Which Version of the Truffles Burger Bar Commercial Do You Prefer? August 17, 2012 CORNWALL ONTARIO

CFN – What a blast we had shooting the Truffles Burger Bar commercials!     It’s amazing to work with talented people.  For me the creative process is what it’s all about and working with the great Kevin Lamoureux of KAV Productions is always super.

However part of the process can be having “Creative differences”.

We shot two versions of the Truffles Burger Bar commercial and decided to let you the viewers have a say on which should be the official one!

Both are in 1080 DPI so you can up the quality on You Tube or watch it on your 70″ TV.

Here’s the first.

And now here’s the second.

Special thanks to our helpers; Joel, Cortney, Rachel, and all the Truffles staff!

So which version do you prefer?  You can post your comment below and of course you can always visit Truffles Burger Bar at 155 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario!

613 933 9112

And on Facebook!

You know you want it!



  1. Me thinks you have a branding issue here….
    Is it the best Burger Bar
    the best Night Spot

    Cant be both !!!!!

  2. Author

    Why not Gerry?

  3. The ads are good! And Truffles’ venue and burgers look fantastic!

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