Peanut Polo Cup Fund Raiser at the Augusta Polo Club (Brockville Ontario) Sunday August 26, 2012


  1. Great Ad, wonderful fund raiser and Fun Raiser too.

  2. Love the ad,,great fundraiser..hope they have much success

  3. Great ad! This is such a worthy cause, and so much fun for so little cost!

  4. I remember spending 150.00 to go see the Grand Prix in Montreal. I never really saw much, the placed stank like an oil pit and the noise was unforgiving.

    For 10 bucks , a super day out in the coiuntry, seeing the beautiful horses, cheering them on with a glass of wine, is money far better spent and it certainly was more memorable too 🙂

  5. Author

    If you’ve never seen Polo up close it’s amazing. What a great cause and great opportunity for a family day of fun!

  6. What a great cause! I hope everyone comes out for a day of fun and excitement.

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