Pauline Marois Starts Off With a Bang – The Politics of Hate – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

CFN–  It was a campaign of strong rhetoric from PQ leader Pauline Marois.   With just over 30% of the popular vote she earned a minority government and had her first assassination attempt all in one night marring the success of having Quebec’s first female Premier.

Hate politics are not new or unique to Quebec.  They usually come in tough economic times, but always have an impact and effect with the public.

More anecdotes are coming to light of people being attacked for speaking English.

I had that happen to myself while living in Quebec years ago and while rare instances they are usually shrugged off as meaningless, but when you’re born in a place and told that you aren’t one of “them” enough it get’s weird.

 Video of the Shot

Richard Henry Bain, nabbed as the alleged shooter shouted.

“the English are rising up,” and “there’s going to be fu***ng  payback.”

Quebec needs to talk and listen more.  Yell and scream less.  We need politics that unite people and work together all across the world.  The politics of hate and intolerance have a history of only one thing; suffering and blood.

Man Yelled at for Speaking English in Montreal!

This is the slippery slope.  This is what happens when you institutionalize injustice.   This is what happens when you ignore the charter and wiggle under the “not withstanding” clause.

When people lose their faith in the integrity of justice and fairness they make up rules as they go.  When others tolerate them chaos breaks out like cracks in a dam with little trickles until towns get washed away.

At some point Quebec has to make some big decisions.   The good news is that Quebecer’s didn’t so much vote for Ms Marois and her policies as they did more to chuck out Jean Charest.

Even though I’m one of those Quebecers that gave up and left la belle province doesn’t mean I don’t hold hope that one day it will regain its sanity and start to move forward again and realize that everyone is part of the culture of Quebec; not just a quaint dream of a time that has long passed by.

Culture and people change all over the World.  You can’t hide.  And with Social media today anyone with a phone can expose people’s hate and ignorance.

The question is what are YOU going to do when you see it?

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Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Patrick said “What you don’t get is the english language is in NO WAY threatened.”

    The present way of life for English speakers is under attack by a few people overly promoting French, execuse me, bilingual.
    The federal NDP have a bill in the house to force force more jobs to be filled by “bilingual” persons.
    The Ontario NDP have a bill in the legislature to provide the French Language Commisioner (not ALL languages commisioner) with more power.
    Muncipalities in Ontario and New Brunswick are being directed by small groups to promote THEIR cause instead of helping all with everyone’s tax dollars I will add! Alot of tax dollars and a harmful hiring process in some cases.

    If French was as easy to learn as English is, more people may buy into this, but after 42 years of the Official Languages Act and 26 of the Ontario French Languages Services Act, very few have.

    So, lets decide who needs what services delivered how, SOON!

  2. That’s it, edudyorlic. When a Quebecois French host said to Mr. Kim Abbot “Your mistake Mr. Abbott was to give us our language and our religion. I can assure you that once we regain power we will not make that same mistake”, he in fact confirmed that THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS THREATENED in Canada.

    The OLA is a threat to the English language and Anglo employment today. The OLA is increasingly DENYING EMPLOYMENT TO ANGLOS in bilingual regions, and franco zealots MPs and the Senators are seeking ways (Bill S-211) to expand this threat to other regions where French services, so far, are based on “sufficient demand”.

    It is music to my ears to hear that about 100 service offices have been closed in the ROC in recent years due to insufficient demand. That’s why Franco zealots are desperately seeking to artificially increase demand (changing the definition of “francophone”, Bill S-211) to grab English Canada from coast to coast in their claw.

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