Will the Anglo Vote Impact this Quebec Provincial Election? August 24, 2012

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CFN – How valid is the Non-Francophone vote in this upcoming Quebec Provincial election?  Long time a bastion of the Liberal Party; mostly because there really were no other options for vastly Federalist Anglophones are those votes enough to still make an impact?

With the CAC party winning some Anglo support in spite of its leader being a long time allegedly former Separatist the bigger question is if there simply are enough Anglos in Quebec to impact the election?

While Montreal is still the power base for the Liberals will François Legault and the CAC chip away enough from Mr. Charest’s support to allow the PQ to slip up the middle?

Yesterday the Liberals threw some bones to Anglos visiting some West Island ridings and the numbers are still volatile.   With Quebec voting NDP in the Federal election it’s been surprising to see the PQ’s early polling numbers.

threehundredeight.com numbers from August 22 actually show the Liberals winning.

So does the Anglo vote still matter in Quebec and how do you think Ms Marois will do at the finish line?

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  1. Even threehundredeight.com is reporting that this is likely to be a rogue poll. The one in twenty in which the poll is accurate 19 times out of 20. The Liberals are not doing that well at all. The CAQ is siphoning votes from both the PLQ and the PQ while, up until today, Francoise David has been stealing support from the PQ. Unfortunately they made some announcements today that will probably erode their growth in support.

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