Premier Marois? Numbers projecting PQ Win in September 4th Quebec Provincial Election

CFN – Tuesday the future of Canada will most likely be decided with the Province of Quebec on the precipice of voting in the Separatist Parti Quebec and booting long time Premier Jean Charest who looks to be about to lose his riding and see his career end with a bang short of a miracle at this point.

The PQ are looking at either a minority or slim majority in la belle province which has non-Francophones wondering if it’s time to leave like thousands of others before them. Poll numbers below.

The climate has changed dramatically since the 1995 referendum.   Many in the Rest of Canada would like to see Quebec leave and I think one of the reasons the Harper government is being so quiet is because deep down this is something they’ve been rooting for.

Dealing with a PQ government is something that can only play well for Mr. Harper.  Thomas Mulcair doesn’t have the platform to really fight the PQ and the Liberals are looking like toast day by day.  Even the rumbles of Justin Trudeau becoming leader don’t seem to be tipping their fortunes.   Mr. Harper will be playing hard ball with Ms Marois should she win on the 4th.

The one thing that has become crystal clear this election is that the Anglophone vote has lost any real clout that it once had with all three parties pandering to restrictive language policies more than ever.

September 4th looks like it will be the day that will change Canada as we know it forever.  Looks like Cornwall Ontario will be about to get a boost to our economy and the amount of former Montreal residents living here soon!

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  1. Administrator…believe you are right on the money, with this one!

    As indicated previously, Rest of Canada (ROC) will benefit from the exodus of refugees (both English and French), including businesses and corporate head offices.

    Think that PM Harper should provide funding/support services to these refugees, to assist with their smooth relocation to ROC!

    Thankfully, they will all be welcomed in…in any language:)

  2. Cornwall will soon be bulging at the seams & hopefully Harper will help them relocate…Welcome…we will treat you better!!!

  3. All this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The further right that the federal government becomes, the less the Quebeckers can relate to the ROC. Now we have a thinly disguised version of the Alberta-based Reform Party with majority power in Ottawa. Should be interesting times ahead.

  4. Really let’s get this done have a referendum ,if they it doesn,t pass and they choose to stay in Canada -then sign the constitution or dont get those transfer payments.
    That and have a referendum to see if Canada wants Quebec?
    You see both can play that game but Quebec loses either way!

  5. This article and the several comments are simply alarmist nonsense. Quebecers have had nine years of Charest and are fed up, just like Ontarians are with Dalton and his Liberals. The day after Rene Levesque was elected Premier of a Parti Quebecois government about 40 years ago, cartoonist Aislin in The Gazette had a drawing of Levesque who was saying “okay, everybody take a Valium.” For years Quebec polls have shown that residents of that province wanting independence cannot get over the 30 per cent level; I know several Francophones in Valleyfield who are voting PQ because they want a better provincial government.
    Everybody take a Valium!

  6. Author

    The alarmist nonsense Gerry comes from Ms Marois herself and the positions she’s advocated during this election. I have a hunch that this victory will be very different than Mr. Levesques…

  7. It all depends on whether the PQ gets a majority and just how nuts Ms. Marois really is. Quebec will suffer financially if too much attention is direct to separation. They were warned early in the campaign and they heeded the warning, but what will happen after they are elected?

    Are they so focused on separation that they would ignore the impact on their economy? Only time will tell.

  8. Whether or not a referendum for separation is on the cards, Mme Marois’ stand for arts & culture and the environment, and against Harper’s right-wing militarism and punitive bills on law and order and incarceration may resonate very well with the ROC.

  9. @Gerry Flaherty Re: September 3, 2012 at 9:48 am POST
    Gerry said, “Simply alarmist nonsense … ”
    Your right. No more. We are off the Valium… Of course they don’t want to separate… Why would the residents of that “province” share Marois dream of separation? After all, (in the parts of Quebec near Ottawa) many (if not most) of their great benefit, good paying jobs are in the government of the province of Ontario. For them, it would be a loose loose situation to actually put their money where their mouth is. They like it this way, they get to have “the province” of Quebec as their own little “French only” enclave in North America, complete with it’s fascists laws that keep the English in check. PLUS, they have the best of the pick of jobs outside the province of Quebec AND (as if that were not enough) equalization payments (which are manipulated – @marker 10:53 of this video ) to boot which are subsidized by the very 90% English Canadian citizens she passes laws against.
    Holy mother of the good lord. How have the English allowed this to go on for so long.
    Yup, we’re off the valium now and can clearly see what is going on. There is no use carrying on for 10 more years (as suggested by the CAQ) so they can get more Federal highways and government buildings built on our dime which would make it more feasible for them to separate at that more opportune time. We MUST begin the process to STOP (arrêt) this debacle RIGHT NOW.
    As the main article at the top of this forum say’s: “The climate has changed dramatically since the 1995 referendum. Many in the Rest of Canada would like to see Quebec leave.”
    We are tired of being taken advantage of. What’s that old expression, “tired of getting F*%#%ed without the kiss.”

  10. @PJ Robertson Re September 3, 2012 at 12:01 pm POST

    PJ wrote, “Whether or not a referendum for separation is on the cards, Mme Marois’ stand for arts & culture and the environment, and against Harper’s right-wing militarism and punitive bills on law and order and incarceration may resonate very well with the ROC.”

    Yes well, being more Liberal minded myself I agree with you on the basic idea but, what we REALLY NEED in this country is a Liberal minded party that does not cater to and sell this country out to the French like the Liberals have done at every turn for the past 40 years (and btw, also now what the NDP will likely do also if given half the chance).

  11. Gerry”This article and the several comments are simply alarmist nonsense.”

    You are not seeing the bigger picture here -this is just one news media !
    Many, many through the country are expressing their views and frankly……if we keep the same path it does not bode well for our great Country .
    Gerry the electronic pulse of the country is a telling situation ,people are no longer happy paying privileges to province that spits the country.

    If we continue the path we are going and the Government continues not to listen to its people in favor of pandering to Quebec,civil war WILL be inevitable.

    Sign the constitution Quebec or no transfer payments -it would be like watching a fish flounder out of water.

    There is a DAILY growing discontentment in this country ,with Morois getting in trust me it will only alienate the rest of Canada .

    So any guesses people when that civil war starts?

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