Letter to the Editor from Chris Cameron RN of Cornwall Ontario – Standing Up for Principles Over CCH Hiring Policy

Chris Cameron chatting with Conservative Wunderkind Eric Duncan

Hi Folks ,

I would like to thank my fellow protesters for standing up for their principles; for their is no greater honour.

To make a stand on what is clearly discriminatory hiring policy and to encourage others to stand up against this social atrocity is our purpose.

Canada has been chastised by the United Nation with regards to language laws on a number of occasions.  But Canada, feeling more SUPERIOR to the most culturally diverse political body the world has ever known – chose to ignore and chastised them for being involved in this Canadian issue!   

We as a group, continue to grow and daily become more determined to advocate/fight for Government accountability in equitable hiring practices.

Many, many Government institutions have used the hiring policy as a political tool that unjustly discriminates against the majority of Canadians.

Therefore we promise to continue advocating for fair hiring practices for ALL through Activism and demonstration at the many provincial as well as federal institutions.

As for Bad government policy one must remember…….
It was not that long ago that excepted policy was……

2-Women were not allowed to vote!
3-Segregation in the United States -(we now have in Canada – French only clinics)!
5-Native assimilation -residential school programs!

In my profession as a Registered Nurse I am to treat all people with the same respect and to advocate for patients in their best interest.
I feel its my duty as well as civic responsibility to advocate for responsible government .  

It is only human nature to take advantage of a situation that benefits an individual or groups of individuals.

As in our Canadian case it is clearly language over merit; but when does MORALITY become part of that equation?

Take care my fellow Canadians,

Christopher Cameron RN 
Cornwall, ON

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  1. if there were 10 people and 5 english and 5 french were hired none of this would be going on 50 50 and everyone will be happy
    the end

  2. Patrick you say “How is it that a man that went to school in Québec, took french in school, is not fluently bilingual “. Maybe ask our MP Lauzon, I’m pretty sure I read where he still takes French classes. Now here is a man whose mom came from Quebec and couldn’t speak English, so how is that that he is not fluent in French?

  3. Thank You Colleen McIntosh,

    Can you please show me one government statistic that show our youth moving out west? I can not find anything to prove such comments!

    Look at these population statistics based on growth:

    Ontario and Quebec have combined for a total population growth of 872,400 people from 2007 to 2011.

    BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Sasketchewan have combined for a total population growth of 645,000 people from 2007 to 2011.

    The two largest eastern provinces have grown by 227,400 or 35% more than the 4 largest western provinces according stats can.

    The kicker is that from only 2009 to 2011 the populatio in Ontario and Quebec has grown by 62% more than the big 4 in the west!



    Stick to what is right and do not overembelish because as soon as you make one tremendously fals statement like this you lose a lot of credibility!

    The problem is that an opinion is a judgement not necessarily based on facts and knowledge. Even tough an opinion can be a majority opinion, a fact is what actually occured or is actually the case. Despite what the majority thinks or believes facts are the truth.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  4. Thank you Mike.. I have so had it with the language issues on this site I am over looking all articles on language and not posting any more.. .. If we keep responding to them we are feeding their desires and hatred and BS…
    And what the hell is Galganov doing stirring up language now in Ontario..He left QC with little support left for him!

  5. Mike you said:

    I’ve digested some numbers from this link.

    You need to consider the mass influx of immigration into this :
    The 250,000-400,000 every year that has a huge impact with the lions share in the Toronto area -last time I looked it was near 60% some years .

    Digest this: Will use Ontario and Alberta
    we must take into fact their prospective populations.

    Ontario-pop-12.8 million -1.1 % change (avg)
    Alberta -pop- 3.5 million -2.3 % change (avg)

    Therefore average growth in Ontario is 140,800 pop at 1.1%
    Alberta is 87,500 pop at 2.3 %

    Now considering the 250,000 influx of immigrants of which 60% tend to move to Ontario -metropolitan Toronto area:
    Therefore 150,000 is the net foreign influx in Ontario –
    Yet we have only a growth of 140,000 -where did the other 10,000 migrate to ?

    Go west no opportunities here in Ontario -particularly if you do not speak the second language -the french services language act effects 90% of the population in 25 designated areas.

  6. jules your ride partner was one of the 992 people in Cornwall classified as francophone -why would that person criticize you for having another language ?Is that not ETHNOCENTRIC?

    Ontario will never be classified as bilingual -not for the 4% .
    Quebec has near 10% Anglophones -are they classified bilingual ?(well that another story in itself)

    Language is only a small part of culture :

    Think of this: if one of my parents were french and the other is not -Does that make the Haitian who speaks french -mean they are more french then I ?
    LFA -is fighting for fair government hiring practices ,but it seems others prefer to defer from this and make it to eliminate french language of which every member would not agree to!
    But I guess those that do this have no sound argument otherwise!

  7. Thanks Jane for not showing up.

    Oh by the way Howard Galganov did not start this:

    LFA is its own Identity -what started this was the unfair hiring practiced-do not blame the individual -but the circumstances .

    But when one does not have a sound argument /debate it is better to attack the individual ?

    Hatred? Really -I only see name calling coming from one direction see comment line above!

  8. Thank you Highlander for your post, clarifying the question of population losses and gains!

    As for the likes of Mike Bedard and his slanderous comments…will say that although I disagree with his posts, I was civil and appreciative of his previous opinions. To bad, he was unable to do the same. I quote: “AGAIN I ASK WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR STATS…………AND PLEASE STOP MAKING STATING FALSE INFORMATION TO AID YOUR CAUSE!” and “Stick to what is right and do not overembelish because as soon as you make one tremendously fals statement like this you lose a lot of credibility!

    For poor little Jane Doe, I have some respect for Mike Bedard, at least he actually has the b@@@s to post his name and stand behind his opinions…unlike YOU!

    Quote from Jane Doe…”I have so had it with the language issues on this site I am over looking all articles on language and not posting any more.. .. If we keep responding to them we are feeding their desires and hatred and BS.”

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! No rebuttals to the facts…just I’m taking my toys and going home…:(

    To quote Stella…”ROFLMAO”!

  9. Highlander,

    Again your stats are assumptions. I do not have the time right now but a large number of immigrants come from Vancouver or BC and move inward such as from the Eastern Boarder and over.

    Also, I studied Quantitative Methods in my studies and raising percentages from a smaller base is much easier than from a larger base; first year stuff.

    The fact is that 140 k people is still almost double the 87 k people from Alberta which simply means double the amount of people are added to this base vs. Alberta.

    If Alberta continued to increase by only 87,500 and Ontario by 140,000 then in ten years Ontario will add 1.4 million people vs. Alberta’s 875,000 still a huge number and the annual increase would decrease each year for Ontario.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  10. Re: Colleen,

    I am sorry Colleen but my comments aren’t a direct shot at you but yet a simple request for all to cut out the BS……is that so hard to ask?

    Re: Highlander,

    I compared your stats to those posted and again……they are far from the truth!

    Ontario has increased its population by an average of 145,000 or 1.1% per year from 2007 to 2011.

    Alberta has increased its population by an average of 66,000 or 1.8% per year from 2007 to 2011 and not the 87,500 or the 2.3% as you stated.

    Did you use a different province by accident?

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  11. Highlander ..mike posted where he got his numbers ..your turn ? are they the truth…or are they just made up ?

  12. Oh mike don”t forget the the birth rates -numbers are moving .

    Much is not considered for immigration policies much different in Quebec -and of course there they have their own policies .

    I have met personally many that immigrated through Quebec-after a set period then tend to move to the larger communities in southern Ontario .

    Blame them ?

  13. Net migration out of Ontario 22 ,949 last year alone -how many of
    them because of the second language ?

  14. JaneDoe, Galganov did not start this. Even someone looking quickly will see the clues.

    Official Languages Act, Quebec Bill 101 & 178, Ontario French Language Services Act,Ontario appointing a French Language Commissioner, City of Ottawa Language policy,Ontario adding language zones, Ontario changing the definition of Francophone, Russell Township Council not happy that 71% of business have bilingual signs and push a bylaw.

    Seems like mucho resources eh!

  15. If at first you don’t succeed, lie, embellish, fabricate. Kinda reminds me of stephen harper… he couldnt win on his own so what does he do, slander the character of his opponents, or he pays companies to call canadians…and say, the polling station has been changed…

  16. What does bill 101 have to do with how we run things in Ontario ? I agree with patboucher, galganov is just un brasseur de merde. Maybe his mom didn’t give him enough hugs as a child.

  17. Yep…..keep throwing them numbers around, you may convince the most gullible. The numbers change all the time……and what they claim differ depending who is posting….LOL Real convincing…..**s**

    Yep Patrick….similar to what Obama is doing also…..fabricates and lies and attacks the opponent….. we know the feeling.

    Eric……your radical activist leader started this way before you guys ever knew him and let me tell you he suffered a drastic defeat in trying to stir the pot in Cornwall. When he seen how desperate you guys were and how desparetely he needed funds to help pay his court cost of course he came forward……he’s no fool. Then you guys having no clue what to do or how to go about things jumped on his offer…….LMAO!!!! Qui se ressemble, s’assemble.

  18. Bill 101 has much to do in Ontario-now can our workers go there?
    Mass migration from Quebec -more then 50% of anglophones have moved out and more to leave soon!

    Look at the video from 60 min – that explains it all -maybe 60 min needs a revision on this situation and come and see what has happened over the years .

    If you honestly think that Quebec treats its minority well …you are truly blinded to your faith in your language….yes ALL OF THIS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH QUEBEC POLITICS.

    Galganov is one of many groups who will fight for equality .

    The more the separatist show their EHTNOCENTRISM the more they alienate themselves from the rest of Canada ,keep it coming PQ -that 40% of the population -The world is watching your ETHNOCENTRIC beliefs.

    Meanwhile all those corporations get ready the trucks -plan b .
    Mass Exodus corporations do not like to get nationalized !

    Plan b Gatineau and Hull will become like Washington and be an-
    axed and be a separate entity.
    Plan b

    Ruports land that 2/3 owned by the cree with stay in the rest of Canada -since it was given on the condition of confederation .

    So quebec will be a state sorounded by the rest of Canada .

    It would be a strip 650 miles by 100 miles above the north shore !

    BRING IT ON let them pay for themselves .Cut that cancerous appendage it has already cost more to Canadians then they think!

  19. Yes please, yes separate -lets get Canadians proud of being Canadian again .
    Quebec does not consider Canada as their country but are willing to take the majority of the redistribution to prop up their social agenda -THOSE COUNTLESS BILLIONS OVER THE 42 YEARS .



  20. Highlander can you please show me where you get your stats from? As I posted earlier if this is true it only aids your cause however most of us believe that yourself and the FLSA statements of people moving out west due to language issues is unfounded………Can you please prove me wrong with facts instead of opinion?

    Also, Mrs. Trudeau claimed on Sun News that federal jobs in the west require people to be bilingual then within a minute she claims everyone (such as you stated) is moving out west because of the forced bilingualism here in the East…………………….


    Get your story straight!!! This group has something to fight for but can’t seem to stay focuses!!!! My comments are meant to help prepare you to overcome objections! If you can overcome most/all objections then you will reach your goal quicker.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  21. I think it is both Mike.
    When the tightrope walker hit the Canadian side of Niagara Falls this year, the Customs Agent said, Welcome to Canada, bonjour. One word, not spoken overly well, is part of the perceptation change across Canada, Media, signage, web sites and advertising along with increasing numbers of job ads, do show BILINGUALISM BEING FORCED NATIONWIDE.
    Because more and more jobs in eastern Ontario & NB have been relabled bilingual, PEOPLE are MOVING OUT WEST Due TO THE FORCED BILINGUALISM IN THE EAST .

    I will try and find some numbers, but fighting perception is increasingly becoming true as the reality shows its self.

  22. question mike :
    Do you believe that bill 101 benefits society ?
    Do you believe that it is all right to violate freedom of expression and government to dictate what goes on your business signs ?

    Net migration 22,949 -you provided the website -look it up !

    mike you said as well:

    As I posted earlier if this is true it only aids your cause however most of us believe that yourself and the FLSA statements of people moving out west due to language issues is unfounded…

    As you are saying most of us I am to assume you are a group of people and you are speaking for those people by saying -most of us ?

    What group is it you belong to?Or is it mostly you ?
    who are you representing with this?

    Thank you


  23. I was reading an article this morning where First Nation teachers have to take a two year course at Queens before being able to become a qualified teacher. Some travel 20 hours for a two week course. One teacher said she acquired enough skills now and wants to furthur her education. The french teachers also had to pass a french course. Are they pounding the pavement, crying in their beer and trying to fight the system. NOPE…

    That is called determination. With determination and will power one can move mountains. Rather then complaining they did what had to be done to get ahead in life…..which is what responsible people do.

  24. Oh mike :

    Please get your facts right -the group is called LFA.-Language Fairness for All.

    The oppressive language barrier in Ontario is called :
    FLSA -french services language act .

    Many friends and family affected by this oppressive language law.
    96 % of Ontario are limited with those SWEET government jobs .
    Why is it the 4% are to only have access to those jobs ?
    How ELITE .
    Perhaps an Ontario bill 101 needs to be implemented ?
    Or is that only fair in Quebec where 10 % of the people are anglophones .
    Yes Quebec has 250% more Anglos then Ontario’s has Franco-phones as a percentage -yet 50 million spent in Quebec on bilingualism
    ,Ontario spends(624 million) near 1200 % more on bilingualism whats going on here ?
    That’s because Quebec believes in one language only -and THE REST OF CANADA BETTER LEARN IT!

  25. Stella your at work now -my tax $$$ does not pay for your propaganda -you know why YOU got the job .Say it !

    B I L I N G U A L I S M -That’s why YOU are there!!

    Does the government advocate through you ,being that your on the JOB to push your viewpoints?
    Or ARE YOU COMMUNICATING what those government institutions want?

  26. You certainly love to tell stories stella.


  27. lowlow at least I don’t make up stories, embellish them and lie to try and make them believable **smile**

    Piper……don’t be jealous now, like most french people do, we worked hard to get where we are and admire those who took the initiative to better themselves **s**

  28. Re: Highlander,

    Here are some stats for you. Look carefully and you will see that Ontario and Quebec only accounts for less than half of the inter-provincial migrants into Alberta and BC.

    Actually more people migrate from BC to Alberta or West to West rather than from the East to East.

    I truely believe people migrate West due to the lack of jobs period and not because of language.

    Also did you now Chinese accounts for 38% of the mother tongue in Vancouver. One can argue that there totall immigration obviously comes from the west and not the east based on this one fact alone………no?


    I do not believe in Bill 101 (a Parti Quebecoise – seperatist bill). I do not believe that government should dictate which language I should do business in!

    However, I love my home! The Vancouver Olympics did such a wonderful job making us proud to be Canadian such a short time ago! When I say “we” I simply mean those debating against some of the FLA positions…….I do not represent any group just myself!

    RE: Concerned citizen 2,

    Sorry for the error on the FLA vs. FLSA …slip of the tongue! I mean no disrespect but enjoy intelligent debate rather then childish name calling that has been seen to often.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  29. Re: Concerned Citizen 2,

    Here is a link to the Fraser Instutes Report. http://www.fraserinstitute.org/uploadedFiles/fraser-ca/Content/research-news/research/publications/official-language-policies-of-canadian-provinces.pdf

    The report focuses on the spending on education………..Are stating we are simply spending too much on education?????????

    I don’t even think that most of the FLA realize that the numbers reflect mainly the cost French Schools!!!

    If this cost wasn’t spent on French schools then it would be spent on English schools! Yes, there would be some savings but honestly does it really matter???? NO it doesn’t!!!

    Here is an idea…………in BC all services including legal are performed in English and are not required to offer French services…..however, translators are readily available!!!

    Maybe this should be an angle that the FLA looks at. Keep in mind adding translators vs. Bilingual staff would cost more!!!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  30. Author

    Mike having a digital call centre in government offices across Canada would probably cost less than demanding staff be fully bilingual. The amount of true need would probably be a lot smaller than most people think.

  31. Hello Admin…have been saying the same thing. Completely and totally agree with your suggestion, re: call centres.

    We should have 24/7 toll free lines for language translation needs, across Canada. Think of the time, monies and efforts wasted on enforcing bilingual hiring across Canada. We could provide free translation, say the top ten languages in Canada, for all sectors…not just Federal Government.

    This would better serve all Canadians and be much more cost effective, in terms of taxpayers “bang for the buck”!

  32. Admin, your welcome for getting credit for my idea..lol..just kidding its cool!

    I think it would be a great idea for most cases but once you think of it in health care than maybe not so……here is why!

    Do you think Nurses, Doctors or anyone dealing with direct health care would be paid less due to their inability to speak French………..No, I wouldn’t think so…….nor should they be paid or given special privileges,correct? OK, well now we need a certified translator!!!! That’s an additional cost!

    The comment was wether to hire translators not ensure another nurse could double task…………..which would make that nurse a Bilingual Nurse!!!!

    The idea of translators would work. However, we still ensure english is spoken first in all parts of Canada except Quebec being French which in my mind is fair!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  33. For quarterly stats up to early 2012, try this link. You can pick in or out migration among others.

    Call centers are a great idea, one in Nova Scotia and BC would cover the time zones and provide extended hours of operation for those in between. A smaller operation in Quebec or NB would respond in French, and by paying fewer bilingual bonus checks and reduced language training costs, it could be cheaper.

  34. This was posted on Cornwall freeholder ‘ letter to the editor’

    Regulation retaliation

    The Official Languages Commissioner is acting like an imbecile, and a dangerous one at that. The situation in Canada is the gravest since the World Wars when thousands of Canadians, including French-speaking ones, paid the supreme price defending the freedoms of all Canadians, and many still will do.

    Many Canadians are not aware of the root cause of the never-ending language issue and wonder why the French/English divide still continues. In 1912, Ontario premier James Whitney dealt with the issue by introducing Regulation 17 which made English the official language of education and restricted French to the first two years of elementary school. In 1913 it was changed slightly to allow one hour of French teaching a day.

    The reaction in Quebec was angry. Ontario was accused of being intolerant and not holding to the spirit of Confederation which they saw as a partnership of the two cultural, linguistic groups.

    Regulation 17 was also evidence of a disregard for minority rights by the dominant group. Space doesn’t allow the full story here (google Regulation 17). It’s quite simple: What goes around, comes around and it’s now too late for forgiveness or reconciliation. Perhaps we can now understand why Pauline Marois says, “Thanks, but no thanks, Canada!” And the retaliation in 2012 for injustices in 1912, an impatient 100 years later, will cost us our country.

    Robert G. Sheehan-Gauthier


  35. Hi Highlander,

    I agree with the large majority of what you write but respectfully disagree on occation.

    I agree with your post above accept if I want to send my child to an all french school and their is enough people with the same believes as me in my community than where is the harm in having all french schools?

    Their isn’t….here in Cornwall the French Catholic and English Catholic Schools are amongst the best and so many people are proud of their french heritage here and everywhere.

    DID YOU KNOW???….(found this on Wikipedia)

    “Although deeply rooted Canadians express a deep attachment to their ethnic identity, most English-speaking Canadians of British or Canadian ancestry generally cannot trace their ancestry as far back in Canada as French-speakers.

    As a result, their identification with their ethnicity is weaker: for example, only 50% of third generation “Canadians” strongly identify as such, bringing down the overall average. The survey report notes that 80% of Canadians whose families had been in Canada for three or more generations reported “Canadian and provincial or regional ethnic identities”.

    These identities include French New World ancestries such as “Québécois” (37% of Quebec population), “Acadian” (6% of Atlantic provinces).”

    In other words French people hold a deeper pride of their culture as oppose to British ancestry and this adds to the great divide!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  36. Mike the question is though is such:

    Are you sending your children to a French school due to ancestral/linguistic lineage


    Are you sending your child to a French school due to
    the very real possibility that if you don’t, they might not have a chance to have a good job.

    I can honestly tell you that there are many many parents out there who have truly felt that they have had or currently have no control nor say over their children’s educational future. And as such have succumbed to sending their children to an immersion or all French school not out of the desire to necessarily do so for innate reasons but the NEED to do so in order to give them a fighting chance because of this society’s push towards all things French.

  37. – succumbed to sending their children to an immersion or all French school…
    (je note un ton d’amertume dans cette phrase)
    – Its all frustrating cause we do get along. Francophones aren’t favored for anything, if at all they have to work twice as hard. And some are saying that it’s harder for anglos to learn french then it is for francos to learn english. Well if I was anglo I’d be insulted.
    -Admin, digital call centers don’t work well. With bell Canada for example, Émilie, the digital call center makes mistake after mistake. I often hear her asking me to repeat, or say ¨Si je biens compris dites oui¨ This is kinda like your idea about using technology to translate instead of a hiring a person that is bilingual. Give francophones IPADS and hire a unilingual anglo. In my opinion that is ridiculous.

  38. vous parlez comme si la langue française est un virus que vous ne voulez pas attrapez… je vous assure que si vous vous donnez la peine..ce ne sera pas un virus, mais plutôt un épanouissement culturel qui vous sera bénéfique.

  39. @ Mike Bedard

    Bilingual employees are paid more. Federally and I am sure provincially as well. Hospitals?…you bet!

  40. Corey…what you should be asking Mike, is if this fairy tale of saving his language is more important than his children getting a good proper education and preparing them globally.

    Francophones have a substantially higher illiteracy rate than english speakers in Canada. In New Brunswick it is 64%.

    And Patrick….we are not insulted at all. Quebec has the highest high school drop out ratio in the country and the francophone children are coming out illiterate. One should be asking whether it is worth it.

    If they can’t learn the language after twelve years of intense french, francized in kindergarten and spoken to in french at home it is no wonder the english speaking children only come out with an intermediate from french immersion.

    Remember one has to read and write in most jobs.

  41. Bud, if at first you don’t succeed, lie lie again… 64%, students coming out illiterate, and Québec does not have the highest school drop out. PROVE YOUR NUMBERS.

  42. In my opinion, 24/7 toll free call centers would work extremely well. That way, services could be provided in a multitude of minority languages. Otherwise, translator or interpreter services could be utilized as needed. The benefits of this type of service provision and cost effectiveness, can NOT be ignored any longer. Translators/Interpreters are in the business of “translating” languages; therefore, there is no real need for bilingual services, outside of Government Offices. Federal services are already bilingual, all other services should NOT be mandated as bilingual required.

    The difference is really between what the French, “want vs need”!!! There is no need for bilingual services, that is warranted, in Ontario, for a 2% linguistic minority. Same would hold true for the ROC, for a mere 3% French minority.

    Truth be told, that in the ROC, outside of Quebec, French is a minority language. Translation of this hard and bitter truth for the French, is that virtually all services are in English, only. If, you are not willing to accept that fact or truth, then YOU have the problem! Really fail to see, why the English majority in the ROC should be on the hook for the provision of bilingual services/costs. All, because the minority was or is unwilling to speak/operate in English. A good case in point is Quebec, as the majority is French, they see no need to accommodate the English minority. Attitude is: Your in Quebec and we speak French, right!

    The example of services in hospitals, is a good one. All hospitals have interpreters and translators, available for many minority language groups. This model works and could be implemented, for many different industries. The model would also benefit many different minority languages groups, in Canada. Examples are: Mandarin/Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and German to name just a few.

    Bilingual services, should be provided WHERE numbers warrant, only! Problem is that this has not been defined, yet. What percentage of French, is a reasonable amount needed to “off set” the astronomical costs, involved in providing that service? Should we follow Quebec’s example and conclude that 50% of the minority language population, is correct or appropriate? Who is responsible for the provision of French services? Should the French, be responsible for paying for said translation services? Certainly, it’s clear that the English majority, is paying the lion share of those costs and expenses, now!

    I would like to point out that the English majority is picking up the tab, with no benefit to themselves. How long should this be allowed to continue? Is it really sustainable in the long term? Is the provision of bilingual services, a cost or expense, that ALL Canadians wish to be financially responsible for? Would hazard my own guess, that the answer would be a reasoning, NO!

    Where does it end…first it was Federal then: Provincial, Municipal, Hospitals, Airports, Trains, Post Offices, Hotels and the list goes on…where does this madness stop? Now, it’s private industries and businesses are expected to provide bilingual services. If, there is an obvious demand…then services would be provided.

    Lastly, do you really think that the janitors, cleaning staff and gardeners (at Government Offices) really “need” to be bilingual…cause if you do, then I think it’s clear this divisive police of linguistic discrimination (Official Bilingualism) has clearly gone much much too far!!!

    Let’s have a National Referendum on Official Bilingualism and let the domino’s fall where they may!

    Final notes: These are rhetorical questions, only! My thoughts for today:)

  43. OMG Cory…….what don’t you understand…..Canada has two official languages. Any parent who denies or refuses to allow their child to learn french is doing them a disservice. Isn’t that what you are all complaining about?

    Oh so tired….of course they would be paid better…..more qualifications **s**

    Colleen……even if the Gov would stop giving money for french education, which would make you all very happy, do you honestly think that you would be guaranteed employment? I will answer that for you…..”NO” and here is why. If an institution decides they want french employees, that is exactly who they will hire. Even if the french language funds cease……it won’t give you the right to control or dictate who gets hired. Then what? The only thing that may change is the funding. SO…..What will you all lament about then?

  44. Funds are just that, language in a country that has two official language is part of our culture.

    Supposing the CCH for example still feels after this is all over and done with, that there is still a need for french personnel. Do you not think that they will continue to hire french as they see fit…..you’re darn right they will and there won’t be a damn thing you could do about it. Chris himself claims he couldn’t LOL So…..can someone please tell me how will stoping funds for french language help you find a better job…..just wondering **s**

  45. Re: Cory Cameron,

    Do you really believe I would send my daughter to an All French school is I was not capable or I believe the proper term may be “willing” to speak french to my daughter.

    Do you honestly think that there are many children who attend all French schools in Cornwall who do not have atlease one French speaking or bilingual parent?

    It is an advantage for children to speak french and a hard fact that you will have to accept is that the private sector values bilingual employees just as much as the public sector does.

    Are you not fighting for Fair Language for “All”? Why can’t I have my tax dollars go to French education? Should that not be my right?

    I am trying very hard to stay informed of your groups actions. However, your group needs to come up with clear solutions to the problems you protest.

    Can you metion some recommendations that your group has brought forward?

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  46. If you read the whole article in the link posted here by Bud I think you might have a better understanding of the French speaking folks and their problems .. Some of you are so prejudiced it is not funny anymore.. Shame on you Eastern Ontario folks.. and it would be better to mind your own business about QC.. It is not your business what they do there it is up to the English folks to work it out themselves..


    Someone posted the ntario General Hospital’s codwe of behavior to their patients.. I did enjoy that and a lot was abotu speaking ot the patient in his language French or English.. and that is how it should be…

  47. Stella we have 2 languages yes -one is grossly supported by thge taxpayer at 2.4 billion+ every year-many other intrinsic cost not counted.
    You see Stella 50% bilingual is still above the 23% in the community.
    What justifies a company to do that -oh yes that’s right its not a private company -they would be in financial dire to put policies as such besides ,the law suits for not hiring the best individual .

    This fall the second reading for the Ontario legislation -with regards to 2800 signed petition .Many other plans the group has with CCH.

    They have it coming to them for discrimination .

    Oh this is far from being done with -this is just the start!


  48. Mike Bedard says – Why can’t I have my tax dollars go to French education? Should that not be my right?

    You can direct school taxes to a Board I believe. Many English taxpayers would be estatic if each of us would be allowed to complete a checklist of sorts, so we could put our tax dollars to programs important to each person.

    Funding for many programs, many in French, would dry up! I don’t take the bus, off the checklist for example.

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