Big Losers in Quebec Election Are Anglophones – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – September 4, 2012

CFN –  With rumblings of tonight’s election giving Pauline Marois a government of some sort the biggest losers will be Anglophone Quebecers.

Ms. Marois and her party have already stated some very punitive actions to come in a PQ government, but even if only a minority government surely the limits will be pushed on the language issue as a cat and mouse political game would ensure until the next election.

Short of pulling an upset victory this should spell the end of Jean Charest’s political career which leaves a gap and opportunity for the Provincial Liberals.  Likewise it looks like the CAC will be doing better than they probably thought which means what’s next for the party who could be a King or Queen maker.   Anyone remember Rodrigue Biron?

Bottom line is that Quebec will be embroiled in the politics that have hurt it for over forty years; the politics of language.  Instead of fixing highways the province will be burning bridges with its neighbors.

How do you think the election will finish?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Stella,

    Apologizing to Patrick in french doesn’t seem quite fair to any one else, does it? Especially not the poster you insulted. You speak with such authority, and yet now it comes to light that you have no clue? Shouldn’t your apology be directed towards edudyorlik? It was that him/her that you chose to berate, not Patrick.

  2. @bella-b RE: September 7, 2012 at 5:26 am POST

    Bella-b said, “Excellent post edud!
    Unfortunately Stella does not click on links.”

    Firstly, thanks. It’s always a good feeling to be recognized, don’t you agree?
    And secondly. Stella doesn’t click on links? Oh my… It’s no darn wonder she is so misinformed. I don’t imagine she reads newspapers either considering some of the things she says. Also, notice how it took “one of her own” before she would admit and realize she was indeed wrong? PLUS — Notice how she say’s, “opps I erred” and excuses herself in French to Patrick but isn’t big enough to excuse herself directly to me for saying that I was the one that was (in big bold print) WRONG. Maybe she is the one that needs lessons or lectures. Maybe in manners perhaps… Wha ha ha ha …

    @Cory RE: September 7, 2012 at 7:20 am POST
    You are right Cory. We shouldn’t bother. The only reason I counter what these misinformed French zealots say in these forums is so that new readers or those who are not familiar with all the facts but are looking for REAL answers and REAL information don’t only get the one sided skewed, odd propaganda views of these back woods folk on here as the complete package of information. I feel it’s important to offer that balance. Otherwise some may walk away believing the crap these narrow minded folks are spewing. I tend to not get caught up in the numbers game however because, as far as I am concerned, at this stage of “the game” —

    considering how the French powers that be inside that “province” of Quebec have no problem blatantly doing things like restricting the English language and passing laws that make Canadian citizens second class citizens in their own country and also considering we could use that money for hospitals etc etc etc

    — one dollar spent on this ridicules effort is one damn dollar too much. That being said, I am glad there are those who do counter those numbers posts as well just to set the record straight.

    Hope everyone sent their letter to Harper. He NEEDS to hear from all of us on this issue.

    Have a great day all.

    And remember, each and every time French Quebec separatists place demands on the ROC and “our” government it diminishes the health and prosperity of this great nation just THAT MUCH MORE. It’s time… Oui cest le temps a dire bye bye… Essayer de faire ce que vous faites maintenant, sans nous le reste du Canada and see how quick you realize you HAD IT WELL… (translation : It’s time now to go. Try and do what you do now without us the ROC and see how quick you realize you HAD IT WELL… ).

    PS: Thanks P. Boucher for setting Stella straight on THE FACTS.

  3. @bella-b
    Smile. Thanks for standing up for my honor. I had not seen your last post until after i posted my last post 🙂

  4. Cory….that is a GREAT idea!!!! Perhaps then we can have peace of mind. I certainly hope you follow through with this this time because to be honest with you……it’s a lost cause.

    Bottom line is, you can b&tch and chew all you want, even start a civil war, “THIS COUNTRY HAS TWO OFFICIAL LANGUAGES” so get used to it. If you honestly think that your group can run this country, dictate how gov. funds should be distributed and enforce your rules……you are more naive then I thought. Until you are an elected official and even then……you haven’t got the authority nor the power to control the nation….c’est tu claire? Si tu as besoin de l’aide a comprendre, ca me ferais plaisir de l’expliquer d’avanatge. **s**

  5. See that bella-b.

    Stella was right back posting and spewing more one sided poopie poop 🙂 while all the while acting as if she didn’t even see the posts about how she was the one that was wrong and had to be told so by one of her own. Just like she does with cold hard FACTS. She ignores them completely and pretends they just don’t exist. Must be interesting living life in a bubble such as this where everything that is happening is happening right between her own ears ONLY eh? ;-o

  6. true story! LOL

    I’ve been waiting a long time for her to apologize to me. She’s big on insults, small on apologies. Must be a lonely life. I’m not holding my breath. You probably shouldn’t either. lol


  7. Stella,

    Don’t comment to something that wasn’t directed at you.
    I’m only dedicating one to two lines to you now.

  8. She defends language rights with a passion…good for her. Should She check the facts before, maybe ? But she erred …this may surprise you guys but, maybe ounce or twice in the last 10 years, I may have possibly, if I really really think about it, erred ounce or twice. At the most..

    Most of you chose to live your life unilingual, GOOD FOR YOU. I think what pisses stella off is, she can express herself in both official languages and by your reasoning that means you don’t have to. Courtesy…when courtesy is only one sided…frustrating.

  9. The problem Patrick, is that she uses french when she wants to insult someone. I’ve got google, I could insult you in japanese if I wanted to, but I chose not to insult people in any language.

    And being wrong or mistaken isn’t a sin, but when one realizes their error they usually apologize, not ignore and throw in another insult or two. In fact an apology in any language is better than another insult don’t you think?

    To err is human, to forgive is divine. To err and be a big tool about it, is just being a big tool!
    Errar es humano, perdonar es divino. Errar y ser una gran herramienta es simplemente ser una gran herramienta!

  10. Patrick…..I erred, big deal…..I can’t be right all the time **s**

    Not frustated one bit Patrick, it takes much more then this to frustrate me… me on that one. It’s to the point it is “humorously” ridiculous.

    Hmmmm, I thought this was an open forum where one can discuss the issues at hand. Didn’t know we had a new adm.

  11. That’s interesting Patrick. You argue personal issues exactly the same way you argue the French issue. Meaning you COMPLETELY ignored the actual main elements of the argument by pussy footing around it. Well done. At least you’re consistent. You went on about how Stella this, and how Stella that while THE WHOLE THING WAS actually about the fact that she was COMPLETELY wrong and called me out with that oh so familiar superior confidence she seems to have while obviously not being well versed in, and often WRONG and misguided about whatever she is arguing. PLUS, she didn’t even address her apology to the right person, ME. That’s what this was about.

    Now, before you get all hissy pissy. Let it be known that I could care less if she apologized. I repeat. I COULD CARE LESS IF SHE APOLOGIZED. Lord knows I have been wrong once or twice in my life also. It would actually be much more satisfying if she actually had some realization that NO ONE is trying to do away with the French. We are simply trying to point out that the French do things like open French only clinics in Ontario while at the VERY SAME TIME they make it so that even the thought of opening an English only clinic in the “province” of Quebec is not only TOTALLY impossible but, it goes even further than that and they make it so that the English language itself is outlawed in that province. As far as I am aware, no one has outlawed the French language in Ontario or anywhere outside the province of Quebec for that matter. As a matter of fact we have a situation where by the minority French are dictating the rules for the majority English outside of Quebec. ANYONE who cannot see this as a complete injustice is either A) totally self absorbed and living life between their own two ears or, B) lying to themselves about reality. And, I strongly add… The excuse of “protecting” the French culture and language is a VERY poor excuse to outlaw another culture and language. If that shoe were on the other foot you folk would be screaming blue murder.

    Have a nice day eh… 🙂

  12. She defends it like a religion,we request equality with representation by population.,we defend this on rights for all.

  13. Good afternoon yorlik…..hope you are doing well **s**

    You say no one is trying to do away with french? What about galganov’s pamphlet? Does it not say how and why french should be abolished? Just asking……

    As for english only clinics in Quebec… need for them in Quebec because the nurses are bilingual. With alll the different ethnic groups in the larger cities, I guess it is safe to say that all get served and understood no matter what language they speak in Quebec, otherwise, they would be dying left and right if they were not understood. One never hears about problems with health care in Quebec because of a language issue.

    However in Cornwall, that is an entire different story. Why do you think the CCH hospital was asking for french nurses? There was a need. The french clinic is not taking any new patients, what does that indicate? They need to be served in the language they feel most comfortable with and that they fully understand, especially when it comes their health.

    Marois said “english rights will be fully protected” What don’t you understand? Why not wait and see? For now, take the woman at her word, trust that she will do the right thing or is this too much to ask?

  14. Stella, I told you I would no longer waste any more of my time on you and your misinformed rhetoric about things like how Marois said she would protect English rights while previously saying she would make Anti English Bill 101 stronger. This is what is called a “contradiction in terms” or as some say, “talking out of both sides of her mouth” and it seems that is a trait among your side of things.
    Your method of deduction is flawed and your arguments are uneducated.
    Saying one thing does not automatically mean the opposite is the answer.

    IE: The students were protesting =equals= their tuition fees are the highest in the country. NOT TRUE.
    As you have learned now… One side of this does not automatically mean the other side is true. And despite how you we were WRONG and you admit it, the added little “comprends tu? As tu besoin des lessons de lecture” as if YOU were “the educated one” and it was me that needed to be schooled in some way added that much more negative impact to the fact that it was YOU that was WRONG. So, as you see it was not that you were wrong that was the important part, it was “what you said” and how you added the “extra” jab at the end. Most would have apologized simply for adding that part. However, it was un-expected from the likes of yourself.

    This is all similar to your latest spew re: hospitals in the “Province” of Quebec.

    I guess it is safe to say that all get served and understood no matter what language they speak in Quebec =equals= otherwise, they would be dying left and right if they were not understood. NOT TRUE.

    See the similarities? Again, one side of your argument DOES NOT automatically produce the result of the other side as you should have learned by now.

    I have personally dealt with this issue in a hospital and in a nursing home in Quebec and I can tell you first hand that they have no problem telling you to your face, “we do not have to speak English here.”

    Anyway, passion is a good thing yes but, unless you wish to grow up and are willing to admit to some of the truths that CANNOT be dismissed about this issue while carrying on a useful (shesh, I almost wrote intelligent) debate about ALL the elements involved then I would ask that you please refrain from addressing me directly because you and your inept, un thought out, un-researched and ridicules arguments and questions are
    — in four words, NOT WORTH MY TIME… comprends tu? —

    Oh yes, please remember one VERY IMPORTANT thing. You constantly compare the ROC (a country) to Quebec, HOWEVER… Quebec is STILL “JUST” (a “province.”) For that reason, these two are NOT comparable on this level.

    Oh and, have a nice day “eh…” edudyorlik…. A proud Canadian.

  15. ONE WORD

    R E F E. R. E. N. D U M

  16. Oh and, as for Mr. Galganov. I admire him for standing up for the English cause but we share few other other political or other values. Also, i have never seen this pamphlet of which you speak. My understanding from everything he has said is that IT DOES NOT wish to abolish the French it is simply a push for fairness and equity.

  17. Edudyorlic, are you not bored answering same old, same old BS emanating from stella? Canadians are waking up in droves to the Trudeau’s bilingualism con job. Stella and her ilk are circling their wagons around in web forums in vain hope to hose off the Anglo raging fire.

  18. THought this might interest someone, this is someone I found on facebook that really isnt a fan of pauline marois. And I do Believe his facts are true. Here is just a snippet of his post
    ¨Je me souviens est la devise du Québec et le PQ aime bien se servir de cette devise…:

    Je me souviens de Pauline qui a scrappé le systeme de santé en sacrant prématurément plus de 15 000 employés de la santé a la porte dont plus de 4 000 infirmier(es).
    – So she let go 15 000 employees in the health field in QUébec. No wonder its in shambles.

    Je me souviens de Pauline
    qui s’est fait changé sa toilette pour une toilette “surement en or’ pour la modique somme de 80 000$ au frais des contribuables.
    – She had a toilet changed in her bathroom for one that was …a bit more expensive… 80 000 thousand dollars paid for by the tax payers…

    Je me souviens de n 2006 disait ne plus avoir le coeur pour la politique et démissionne de la vie politique et encaisse un joli cheque de départ de 150 000$ payé par les contribuables.
    – In 2006, she said she no longer had her heart into politics…cashed a 150 000 severance check…and retired… and now she s back.

    SCREW language…she should not have been elected in the first place. DAMNIT. QUebecers really dropped the ball on the one. The only thing I agree with her is the need to protect the french language…maybe not the only thing but the most important…

  19. @woken up long ago RE: September 8, 2012 at 7:38 pm POST
    Woke up long ago wrote:
    “Stella and her ilk are circling their wagons around in web forums in vain hoping to hose off the Anglo raging fire.”

    LOL. Hahaha. That was good, and so true.

    And yes, i am done with lady starlight. It’s not really worth it. Intelligent reasoning is something i believe she has not evolved into yet.
    But hey, we all have to start somewhere eh ?

  20. Thank-you yorlik…..when you don’t like what you read, you degrade, bash and get in the personal attack mode. Know what? What you think of me does not matter to me whatsoever. People like you are TMs. When truths are brought out you attack the person, just like you did to a few others. But unlike them…..I will continue to post **smile**

    You know damn well know what galganov’s pamphlet says….quit the BS. As for researching… I said before, anyone can find what they want to prove their point, and like I said before any idiot can make a you tube video to try to convince people that what they are saying is gospel truth. Do all the research you want, but when it comes to the language issue, your arguments and videos are not convincing…..

    Something that comes straight from the heart means more then your rhetoric and BS. If degrading others makes you feel like a real man, makes you feel above others and makes you think you are right….then you have much more serious problems then language issues.

    Adm……just responding to the insults.

  21. “Something that comes straight from the heart means more then your rhetoric and BS.”

    Hearts have been know to be wrong Stella! lol hearts don’t know how to read.

    Knowledge is power.


    “…when you don’t like what you read, you degrade, bash and get in the personal attack mode.
    When truths are brought out you attack the person,…”

    Looking in the mirror are we?


    “If degrading others makes you feel like a real man, makes you feel above others and makes you think you are right….then you have much more serious problems then language issues.”

    Everything I know about posting on message boards/blogs/media outlets, I’ve learned from you. You are a bright and shining example of everything that is wrong with anonymous posting.


    French or English, the language really doesn’t matter. It is the sentiment behind the words themselves. Both languages can be used for good or evil, love or hate. It is the power of words that everyone should be more mindful of, lest we spread violence and hatred that can lead to no good on either side.

    I know my words make no difference to the haters. Some folks aren’t happy unless they are proving they are better than someone else. Louder is righter, and if there’s something to be had, the more you have, the better you are than those who have not.

    Love your neighbour, and treat others the way you want to be treated. You get back what you give out, so be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

  22. “Something that comes straight from the heart means more then your rhetoric and BS. If degrading others makes you feel like a real man, makes you feel above others and makes you think you are right….then you have much more serious problems then language issues.”

    Wow typical stella -cant answer with reasoning therefore attack the individual -People see your propaganda!

    You see stella the more you write the more you help our cause as others see the “french extremist ” attitude in Ontario .

    edudyorlik said:

    And yes, i am done with lady starlight. It’s not really worth it. Intelligent reasoning is something i believe she has not evolved into yet.

    Well said edudyorlik there is no reasoning when one is only willing to listen to oneself.

  23. woken up long ago:

    You are not alone ,many out there with same views ,perhaps they too can come out of “the closet” too.

  24. Standing up for rights should not make you feel “shamed”.

  25. @belle-b and Highlander. Many great comments which are SOOO true. Only thing i would add is this… I keep seeing this statement from lady starlight.

    “Any idiot can make a you tube video.”

    But yet, I never see any of her videos. Has anyone else ever seen any of those quality Stella video’s lurking around? After all, since “any idiot can make one,” I am sure lady starlight is beyond that and could easily put together a vid or two. NOT !!! I have a feeling it’s one of those things that she has NO CLUE how to do and as a result, it causes a huge frustration to see that OTHERS CAN. 😛

    Anyways, back to the topic of the letter that started this forum. The Anglophone/English will indeed be the big losers as a result of Marois being in but, we can turn this into something that is more to our advantage. Once she begins her crusade to strengthen bill 101 it is imperative that we use her own attack as our ammunition to push for, as Highlander previously mentioned, “a referendum” in this country. We, the majority must awaken and put pressure on our elected (especially federal) leaders to re-think this idea of universal bilingualism which exists at the completely un-necessary level it exists right now. They need to be made aware that we, as the majority tax payers, are fed up of paying for something that only serves to make life difficult for us. This is why it is important that we spread the word to others outside of this forum (Friends, family, and even strangers) to make them aware. Perhaps even a push for our own bill 101 type law in Ontario as a push back.

    Another area that I believe could use some attention from the majority English of this country is the media. I believe we should demand more accountability from our media and media personnel. Whenever a major federal politician like Bob Rea is interviewed by someone (Don Martin – in this case) there should be much more accountability for Mr. Rea’s responses. He should not be able to blow off serious questions about the majority English speaking people of this country without being challenged to explain what he means by “well, that’s just the way it is” when referring to, as Don Martin calls them/us, “the 5 out of 6 Canadians.” We somehow need to make the media aware that these types of “just because” responses are no longer acceptable in reference to the majority of the tax paying citizens of this country. After all, these blasé types of responses would not be acceptable if they pertained to other touchy subjects like women’s issues, or native issues, or even for that matter, issues regarding the French. Those topics would not be blown off with such frivolity as politicians are aware that people would send letters, complain and be outraged if they were to respond with such little respect regarding THOSE topics.

    And, whenever they do respond with such little respect for “OUR” side and “OUR” issues, I believe it is imperative that both the politician and the media person doing the interview need to receiving letters and others types of feedback from us to make them aware that this is no longer acceptable. . They NEED to KNOW that it is not acceptable to spew these types of answers that show such little respect for us, the English majority tax paying citizens of this country. Plus, our media need know that they MUST push back with serious rebukes to those kinds of frivolous off the cuff “standard answer phrases” at the very moment at which they are faced with them during those interviews.

  26. Well said edudyorlik.

    There is very little accountability in Government anymore ,It is better to sit on the fence then make a stand for fear of a loss of a FEW votes.

  27. Yes, that’s right Highlander but there is a way to move towards a sense of more accountability and that is to call out the politicians as well as the news people that interview these politicians.
    It may not seem like it would be effective on the surface but, if at every turn when the English majority see these injustices like politicians not being accountable to the majority of this country we called them on it, (just like the French do) I believe it would have a cumulative effect in so far as they would begin to act and react with the knowledge that they MUST keep the rights and concerns of our group in mind when they do address these issue in those public forums.
    A simple e-mail, fax or voice message saying, “I saw that interview and wish to inform you that your response was not acceptable. As the majority English speaking tax payers of this country we deserve a more respectful in depth answer than what you gave on such n such a show or such n such a newscast.” Then, another call, fax or e-mail to the news person that did the interview saying something like, “you need to have challenged Mr. so n so more fervently on his or her position regarding that issue. We the majority tax paying citizens of this country deserve a more respectful and meaningful response from Mr. so n so and we count on your to be the conduit for us in that realm.”

    This call to action must be passed around to all those on our side of this issue so that it can then be more of an “on the spot reactive response” rather than what we are seeing now which is more of an apathetic, “oh well, there’s nothing we can do anyways,” type of response. And, let’s face it, that type of apathetic response accomplishes NOTHING and does not further the cause in ANY way. As Colleen pointed out in an earlier post. “We must take a page out of their playbook and start using those same tactics ourselves.”

    Remember, change often occurs as a result of just one person having the fortitude and courage to take that first step which if witnessed by others can lead to a wave of people who then find themselves with the strength to act as well. Think of Rosa Parks (the Black woman who refused to move to the back of the bus.) One little action at a time that, like a snowball rolling down a hill, can grow to an all encompassing wave of change. Which we are all well aware, is something that is desperately needed RIGHT NOW.

    Pssst, pass it on 

  28. Patrick said:

    SCREW language…she should not have been elected in the first place. DAMNIT. QUebecers really dropped the ball on the one. The only thing I agree with her is the need to protect the french language…maybe not the only thing but the most important…

    Little confused are you? First screw language then you said that you agree with protecting french -which one is it -then post election said you were happy to see her in ?????
    Daddies little boy is conflicted -where does your values “lie”.

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