Alkaline Entertainment Announces Brooks & Dunn Tribute Concert at The Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario – September 22, 2012

Port Theatre owner Glenn McGillivray

CFN –  Glenn McGillivray, known as “The Grouch” by many long time patrons of the struggling Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario was smiling Friday as Jeff Brunet and his new team member, former Councilor and Musician Mark A MacDonald held a press conference to announce their second live musical event at the venerable theatre.

The next Alkaline Entertainment presentation will be a Brooks & Dunn tribute which will include local band, The Butlers.   Mr. MacDonald stated that it was support and inclusion for local bands that clinched his support for the project!    The concert will be Saturday September 22, 2012.  More details to follow!

The theatre, which celebrated its 70th anniversary this past Boxing Day, is at an interesting crossroads.  With the major studios about to go full digital the theatre will need a new projection system that could cost as much as $100,000.    This year they finally fixed the roof and have patched the ceiling.

New paint and life thanks to a group of supporters and volunteers has a new energy to the theatre, but the biggest question this scribbler has is why the City of Cornwall isn’t doing more to help save this heritage site.

Smiths Falls recently saw its theatre shuttered and communities across Ontario have lost their theatres.   The Capital Theatre; a gorgeous building was felled in Cornwall and there is a window of opportunity to ensure that the Port has its place preserved as part of the heritage and culture of Cornwall.

If Cornwall can find $100,000 per year to help St. Lawrence College maintain its auditorium why not show some love to the Port?

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