Letter to the Editor from Chris Cameron RN of Cornwall Ontario – Standing Up for Principles Over CCH Hiring Policy

Chris Cameron chatting with Conservative Wunderkind Eric Duncan

Hi Folks ,

I would like to thank my fellow protesters for standing up for their principles; for their is no greater honour.

To make a stand on what is clearly discriminatory hiring policy and to encourage others to stand up against this social atrocity is our purpose.

Canada has been chastised by the United Nation with regards to language laws on a number of occasions.  But Canada, feeling more SUPERIOR to the most culturally diverse political body the world has ever known – chose to ignore and chastised them for being involved in this Canadian issue!   

We as a group, continue to grow and daily become more determined to advocate/fight for Government accountability in equitable hiring practices.

Many, many Government institutions have used the hiring policy as a political tool that unjustly discriminates against the majority of Canadians.

Therefore we promise to continue advocating for fair hiring practices for ALL through Activism and demonstration at the many provincial as well as federal institutions.

As for Bad government policy one must remember…….
It was not that long ago that excepted policy was……

2-Women were not allowed to vote!
3-Segregation in the United States -(we now have in Canada – French only clinics)!
5-Native assimilation -residential school programs!

In my profession as a Registered Nurse I am to treat all people with the same respect and to advocate for patients in their best interest.
I feel its my duty as well as civic responsibility to advocate for responsible government .  

It is only human nature to take advantage of a situation that benefits an individual or groups of individuals.

As in our Canadian case it is clearly language over merit; but when does MORALITY become part of that equation?

Take care my fellow Canadians,

Christopher Cameron RN 
Cornwall, ON

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  1. To Mike,

    No I will not provide some recommendations to a public forum such as this…..

    Besides I don’t hold office and as such I need not answer a question to which I am asked.

    It is up to the politicians to respond to questions that our group or any group or even the public have in regards to these language policies and how they’re enforced.

    Mike, direct your questions elsewhere. Highlander, do you find it ironic that there are those here that seem to want to ensnare the LFA into some kind of trap? I’m getting that kind of sense to this and the ‘Press Corps’ line of questioning.

  2. Piper……you didn’t answer the question as usual. My question was: How stopping Gov funds for french programs will help anyone find a better job? French will still be required whether you like it or not **smile** It is absurd how the english think they are entitled to more.

    Let me say this piper……Wishful thinking. No matter what happens you will never have the right to dictate nor control, (as much as you would like to) how a company or institution hires their staff…..got that? It’s not your business nor your right.

  3. Jane Doe, what a great link you provided, the speacial interests are amazing. Not, lets help everyone, its Mr. Godin demanding to be served where ever he goes in New Brunswick. Sure it is officially bilingual, however, there is still 60% English that might to want to work too.
    No need for you to comment on shame if you come from and support the unilingual distinct society of Lower Canada that demands everyone else change.

  4. You have proven one thing, Québecs dropout numbers are really high. Virtually the same numbers as manitoba…But your point on 64% francophones is untrue. You know that in parliamentary committees they embellish to prove their point. Just like corys 55%%, Beth Trudeau saying that everyone is leaving west to find good jobs…some lie about immigration numbers…and some think that bilingualism costs trillions and trillions of dollars.

    I’m not going to read the whole parliamentary proceedings you posted. ITs extremely insulting when I read…they are shoving french down our throats…or when someone writes… we should all speak english..its the majority. If you don’t want to learn french don’t. But, to say that to say that everyone should talk the same language, earn the same monies, have the same type of house.
    – someone tried that in the 30s and 40s…didn’t work…almost did though. He blamed every problem in his country on a specific culture…added that the perfect culture should have blond hair. I disagree with him…it seems that some agree…but hey, they are pro freedom of expression..

  5. This reminds me of a similar situation in Canada now and best illistrated by-
    Martin Niemoller 1892-1984
    “First they came for the Comminists and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communists. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unions and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics and I didn`t speak up because I wasn`t a Catholic and I didn`t speak because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.`

  6. Excellent points, Mr. Patrick Boucher. I was this close to stating them myself.

    I am referring in particular to what actually transpires from the documents to which Bud has provided a link. I indeed perused them a little bit myself yesterday and I did not see how their contents could prove any of his points. What is written in them does not seem to prove French speakers or Francophiles wrong either.

  7. Cory,
    I am sorry I answered your questions which you interjected!

    If you can’t recommend one simple solution and if you continue to answer as you did than you should refrain from commenting!

    Remember you asked me a personal question about my own child; that I answered respectfully and you couldn’t even give me the common courtesy of remaining dignified!

    Many people think this group is a bunch of complainers! You have done nothing to prove otherwise……..where as some other members have respectfully!

    I love how your reply leaves the undertone that I have brought you into the conversation and mentioned you. Whereas the truth is I was discussing migration stats very professionally with a few people, sharing information, when you cut in and asked me about my daughter implying I am sending her to an all French school just so she can get a better job and not due to lineage………..HOW INSULTING and NOW THIS!

    Cory Cameron I respect your wish of directing my questions elsewhere since it is very clear you are not capable of answering them!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  8. PS – IF you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen! If you don’t want to answer the public then stop trying to represent the public and stop publicly protesting on our behalf if you can not nor will not be open to comprimise or finding solutions yourself!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  9. MIke… AMEN TO THAT..

  10. Biased ,nice to see mike you are off the fence !

  11. Patrick, sure some people may embellish a point or two, few of us look deeper than a headline anyway and the concept may be there though. The concept that Francophones have few services in eastern Ontario and are hard done by is only a perception shared by some.

  12. Mike…..Thank-you,

    I noticed that you were being very professional in your handling of the language issue and when you proved their stats wrong or questioned their comments, then the mud slinging began.

    I asked this question several times and it hasn’t been answered.

    How will diminshing the Gov funding towards french language help the english find a better job or guarantee them promotions? The funding issue has been brought up ad nausem.

  13. Oh Stella your on government time I do not pay you through my taxes for you to spread propaganda.
    All of us taxpayers do not want our taxes wasted on your trying to defend discriminatory government policies.

  14. concerned……Can’t answer the question……so attack LOL It’s hard to answer questions that you have no anwer for. **smile**

    Patrick/le Renard…….yep, they keep sending youtube sites and other sites to check out, which I don’t take time to look at because anyone can play with numbers that will suit their needs…….just like polls….they all differ.

  15. it is rather elementary my dear (Watson)stellabystarlight.
    By not giving additional funding to institutions that sign on to the French Language Services Act, they do not have to increase the number of “bilingual” people they hire. This allows more money to be used for the actual service, and allows a mix of employees as pre 1986.

  16. I think what we have to keep in mind with this issue is that there are those who really believe in these policies and then there are those who fully realize they’re discriminatory in pratice but support the current situation due to reasons unforeseen……..perhaps political in nature?

    If you’re a politician and you align yourself with a special interest group then you are guaranteed their vote…

    Perhaps this is happening in Eastern Ontario?

  17. Stella, why do you think we “will never have the right to dictate nor control…how a company or institution hires their staff”?

    If the goose can do that, so is the gander **big smile**

  18. Ontario’s bill 101

  19. Big smile…..Read my lips…..it will never happen. For the 1000th time Canada has two official languages and that will never change in your lifetime **smile** Amazing how you all think that you have the power to control and have it all your way. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny ….LOL

    Eric again……the funding to me is not a problem….got that?? You think you will be able to dictate to any organization how and who they must hire……I got news for you……not going to happen. As of ryour other comment, they already have a mix of employees, french and english **smile**

    If you honestly think that the Gov. is going to bow down and adhere to all your demands……you are more foolish then I thought. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus…..**s**

  20. Author

    Stella it simply is about how linguistic needs are met and standards. And yes, the public can consult in one form or the other if they don’t like the arbitrary standards set by the government.

    In the CCH example quite a few people are not happy with the degree that CCH is hiring and promoting “bilingual” staff over unilingual non francophones.

    Personally, speaking for myself, I think there’s a valid issue and I think the hospital has handled it terribly. Madame Periard should resign just as she resigned from the Police Board as much as that cause has been covered up…

  21. Jamie……if you feel they have a legitimate concern with the CCH why do they feel the need to bring Quebec into the equation? Why all the brouhaha about language and the open hatred towards the french? Why did we become the target of their abuse. Is it our fault that they were overlooked?

    In my honest opinion it is a disgrace how they are acting. Like someone said before (won’t say his name) they are discrediting themselves and going about this in the wrong way. If one wants to be taken seriously they must be professionnal in their approach.

  22. Mme. Periard is a brilliant woman and a no nonsense type of person. Give credit where credit is due. She doesn’t have time for the BS and it is definetely not her style.

  23. Thanks Jamie , a voice of reason .

    But Madame Periard how is it that french are tested in New Avenues linguistic center,and the CCH managers are the linguistics
    experts for English?

    How much is CCH given in funding for the implementation and maintenance of French Services Language Act?

    What do you mean Ontario sets the mandate on hiring official bilingualism?

    She was and still is very evasive ,she simply needs to understand she serves the community and not the other way around.

    Politics plays too much a part in Cornwall Community Hospital they should stick to providing health service.

    As per annual report to the Honorable Madeleine Meilleur.
    April1 ,2011 to march31, 2012

    1..3.1 Advantages of designation

    The designation of a agency means a commitment and formal recognition of its ability to provide French language services .It is not a goal in and of itself ,but rather a means of guaranteeing the active and ongoing served.

    Indeed ,designation allows agencies to benifit from legal and political protection under the French Language services act .A designated agency or program provides its supplier with LEGAL IMMUNITY that protects it from CHANGES IN ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CLIMATE.
    Monfort Hospital is the most eloquent example of this ADVANTAGE: It was able to avoid being shut down and broken up precisely because of its designated status .

    “A request for designation ,which is the result of a courageous decision by the board of Directors ,is ,above all,a highly significant political gesture.Status as designated institution confers recognition on two levels ,namely in the socio-politcal and political spheres ,while providing a certain notoriety .Naturally , designation acts as a political and legal SHIELD by providing QUASI-CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION against the potential reduction or discontinuation of programs and services .Finally ,designation has the advantage of promoting budgetary stability .This is an Undeniable fact

    Denis Hubert-Dutrisac, Sudbury

  24. Author

    Stella, maybe, just maybe, the group of protesters are not professional protesters? Maybe they aren’t as skilled in communications as Madame Periard? Maybe they just have a basic point that they have been stone walled on and get frustrated like normal human beings?

    And maybe after all this time they may be working on getting a more slick and professional approach to achieve their goals?

    If someone isn’t an awesome communicator does it lessen the truth of what they are fighting for? I would hope not.

  25. Mr. Gilcig, I really don’t think so. On the contrary, I am of the opinion that the board of directors at the Cornwall Community Hospital has acted as professionally and as honestly as they were supposed to do.

    Furthermore, as far as the front-line staff there is concerned, it does make sense to be sure that all of those who are part of it can serve all patients properly. (Again, we are not talking about the entire staff of the hospital here, far from it; we are only talking, all in all, about a number of staff members.) Due to the makeup of the population of Cornwall, any one of them could very well need to use either French or English, not just English, on any given shift and one cannot always wait until someone who does speak French happens to be available. It takes solid guarantees and one cannot leave it simply to chance. Hence the requirement of being fluent both in English and French as opposed to considering the knowledge of both English and French an asset.

    Also, please, everyone, do not tell me that only two percent of the population of Cornwall actually need French service. I know that the vast majority of French speakers in Cornwall can at least have a conversation in English, which, according to Statistics Canada and the Census, makes them bilingual. They nevertheless have the right to be served in their first language, which happens to have official status in this very country. Remember that, in a moment of distress as illness can prove to be, it is particularly difficult to communicate in any other language than one’s own even if, under normal circumstances, one has no difficulty using it.

    Don’t get me wrong. I wish it were possible to satisfy everybody and hire all trained nurses who have received their education in Cornwall. However, I am afraid that it is not possible. If someone is hired for her or his merit but cannot communicate with many of the patients, who indeed have rights as citizens and as Franco-Ontarians, what good will it be? Besides, it is wrong to accuse the board of directors at CCH of making language more important than merit and education. For one thing, the knowledge of a language is not separate from education; it is part of one’s education. And surely, a bilingual nurse will have sufficient merit apart from the language.

    I really wish to be polite now. Only, if there is one thing that I sincerely cannot stand, it is the half-truths and actual lies that have been circulated by the members of Language Fairness for All.

    I am all for workers’ rights too. However, in this case, those protestors seem to care more about such rights than patients’ rights, which is just wrong. They may say that they indeed wish to fight for patients’ rights by doing what they do, but I do not believe it; as I have just said, it is not true that a bilingual nurse will not have at least sufficient merit in other respects to do her or his job properly and, precisely, in the patients’ interest.

  26. Jamie….they have been proven wrong many many times with their stats. and fabricated stories. Did you not question someone once about something that was posted? You see, that is where people take a stand and things may get ugly. Let’s leave it at that for now.

    Bonne nuit mon ami!!! Sois sage!!!

  27. Hi Jamie,

    To answer your question:

    “If someone isn’t an awesome communicator does it lessen the truth of what they are fighting for? I would hope not.”

    No it doesn’t!….. but if the coommunicator doesn’t have a clear message then how are we suppose to distinguish the “truth”?

    for example……….

    Is the truth as simple as this whole protest was started due to a part-time employee being angered over being passed over for a bmore qualified candidate?


    Would this group or protest/s have ever occured if Mr. Cameron was hired? I think not!

    Does this lessen the truth of what they are fighting for? I would say yes simply do to the nature of which this series of events took place!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  28. Is summary,

    Yes, there is a valid issue…………. but how and who is protesting, due to their personal agendas, weaken the integrity of their position!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  29. You bitch and moan because you’d didn’t get the job. After a while buddy, it gets old. And on top of that, you divulge personal information about your employer and employment environment. Why haven’t you been fired ? It seems to me that everything is to blame but the guy you see in the mirror every morning when you wake up. This is not discrimination, Its just plain LAZINESS ..

  30. I agree to a point with richard. I wouldnt go as far as him being fired, but, a severe reprimand would be in order. If i blasted my employer on a public forum such as this, i’d be looking for work the next day. But I won’t, my boss is the best boss in the world. Smart, genius, intellectual, brilliant, she’s a credit among her peers…. ( I hope she reads this, feel free to edit this out)

    It is a question of individual rights. In Cornwall, Alexandria, Hawkesbury, Ottawa, I should be able to get service in French. Just like mike said, where numbers warrant the service. Not doing it when a need is proven, is discrimination against french speaking individuals. I should ask to be served in french more often but dont through lack of time. In my humble opinion, french services should be improved and promoted.

    Le renard, tu écris très bien. Je t’encourage de continuer à faire la promotion des services en français. Nous t’avons besoin… ne lâche pas.

  31. Mike absolutely right……I have said it before also, had he fought it at the time of the occurence and had he won, the language issue would have died right there. Nope he waited for the famous letter and got people riled to the point of seperating the citizens. It wasn’t fought at the time because discrimination could not be proven.

    I do not agree that they have a valid issue. All it took is one man’s word “discrimination” to blow things out of proportion. Now they are trying to get the entire country involved. What is happening in Quebec should stay in Quebec, let them fight their own battles. The funniest thing is that most who post here for the english cause don’t even live here. So why should they be involved in topics that don’t affect them……like the CCH?

  32. Just the article above written by the french commissioner says it all !
    For government favors you discriminate to get your quota of bilingualism yet FLSA was implemented and rules are “WHERE NUMBERS WARRANT”
    So 100% at the health unit is warranted?
    50 % in a community of 21% is warranted?as CCH
    the lists go on and on.

    Oh mike you are off the fence now and your decision to voice your viewpoints may benefit the 21% but alienate the 79%,but you being a businessman must accept you own decisions .
    I know customers will!

  33. @ Richard Tremblay

    Sir I wake up every day looking proudly in the mirror knowing I stand against something that is wrong.

    “if a law is unjust a man is not only right to disobey it ;
    he is obligated to do so”

    Thomas Jefferson

  34. oh stella

    what happens in Quebec has direct correlation in Ontario.

    French in Ontario is # 10 most spoken language ,yet 624 million wasted on it as well .

    Can you not support your own language or do you need like the welfare check support from the remaining 96%.
    How is it you will not talk of bill 101?

    If you think its “blown out of proportion” wait till the next protest!

    You must understand stella -We as a group did not start this !

    Government pushing bad policy did this! Many were already mad at what is happening .
    You only need to listen to Lowell Green today on 580 CFRA to realize that the population is very,very frustrated with all of this and some have said this may end in CIVIL WAR .

    CIVIL WAR only for the fact the the government is no longer listening to its people, but to only interest groups .

    stella said

    The funniest thing is that most who post here for the english cause don’t even live here. So why should they be involved in topics that don’t affect them……like the CCH?

    Do you not see it stella its about fairness .
    The whole country is becoming unhappy with the Quebec politics-this goes farther then little old Cornwall -its coast to coast .

    Cornwall will be epicenter of stopping federal and provincial discriminatory bilingualism .BRING IT ON!

    We and many others are willing to commit more then any francophone only for the fact that many feel cornered,discriminated against.

    Brockville people said they wont let what happens in Cornwall happen there!

    THIS WILL ONLY GROW-42 years of oppression!

  35. Howard Galganov is a man of integrity & pride.



    The Power Of Demagoguery And Misleading Media have shaped my views by turning them around 180 degrees. I used to be a LIBERAL.

    Demonizing your opponent is a demagoguery that is used by people who otherwise have no legitimate argument. Regrettably, it is a tactic that is far too often successful.

    By making an opponent look like a clown, an extremist, obstructionist and worse of all – A RACIST, one hopes that the legitimate argument is swept away.

    This is a dangerous path used by vocal minorities who want Something-For-Nothing. And want to get into your life by telling you and yours how to live. These are folks who are literally always propped-up with public funds who also depend near exclusively upon the owners of businesses for everything from jobs to welfare.

    For example, to ethnocentric French-Speaking Nationalists in Quebec and Ontario, I’ve been called a linguistic racist and a Francophobe. Neither are true.

    To those appeasing-Anglos who either accept laws that diminish English speakers, or who are too timid to oppose them, I’ve been called a hardliner, an extremist and an Angryphone. All of which are true.

    But none of them on either side have EVER been able to debate me on the REAL issues: NOT ONE OF THEM. Instead, they run and hide behind platitudes and demagoguery.

    Even in Wikipedia, which is a very IFFY Web search engine created by the so-called public at large on “GOOD FAITH”, I’m made out to be some kind of almost-ran who tilts at wind mills.

    So, if you want to know the truth about who I am, and what I stand for, in spite of what the demagogues and a LEFTIST search engine like Wikipedia has to say, here it is in my own words:

    Some Of My Background:

    I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on February 12, 1950.

    My parents were financially poor and family rich.

    Both of them served in uniform during WWII. My dad was a highly decorated soldier who fought throughout Europe, starting with the invasion of Sicily. He was wounded several times during the war, including being wounded at the Battle of Monte Cassino, where he fought on nonetheless. He saw action in Italy, France, the Netherlands (decorated by Queen Wilhelmina), Belgium and Germany.

    My parents were both born in Montreal from Eastern European Immigrants who came to Canada in the second decade of the 1900’s.

    I’ve worked full-time since I was 12 years old. I finished High School in the evening. I attended university (Sir George Williams University – Montreal) at night, until I dropped-out knowing that I would never become a professional.

    I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, owning businesses and employing individuals since I’ve been 18 years old.

    I am the founder of a North American Advertising Agency (since 1978) that has been 100% owned and operated by my beautiful wife Anne since 1996, when I decided to become fully engaged as a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ADVOCATE.

    Anne and I have been married since 1973. We have no children other than our dog, cat and horses, all of whom we consider to be beloved family.

    We live on an Equestrian Center in South Eastern Ontario, 20 minutes from the US Border, which we cross frequently for shopping, dining and specific medical care we cannot get in a timely fashion in Ontario where we live.

    As a CONSERVATIVE RIGHTS ACTIVIST, I have also contributed as best I can to everything from feeding hungry school children, to housing homeless people, and defending abused animals.

    In the mid 1980’s, I created a multimillion dollar campaign in defense of Battered Women within Quebec.

    Highly Listened To Radio Talk-Show Host:

    I was a radio talk-show host in Montreal (1997-1999) on CIQC AM600, where I took on all-comers, especially the Elitists, the Government and the Something-For-Nothing Bunch.

    When I first went on-air for CIQC AM600, they were averaging about 7,000 listeners per every quarter hour tuned during my time slot. By the time I went off-air, that number was over 30,000 and growing.

    The reason I am no longer on the air had everything to do with a sweetheart deal the CRTC (FCC Canadian equivalent) gave to the station owners if they changed their format from Talk, to ALL NEWS with no Talk. This was in fact a ‘gutless’ way to silence my voice in Montreal.

    Canada does not have a Broadcast Fairness Doctrine. Instead, we have a very politically correct LEFTIST CRTC that controls content by renewals of Broadcast license permits.


    In 1996, just after the 1995 Quebec Referendum to separate Quebec from Canada, I formed the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), with which to take on Quebec’s Ethnocentric Nationalists who have made the UNRESTRICTED use of the English Language ILLEGAL.

    QPAC drove the Quebec government to distraction, effectively ending any opportunity for Quebec to hold another referendum to secede from Canada.

    For my troubles, Anne and I lived with armed bodyguards 24/7 for months at a time between 1996 and 1998.

    I‘ve been written-up in Time Magazine, The Economist and far too many other prominent news magazines and newspapers worldwide to count, including active participation on a CBS 60-Minutes feature on the language wars in Quebec.

    In 1996, I was included amongst Canada’s News Makers Of The Year.


    I am a BEST SELLING political author and an author of several books that have sold well throughout Canada and the United States.

    My favorite book that I’ve written is Champion Kharma, a true love story between my wife and her first horse Kharma. I’m presently working on a series of books about our horse family. The first installment of $50 For Grenadier is available as an E-BOOK on Galganov.com along with Champion Kharma & “And The Truth Shall Set You Free.


    The problems with demonizing people like me, not only sends the wrong message and information to people who would rather know the truth, but it comes back to bite the demagogues in the ass BIG TIME.

    People like me will NEVER be beaten down. We will NEVER surrender. We will NEVER be co-opted. And we will NEVER stop.

    More than that . . . people like me do what we do because it is in our DNA. We couldn’t do otherwise even if we wanted to. Get rid of me – and another one just like me will take my place.


    As for my interest in the USA – As America goes . . . so goes the world.

    Also, it is incredibly painful for me to watch a member of our North American Family that has been so good to Canada and the rest of the world take such a beating at the hands of the LEFTIST Something-For-Nothing Bunch, that I can’t just sit back and watch it without trying to do something.

    I will not hesitate to use my voice and writings if they can make a difference, because it’s the least one Member of a Family can do for another.

    Thank you for your interest in the things I write and speak about. And thank you for your comments.

    Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

  36. Définition: Fait de séparer et de traiter un groupe de personnes différemment des autres, souvent de façon moins bonne.
    -That isn’t what is going on here… What is going on is by choice, people are refusing to speak french…which is fine. (for example west island montreal, alot of anglos are refusing to speak french) Although it is your right to not speak french, you still want the right to serve francophone in english and want francophones to reply to you in english. And you want all that in regions where there are thousands of french speaking individuals. There is alot wrong with that!!

  37. I say bring it on, let’s have a civil……yep, even if we kill each who cares at least we will have proven a point.

    I never heard such stupidity in my life……unbelievable. sick…….sick……sick!!!!

  38. Patrice, that isn’t what is going on here… What is going on is by choice, francos are refusing to speak English…which is fine. (for example Cornwall, Ontario, where a huge majority are anglos and all francophones speak English, a lot of francos are refusing to speak English). Just because they want, not because they need, francos demand services in French by “cultural” francos, e.g. by their own tribe. It’s RACIST! And you want all that in English Canada, even in regions where there are hardly any francos. There is a lot wrong with that!!

  39. @ Stella ,

    Oppression is the situation and some feel that civil war is inevitable ,I do not believe this.
    Patrick your homeland will be soon .Daddy must be happy
    Vive la Quebec -freedom for Canada many outside of Quebec will say “its about time the welfare state is gone”,and the country will finally be at peace.

  40. Richard Tremblay…how does one get fired from a job he didn’t get?

  41. Welfare state, these days, economically, Québec is doing better then Ontario. Not silent, I wish I could see your face when you typed your post, must have been hard to keep a hide your smirk, not even you believe the crap you typed. Most francos are bilingual, we only request the service when it comes to the government, and even with that, very jobs are designated bilingual.
    – cory, highlander, not silent, rosie, its raining outside, blame bilingualism.

  42. “Most francos are bilingual, we only request the service when it comes to the government, and even with that, very jobs are designated bilingual.”

    Unless they work at Costco, right??

  43. It couldn’t be any more simply stated than what bell-b typed Patrick.

    ““Most francos are bilingual, we only request the service when it comes to the government, and even with that, very jobs are designated bilingual.”

    Unless they work at Costco, right??

    Do you see where your point of hypocracy lies Patrick?

  44. bella-b…two thumbs up, for your comment. Love it when hypocrisy is exposed, for ALL to see:)

    Methinks, they should take off their blinders now…lolol. Not, that I expect they will…but one can always hope, right?


  45. Patrick, I place an ad on Kijiji in Moncton, NB, in 2009 for someone who could speak French but could also write proficient English. All of the applicants were francophone and with at least high school education and some post-secondary.
    Of the 30 applicants, 27 failed in spelling and grammar. They didn’t even know that they could right click with the mouse to fix their mistakes. This is because they had illiterate francophone teachers and I could only assume that of the three that passed, they knew about the right clicking of the mouse.
    I have also noticed that there have been “0” press releases stating that bilingualism is working in N.B. since 2009. Thanks to the new found “freedom of the press”, false statements (by francophone’s only) to this effect, are immediately challenged.
    As 90% of my advertising business was conducted in front of an English audience, I had no choice but to move my business out of N.B. due to the astonishingly high rate of francophone illiteracy. What I actually encountered in N.B. was an all-out language war. So much for bilingualism period!
    Patrick, if bilingualism was working in N.B. as the francophone’s state, why was there no applications from bilingual Anglophone’s? It is because bilingualism in N.B. is only working for francophone’s.

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