Bye Bye Mon Cowboy – Charest Loses Quebec – Losing in Sherbrooke – Real Estate Numbers SKY HIGH in Cornwall Ontario 9:40 PM

CFN –  It was a short election, but not a surprising one.   As of 9:40 PM tonight Mr. Charest looks to have lost his own riding and his government as PQ leader Pauline Marois becomes the first Woman Premier of the Province of Quebec.

She’s predicted to pull in 58 seats, 5 short of a majority which makes CAQ leader François Legault the potential Kingmaker.

Vote splitting and complaints of election issues could see several recounts as many of the seats were closely contested.

We will be updating this story.

Here in Cornwall Ontario I spoke with Penny Rudderham of  the local Royal LePage real estate office who shared that sales in this border city of nearly 50,000 were up a near record 8% for August  and 14% year over year with listings down 11%.  In other words a very hot market!

This election result just may heat things up even more!

It should be interesting to see what the morning holds for Quebecers and Canadians!

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  1. Does this open up Jean for a run at the federal liberal party?

  2. Author

    methinks not – for one he was a Federal Conservative and secondly he’s just lost his own riding? How attractive is that?

  3. Also, who would vote for him? He ran an incredibly corrupt provincial government.

  4. It’s almost funny. I lived in Lennoxville when Charest was first elected to the federal parliament (under Mulroney). The local PQ party worked very hard to get him elected.

    As an Anglo who left Quebec to its own devices many years ago, I can’t honestly speak of Charest as Premier, but I can say that as an MP he did a better than average job.

  5. Career politicians are the problem with this country,
    vote any independent in and we stand a chance of
    regaining control of our local communities these people are
    far worse than you or me because they represent the party before
    you the citizen.
    Think about it political parties represent corporations first, accountability never- hello.
    Have fun in Florida Jean with those big fat pensions….
    Oh and one more thing lower tuition which enhances our quality of living will be going up under the new team one way or another.
    Deflation to the rich and inflation to the poor middle class again.
    Bonjour ha.

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