Cup

What do you think Canadians?  Should reserves get a medal for their team as well?  You can post your comments below.



  1. ..get her a medal..only turn off was seeing them all cry like babies after losing to the U.S. enough with blaming the officials.. this is the Olympics, and they took the loss like rookies..if it were the mens soccer team..would they have thrown themselves on the ground kicking, crying and screaming? ..probably not..completely different game..this team cannot beat the boys under 19 National the end, good for womens soccer…boring for jocks.

  2. People “on call” to come in usually have some kind of recognition. I understand some kind of cut off level, but alternates are part of the team, travelling, practice sessions,meetings and discusions are completed by all, so should be included.

  3. Just give every Canadian a gold medal, and we can all be happy heroes.

  4. Ed, the schools are doing something similar now, they hand out ribbons of participation. The kids know who the fastest, strongest or best bagle eater is, I hope the olympics don’t go that route.

  5. You are right Eric. We are all birth survivors, and therefore heroes.
    Canada (tax payers) spent $106,303,660.00 training our summer Olympians for the London circus with the “Own The Podium” program. That works out to about six million clams for each medal Canada won, and that’s just for that particular program. The actual cost per medal is way beyond that. This Olympic BS is nothing less than obscene when you consider the homelessness and starvation that plagues the world.

  6. The 3 levels of government get more than enough money for all of us to be living better. Government (some more than others)seems to think it is there job to provide government jobs. Well, they should be making conditions right for citizens to create jobs instead of providing solutions by way of more government departments.

  7. This is much bigger than it needs to be.

  8. Typical FIFA crap!!! She is listed as an official member and as such is entitled. Not really a soccer fan before watching the Ladies play there hearts out in the Olympics. but have caught the bug. Just cannot believe that the small minded crooks @ Fifa hold the soccer world hostage. And this assinine, smarmy withholding of a medal that costs maybe 1000.00 is proof that these guys gotta go.
    I was aghast and agape when I read about the open corruption in this disgusting organization.
    And it is an Olympic medal! Why the hell is Fifa involved any way! Play under Fifa rules, yes, but its the IOC that has the medals…then again they are as corrupt as Fifa if not more so…
    The games are an ideal…and the bad guys; cheaters and greedy bastards all, have stolen them from the rest of us.
    And Ferris…the tears after the US loss-debacle was a genuine human moment. Dissappointment is a sign of passion…thank god the women let us all share in that.
    I am sick of the canned statements of politically correct athletes and cowardly coaches silenced by fines and penalties, imposed by governing bodies who are too thin skinned to take criticism from the very people who sweat and toil to make the money that these fat cats are so eager to embezzle. I say cry, scream. yell, swear, pound the ground, kick the dirt!!! BE HUMAN!

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