With Rob Ford Under the Gun Is it Time to Investigate Mayor Kilger & City Hall in Cornwall Ontario?

CFN –  Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto being grilled and exposed this week has created a lot of buzz here in Cornwall Ontario where many are calling for the some kind of inquiry into the machinations of City Hall under Mayor Kilger, his council, and some senior management.

Essentially many feel that the balance of power has been eliminated.  IE; that the CAO position and some senior management have given a free pass to the Kilger government in exchange for support in suppressing the antics of about to be former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick.

The only guard for the public of a council gone amok in the gong factory is a strong CAO with integrity as well as other senior management.   Same goes for the Mayor and Council who are supposed to set policy and keep management honest.   When things go poopy and they support each other’s potential shenanigans look out!  There goes the budget!

In spite of being spanked over governance issues this year; over a million dollars being wasted to cover up the CAO’s “relationship” with another former City Manager, more cases are starting to seethe through to the public.   The latest one involving the Fire Department.

An investigation under Judith Allen is a closed door affair with no compulsion for those called to testify to do so.  For example bubbles from sources indicate former Glen Stor Dun Lodge Manager Donna Derouchie has refused to testify.   The results of the investigation are something that we may never find out about in the public.   Could this week’s decision for instance of the Personal Committee to ask retiring Clerk Denise Labelle Gelinas to delay her retirement be connected to that or other issues?

Madame clerk either has been grossly incompetent after over 30 years of service or support corruption.  Either direction has triggered her retirement.

Councilors I spoke with this weekend were disturbed that an arbitrary decision was taken by the Personal committee ( Mayor Kilger, Councilors Thibault (the proven liar) Carr, Grant, and MacDonald.    They felt that this decision should have been taken to open council to be discussed and I’m sure Manon Poirier has to be wondering what she’s done wrong to delay her natural progression after years of waiting?

Another looming question is why the same personnel committee would give Mr. Fitzpatrick his last raise with so many cases costing the city so much money?  Generally raises are given as awards for a job well done?

The problem that many are suggesting is that the replacement of key positions are in the hands of those that created the circumstances that necessitated or condoned circumstances requiring replacing both the clerk and CAO.

In other words, for those concerned about the corruption at City Hall there’s no mechanism to prevent further bleeding of tax dollars if City Management won’t step up and end things.

The light is starting to shine at sitting CAO Stephen Alexander who has the ability to deal with some of these issues, but seems to be letting things stay Status Quo as in this bizarre case of extending Madame Clerk?

Council is Monday night at 7 PM.   If you care about your city Cornwall it’s time to start to show up and listen, learn, and talk to the people spending your money.

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  1. Thanks Jamie for exposing this corrupt band of thugs that is spending our hard earned money with seemly immunity. Korey Kennedy/Mark MacDonald would have made a much better mayor

  2. Author

    Mariah in 2012 the City of Cornwall under Mayor Kilger and Mr. Fitzpatrick’s watch to date has spent more taxpayer dollars on having their lawyers monitor us than they did marketing with us in 2011. Does that make any sense? Likewise CFN has provided more web traffic to the Choose Cornwall website via old archived ads in at least the first six months of 2012 (confirmed by Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters) than not only any other media site, but those that they are actually paying to do so!

    If that’s not another example of abuse of the tax payer’s purse I’ll eat my desk….

  3. Shameful, Appauling and PATHETIC! Kilger needs to go YESTERDAY!!! People should get out and protest DEMANDING his and his entourage’s resignation!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Holy Molly Jamie, what a load of crap. It’s a wonder these people can hold their heads high in the face of your expose’.

    I would expect some absenteizm at Monday nights council meeting.

    Hope you can get in (:).

    For people who I and thousands of others in Cornwall look up to with some measure of respect, you sure hammer them here.

    Some more specific clarity sure is needed. Relationships happen BUT the dollars are ours that you flag as being manipulated.

  5. Author

    Dave there’s so much I know that I can’t legally write about. It’s frustrating because the average Cornwallite would love to know even though I take grief for exposing some of these scandals…

  6. Steven ALexander is a gentleman a very knowledge hard working man however to continue to be useful to the corporation ( & the tax payers ) in the capacity as CAO he somehow must be his own man & break clear of Bob Kilger . The so called Personal Committee are but a sad example of Stupidity @ City Hall . Are you serious Jamie that this group are asking Denise Gelinas to come back as clerk ? If that is factual were back again to a GONG SHOW @ City Hall . Pray tell when will this utter disregard for the taxpayers end? I wonder if anyone has ever given any consideration to multitasking as the Cities labour force in many cases could do more with their time ? A clean up & a clean out is required SAP .

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