8,884,901 Reasons Why You Should Be Seen on The Cornwall Free News! September 1, 2012

CFN –  I love the Fall.   It’s all about colours.   Apples, harvest time, back to school, and everyone ramping up after the long hot summer.

It’s also the time to have your business, service, event, or organization noticed and there is no better value or place for you to accomplish your goals than on the Cornwall Free News, the number one Canadian ranked media outlet in Eastern Ontario with over 1 million page views per month!

It’s also important when you consider where to allocate your marketing and ad dollars where those viewers are from.   We’re very proud that our Intensely LOCAL focus has succeeded with over 75% of our viewers coming from the Toronto to Montreal corridor.

Our Top 20 Cities for the Last 30 Days (via our Google Analytics) 

1)  Cornwall Ontario where over 70% of our traffic are return users!

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Don Mills

6) Cooksville

7) Kingston

8.) Windsor

9) Prescott

10) Hawkesbury

11) Morrisburg

12) Bethesda Maryland USA

13) Richmond

14) Calgary

15) Moncton

16) Mississauga

17) New York NY

18) Carp

19) Brockville

20) Hamilton

Top Canadian Ranked Media for Eastern Ontario (via Alexa.com)

1)  The Cornwall Free News #13 in Cornwall over all website rank!

2) thewhig.com (Kingston)

3) Standard-freeholder.com

4)  theCornwalldaily.com (corus radio Cornwall)

5) recorder.ca (Brockville)

6)  Cornwallseawaynews.com ( Trans Con)

Over 85% of our Top 20 traffic comes from Ontario – Can you get any more INTENSELY LOCAL?

Call the Cornwall Free News for your Banner Ad, TV Commercial, or other creative ways to get your message out to Ontario!

613 361 1755

or call Don Smith at 613 932 8952


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  1. Congratulations!!! on your success. We keep coming back to CFN because we know that you will give us what we want…..and that is the tell it like it is TRUTH!!!
    Also good luck getting Seaway T V up & running with more & more local content that can be enjoyed by all & not just those with cable. Hopefully soon we can be rid of our mayor & most of his henchmen who continue to bully & cost us taxpayers $$$$
    Keep up the good fight!!!
    Remember the fable about the fly in the milk who would not quit struggling til it had churned a pad of butter to get up on

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