Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine of Cornwall Ontario on EOHU Flouride Support & Council Presentation

On Monday evening,  Paul Brisebois, spokesman for Fluoride Free Cornwall appeared before Cornwall City Council asking that the city stop adding fluoride ro the municipal water supply. His submission had previously been posted on the website for the agenda of council meetings.
During his presentation, Brisebois mentioned that he had contacted city staff to find our when Cornwall began to add fluoride to the city water. It appeared that city staff could find no record of a previous council ever having voted as to whether or not to add fluoride to city water. So the question begs to be asked, “How is it possible for a city department to have incurred an expense to add fluoride to the city water, when the elected council appears to have known nothing about it ??”
City staff included a presentation from none other that the medical officer of health, who included plently of references that attest to the alleged benefits of fluoridated drinking water. One of the references was a 1998 report by Calgary Health on the benefits of fluoride. Except during mid-2011, Calgary City Council voted overwhelmingly to end fluoride in that city, see link:
He also includes in his list of references, a link to a 2007 study by Quebec’s National Institute of Public Health that aimed at 50% fluoridation by 2012, seehttp://www.inspq.qc.ca/pdf/publications/705-WaterFluoration.pdf
Except that by 2012, Quebec was 97.6% free from fluoride, courtesy of the efforts by such groups as Fluor Action Quebec, Quebec Friends of the Earth and also Coalition Eau Secours under director Gilles Parent (with whom I have had contacted). Gatineau QUE and Kitchener-Waterloo ON both had plebiscites .  .  . Gatineau voted to be fluoride free and K-W voted to end fluoride.
By some interesting coincidence, the head of EOHU presents to the City of Cornwall the same pre-2010 references that were presented to Calgary, Gatineau, Kitchener-Waterloo to end fluoride or to keep out fluoride. So the question begs be asked,
“What is the head of EOHU trying to achieve ???
The head of EOHU may be aware that fluoride is an ingredient in anti-depressants, see
And that a percentage of teenagers commit suicide while on anti-depressants (that contain fluoride), see
And that fluoride can harden the arteries, see 2012 research at:
A public health nurse advise me that children and teenagers only drink 1 to 2-litres of water per day, though they may flush toilets with tanks of 5 to 8-gallons (23 to 36-litres) between 3 to 5-times per day. The fluoride target group of 5 to 17-year olds account for less than 20% of the population and drink less than 0.5% of municipal water .  .  . the remainder of over 99.5% going down the toilet or the drain. This makes
fluoridation of municipal water a scam if over 99% is being wasted.
I would remind the head of EOHU that one of his staff approach me to buy cigarettes as she had forgot her age-of-majority card at home, while a 2nd attempt at similiar entrapment occurred at a later date.

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  1. I didn’t realise EOHU also targetsprivate members of the public for selling cigs.

    Mr. Valentine has his facts and bibliography quite in tact. If I were a council member I would vote against floridation (poisoning) of our population especially with todays media attention to cigs being bad for us surely they can have that same approach about sugars and other foods that cause cavities as well as the need to brush with floride free toothpaste twice per day.
    Since those who are under 5 and over 17, babies and adults, we are wasting a lot of money with this ‘shot gun’ approach to reach only a few targeted citizens. Better to push floride toothpaste for this group or no floride at all.

    This is not a ‘vote your conscience’ issue, it is vote against floridization us as a ‘common sense’ vote.

  2. I am surprised the council knew nothing about floridation not being put in the records, but each level of government, and probably many business groups, rarily check past laws, acts, regulations and rules to see if they are still needed, useful or cost effective. Regular people even, rarily will review a will or insurance needs.

  3. Council really has no foundation to continue the fluoridation of our water? It is our right to h ave them stop according to the Supreme Court of Canada

    The Supreme Court of Canada has stated that the “right to refuse unwanted medical treatment is fundamental to a person’s dignity and autonomy.” There are a number of reasons why a patient may wish to reject his doctor’s recommended treatment: religious grounds, concern about side effects, or concern about risks.
    To continue dosing people with a drug claiming it is for health benefits has no merit.

    How much is too much?
    The levels in our water are based on an average person drinking a specific amount of water.
    How do these statistics fit for a diabetic or a person suffering from kidney problems,. These people are required ingest larger amounts of fluoridated water. Is this good for them?

    What gives them the right to force all of us to ingest Fluoride? Or any drug for that matter. See Canadian Supremen COurt rulings

    Is this a Charter issue perhaps?

    Why did, in 1997, the FDA enforce toothpaste maufacturers does to issue this warning?
    “Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”

    Where does Fluorine occur naturally in nature such that we can ingest it?

    What is Fluoride?
    Fluoride is a waste product of the aluminum and fertilizer industries and, not surprisingly; a multi-million dollar business. The chemicals used to fluoridate the water actually are not pharmaceutical grade as one might expect, but are a hazardous waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. In fact this stuff is so toxic, it is illegal for the general public to dump these sorts of chemicals into natural waterways or release the parent gases into the atmosphere.
    Additionally and according to a report released by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), “This product, along with its salt form used in 91 percent of the fluoridation schemes, contains numerous contaminants, including arsenic and lead, which have never been factored in to any risk assessment.” The Merck Manual (one of the most trusted medical references textbooks used by physicians and healthcare workers the world over) lists fluoride as a ‘lethal poison’ and recognizes it as a substance used extensively as an insecticide and rodent poison.

    Healthy Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

    By striving to maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet avoiding sugars and processed foods, you can prevent the proliferation of the bacteria that cause decay in the first place. Brushing and flossing twice daily, along with regular check-ups and cleaning with your natural dentist will ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy for a lifetime.

  4. Hi Eric and Haley

    The smoke stack at the aluminium plant at the north end of Massena originally pumped out some 3400-kg of gaseous fluoride emissions per day. They eventually reduced the gaseous fluoride emissions to around 800-kg per day. Gaseous fluoride emissions caused chronic fluorosis amongst cattle on Cornwall Island many years ago, along with fluoride related health problems among the Mohawk population (thyroid, diabetes, kidney problems).

    The head of the EOHU evidently does not know the fluoride history of this area . . . he was quoted that ” fluoride was one of the greatest health achievements of the 20th century.”

    The fluoride content in the water entering Cornwall’s municipal water intake, exceeds the level being recommended by the Council of Environment Ministers.

    The introduction of fluoride into Cornwall’s municipal water occurred when independent researchers were investigating the impact of the gaseous fluoride emissions on the Mohawk community during the late 1970’s. Some one may have realised what was imminent and evidently pulled off one hell of a back room deal in Cornwall.


    Before the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) hired independent researchers from American Universities to investigate health problems on Cornwall Island, Health Canada had dismissed any suggestion that fluoride emissions from the aluminium plants may be the cause of such problems. Health Canada gave both Cornwall Island and the City of Cornwall “a clean bill of health” in regard to any ill-effects of fluoride emissions.

    Then the researchers hired by the MCA found the smoking gun and plently of them, proving that Health Canada had either done sub-standard research or chose to cover up the fluoride problem in the area. Over a period of 20-years, the aluminium companies had dumped out some 25-million tons of fluoride into the environment in the area. The MCA took subsequently took legal against Alcoa, Reynolds and General Motors.

    Health Canada remained silent on the findings of the MCA’s independent researchers and likewise, the EOHU has also remained silent on the excess fluoride emissions from nearby industrial smokestacks. The head of the EOHU was recently quoted in the Cornwall printed media (Sept 12) that “fluoride was one of the greatest medical breakthroughs of the 20th century”. Cornwall has paid about $1-million for fluoride since the fluoride back-room deal was pulled off in the city many years ago.

    Perhaps W5 or Fifth Estate may need to investigate further.

  6. Just to say, when we were in grade 9 approx 1964 -5 we were told by a grade 9 science teacher that someday we would hear about fluoride, as it should not be in water or toothpaste. I guess now we
    can believe what he said He was well ahead of his time .

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