Cornwall Ontario City Councilor David Murphy to Join MPP Jim McDonell’s Team

CFN – Cornwall Ontario rookie Councilor David Murphy has jumped up a notch in local politics.   CFN confirmed that Mr. Murphy will be working for MPP Jim McDonell in an as yet defined role.

Speaking with Mr. Murphy this morning he stated that he will continue to work for Benson’s as a consultant in addition to his new duties and those as City Councilor.

Mr. Murphy has been speculated to be fast tracking his political career with possible aspirations to replace MP Guy Lauzon or even take a run for the Mayor’s position in an upcoming election.

As a rookie Councilor he sits on some major committees including  the Cornwall/Akwesasne Liaison Committee, Culture Plan Committee, Raisin Region Conservation Authority, Recreation Advisory Committee, Waterfront Land Committee, and the real rarity for a junior councilor, the Lay Appointments Committee.



  1. ..good fella..known him for 10 years..voted for him..will again..good luck Dave.

  2. , our mayor Rob Ford (brother of Doug Ford) was the subject of some ptrety vicious fat bashing recently. Now Magazine–which has published several very intelligent and insightful analyses on how the Fords and their lackies are wreaking havoc on our city– photoshopped Rob Ford’s head onto the body of an obese man wearing boxer shorts. The fact that Rob in his skivvies probably does look at lot like the picture (which accompanies an article called “The Naked Truth About Rob Ford”) does not give Now permission to mock someone because of their weight. (P.S. I just blogged about this story.)

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