Cornwall Ontario City Council Conflicted Over Code of Conduct Code – September 11, 2012

CFN –  Confusion and mayhem at City Council in Cornwall Ontario as council tittered and poohed over the thought of having a Code of Conduct.  I know.  Seriously, hard to type that with a straight face.

The dynamic though wasn’t about some of the mayhem and hijinks dearest viewer.   Ney Nonny, not this group.    Mayor Kilger’s motley crew were bothered about the conduct of Councilors like Andre Rivette who give out interviews without things being agreed upon and rubber stamped.

Mayor Kilger making with his best Stephen Harper impression usually keeps a firm choke hold when it comes to independent thought and saying anything to media that could possibly be cause for thought or discussion or shock!  Not be consistent with the “Status Quo” of speak some, but try and say as little as possible.

Due to Councilor Denis Carr’s absence it was a five to five vote thus not passing.    Wonder how long it took to sort that out in the pre Open session in camera meeting?

Councilor Grant spouted this doozy:   LINK

“We’re saying there’s a problem, in my estimation,” said Coun. Glen Grant. “This is a little bit proactive, but it’s also reactive in some respects, and I don’t believe we have a problem.”

That’s almost vintage Jean Chretien speak!  We’re saying there’s a problem but I don’t believe there’s a problem?

Denis “the Liar”  Thibault tossed this gem in:

“We need to have a document of some type that says this is what you should expect from your elected official,” he said. “…I don’t like bureaucracy any more than anybody else, but if we’re going to be transparent, if we’re going to be accountable, we need a document.”

If you’re going to lie to the taxpayer if it’s convenient what does it matter if there’s a document or not?    Does the public really swallow this hog swizzle?

I love this town!

What do you think Cornwall voters?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Those people make my head spin!!!!!!! Get rid of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except Andre.

  2. sorry, farce at its best

  3. Well,guess what, the council not only has secret meeting,but now they what a code of conduct (thank God it was voted down).
    Boy! Are they ever showing their true colours.
    Yep, time to say, GOOD BYE.
    I see in one of the news paper that there is an advertisement for a CAO?
    Have a nice day.

  4. Author

    geez they should advertise that on CFN as we get a lot of out of town traffic too…

  5. It certainly appears that Glen Grant has little respect for the intelligence of the taxpayers when he states at a council meeting ” I don’t believe we have a problem ” . Stop feeding us this line of B/S & for once lay it on the line & tell us the truth if you know what the truth is . Certainly City Council Meeting is nothing short of a Gong Show . I sometimes wonder if what we hear at council meetings was nothing but a predetermined script between them ?

  6. UNBELIEVABLE, good comments Jamie regarding the latest comedy act, that is our City Council ! They have to go, actually, they must go. The lack of transparancy is criminal at best, they are actually smug, in their lack of respect for we the taxpayers.
    At the next election, join us in the BIG FLUSH MOVEMENT and vote them all out ! We cannot do any worse ???

  7. Kilger must go,actually this has gone way over being funny,Grant really destroyed his good reputation with his comments…we are not crazy & you cannot keep pulling the wool over our eyes,other cities have to be laughing at us like crazy fools, if you continue to do what you have always done…you will always get the same B S

  8. Author

    Mariah do you think that’s it’s time for people to start showing up at City Council? Maybe wearing some t shirts to voice their disapproval? It takes people to make things happen.

  9. I thought the code of conduct was to be more transparent not a united front, Sweet #@$%!

  10. Yes it takes people to make things happen adm, just look what happened in Cairo…..

  11. Stella, baby, you are right. Cornwall is like Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood rules today.

  12. ..I guess I must have been the only Cornwall citizen to have elected these councillors..or maybe I’m the only one that voted.. you want change? time we have an election, get off your couch..put the potato chips down and vote..we always have low voter turn out..this is your fault.

  13. Know what? No matter who gets re-elected/elected, people will find something to complain about. Can’t please everyone…. Yep, let’s get rid of them all, things will be much better…..oh? ok!!

    Bottom line is no one is perfect, no one is infallible and rather then debase someone at every opportunity, like ferris said…..get out and vote this time. Let the elected officials do their job and if one is not happy of the job they do……let your opinion be known come election time.

  14. Stellababe, do you mean people should just shut up all three- four years and only let know their unhappiness quietly at the voting booth? Who do you think Kilger is that you think he is should be exempted from criticism?

  15. Nat…..What does criticism accomplish? The vote speaks louder then words.

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