South Stormont Ontario Ground Zero for Language Test – Charter Protection Council Meeting – September 26, 2012

South Stormont Ontario Mayor Bryan McGillis

CFN – If you ask people what is one of the most repellent facets of Quebec politics they’ll tell you it’s the Language laws, especially pertaining to business.

Businesses already are burdened by the norms of competition and government red tape and brutal taxation.

Recently Quebec style politics have been creeping outside their borders and it seems that ground zero is Eastern Ontario.    Ontario is not a bilingual province, but that hasn’t stopped townships like Russell from creating laws that dictate what businesses can have on their signs.

The Cornwall Community Hospital Nurse protest over Bilingual hiring policies have grown to the point where the group behind it has been able to meet with Federal Minister James Moore recently.

While certain groups are alleging racism and linguistic intolerance, others face the reality of their children being forced to move to where they can get jobs without stringent demands of French at levels not matched by English requirements for Francophones.

While most don’t question the right for service in French others suggest that perhaps 100% of staff not be required to be function at high levels as a solution especially when schools are not turning turning out graduates at those expected levels.

Many feel that the majority should not have to accommodate to the point where fiscal survival and advancement are put at stake.

Which leads us to the South Stormont City Council meeting Wednesday September 26, 2012 at 7 PM where language rights activist will be presenting a proposal that council is expected to embrace clearly stating that South Stomont will respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and decree that businesses can put whatever language they wish on their signs.

It’s potentially a drawing a line in the sand; something many Canadians have suggested is long in coming.

A large crowd is expected and should be interesting to see how Mayor Bryan McGillis and his council respond.

Mayor McGillis did offer the following to CFN:

Why would anyone oppose the administration of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms when it comes to language?

South Stormont Council Chambers (next to the Long Sault O.P.P. station) at 2 Mille Roches Road.  The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

To contact the township and their elected officials we are providing their contact info below.

Township office: 613-534-8889

Mayor Bryan McGillis: 613-937-3116 or 613-577-0753 or
Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart: 613-984-2543 or
Councillor Barry Brownlee: 613-537-9753
Councillor Richard Waldroff: 613-537-8226 or 613-362-7596 or
Councillor Cindy Woods: 613-537-2977 or

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  1. Patrick boucher, David Levine is not an Anglo, unless we are talking about a different one. Levine was hired by the Ottawa Hospital a few years ago in the most senior role. His first order of business was to ask for all language complaints, of course there were none, but forced more French anyway….

  2. Highlander howard,
    – you were spewing the same hatred in Québec, the people of that country weren’t buying it. Promoting the french language in a town where its close to 45 % french is not an attack on freedom of expression.

    Freedom of expression doesn’t mean you can say or spew hatred or promote the elimination of a culture.


    This is not freedom of expression howard, this is promoting hatred.

  3. @Patrick, enough, except change period, everytime you write something proves your hatred towards everyone else but the french, like I wrote in a previous post, equal rights for everyone, join in on it or stop talking your agenda please.

  4. @ city bs…. I beg to differ.. Patrick showed you two clips made by Howard… one was top boycott French stores and the other was similar.. .wipe out Franco Ontarians that is hatred… Pure and simple hatred… The French language police did not come after him they ignored him… i am losing respect for Cornwall Free News as others are by a lot of QC politics being discussed and now Eastern Ontario by Howard… I am not sure if it another feather in his cap he wants or what…
    He lost popularity in QC for the same stuff and I hope he will lose it here but it seems the English are more sheep than I thought they were… I am English although fluently bilingual…

  5. Support Bilingualism…..You are absolutely correct it is hatred towards the french and nothing else. Of course his followers will not admit it. You see galganov is the LFA savior as the LFA was running in circles not knowing where to turn, no real agenda and grasping at anything to try and prove discrimination. galganov being no fool saw their demise as a group and knowing his financial demise, lured them in.

    The SS deal was a DONE deal without galganov being their spokeperson. Of course galganov jumped to the occasion to speak for them as they are financially helping galganov’s cause of eliminating the french whom he hates so much. They deserve one another.

    Does signage play a major role with consumers……absolutely not! It takes a group of french haters to make an issue where none really exist. SO……my question for the hird time is: How does having business owners advertise in the language of their choice personally change your life? I will answer for you because I know you can’t. “IT DOESN’T CHANGE A D@MN THING” It’s a power thing, it’s a hatred thing and “see we won” thing………CHEAP THRILLS…….FOR SMALL MINDS!!!!!!

  6. Author

    “Does signage play a major role with consumers……absolutely not!”

    If that is true was is signage such a big issue in Quebec and apparently Russell Township?

  7. I see Stella and Patrick are at it again-propaganda again And again and again ,please and thanks this only benefits LFA or perhaps Howard and CLF – others are seeing the racial views from one side -kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.

    What you don’t believe in “Freedom of Expression”?
    Of course not you both have agreed to bill 101.

  8. Those signs Jamie are not about language really they are imo hatred.. or very close to it.. and I was just speaking to a neighbor who agrees with me what is going on here is not right…As he says he is Canadian and that Canada is bilingual we all know that.. And what about our poor Mohawks .. They mind their business and stay out of this bs..

  9. adm……my question was: How does having business owners advertise in the language of their choice “PERSONALLY” change your life?

    Jamie, I really don’t care about Quebec and Russell, my question remains…..what does it change?

    Why should it bother anyone what language the sign is written in? Whether it’s in Ontario, Quebec or any other province it’s foolish. You may say that Quebec is pushing for french first signs… what? It’s not the sign that makes a business successful, it’s the product and service. This is being done because of the hatred towards the french. Period!!

  10. Author

    “Why should it bother anyone what language the sign is written in?”

    The event in South Stormont simply was about the choice of what language(s) to put on signs. It’s up to the merchants as it should be. Your agenda is showing and frankly it’s getting boring.

    I get it. You love the status quo. Many don’t. It’s about jobs and life. It’s about what’s fair and reasonable. Not preserving a culture. You can’t legislate choice.

  11. Piper, your views are not racial……give me a break!! There is none so blind as he who cannot see piper. Check in the archives then tell me HONESTLY who has posted the most propoganda.

  12. Soo right Jamie ,agenda,agenda its like a religion to them defend no matter the injustice .
    These are the same people that agree with bill 101 ,what should we expect?
    French first right?
    All should be treated equal -language legislation prohibits that!

  13. it is not the sign Jamie it is the way the sign is written and what it says that is close to hatred…

  14. OMG Stella, get serious. This has nothing to do with hatred towards the French..If I was shopping and saw a store sign entirely in French, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enter the store. It means if I enter the store, more than likely the shop owner/workers would be French speakers. I would not hesitate for a minute to purchase from the store with the French only name from the French speaking worker. On the other hand if I were the owner of the store and wanted an English only sign, for me, that would be because my employees would more than likely be English speakers and not able to serve the French population. But you would more than welcomed to come in and make a purchase even though my employee may not be able to speak your language. It would be your choice to enter or not. But if the sign was bilingual you would enter and expect French service. Not hard to understand here.

  15. “Does signage play a major role with consumers……absolutely not!” Stella, I disagree it does. IF there is not sign in front of the business, well you wont attract many customers. C’est une ouverture d’esprit qui devrait être démontré par nos confrères anglos …frustrant car nous on s’est donné la peine d’apprendre l’anglais et le français..eux on pour leur dire…moi, anglo, je n’ai pas besoin d’apprendre le français…toi parle moi en anglais.

    If that is true was is signage such a big issue in Quebec and apparently Russell Township?
    – bilingual signs, where there is a strong percentage of french speaking individuals. Now I didn’t agree with the signs laws before, a good friend of mine had a garage business and had to take his signs down. His business, jason’s autoparts wasn’t up to code according to the language police in QUébec. THAT, I didn’t agree with. Now that the law changed, they told him that his sign had to show french first, in bigger letters, and in english after. AT LEAST THE SIgn is bilingual.

  16. It is up to the city to legislate by-laws about signs and how they want their city to be represented. Very interesting that some come up with excuse not to learn a little french, leave their home province on the pretext that the big bad bilingual quebecers looked at him funny. Status quo is good thing if it means that minorities in Québec and throughout Canada are treated with respect…. without any dumb pamphlet saying that they should be exterminated.

  17. To: Highlander RE: POST September 29, 2012 at 4:33 am — I SAY A HUGE Ditto—

    As for Patrick. As much as it is VERY important to “set the record straight” regarding much of the ridiculousness that Patrick spews here in this public forum (glad you do so) because there are some who read these posts to try to understand the reality of things who may not be fully aware of all the issues, but, we also MUST be cognoscente of the FACT (and inform those who are new and MAY NOT know -AS I AM DOING RIGHT NOW) – that Patrick is the type that will say the sky is yellow even if a dozen people prove to him that the sky is indeed blue because, in his “warped little mind” which seems completely unaffected by things such as “reality & truth” he is trapped with only one way to look at things —

    (a common trait among the French it seems — ie: Quebec pays more than into the Feds than it receives and, Quebec treats the English in the “province” of Quebec like gold, and Quebec could survive quite nicely without the ROC etc, etc)

    — And thus, he/they will NEVER really “get it” OR understand that these things are simply nice little fallacies that reside in one place only — between their own ears —

  18. Stella said:

    “How does having business owners advertise in the language of their choice personally change your life?”

    Well Stella if you are one of the business owner’s or looking to become a proprietor of a business, being able to advertise in the language of your choice can personally change your life be it financial, method of marketing, etc. all falling under Freedom of Expression.

    Come on kid, don’t tell me even you didn’t understand the concept before asking the question…


  19. To edudyorlik, Highlander:

    Edudylorlik is absolutely right. No matter how many times you try to convince these people with stats, personal stories etc. of facts, you’ll never convince anyone who possesses an automatic advantage in all things material…we won’t convince these people of anything. What we do we do so that we can show people what is going on, who is perpetrating this agenda and why they’re doing it. We do this not for their benefit but for educational reasons and the fact that one day we would like to have the chance at a successful life.

    Case in point:

    The poor want to make middle class
    The middle class want to make the rich class
    The rich want to stay that way.

  20. Patrick… te comprends jusqu’a un certain point…mais pour vrai dire, je trouve que les signes, pour moi, n’ont pas d’importance. Ils sont plaignards et essaient de trouver n’importe de quelle excuse pour abolir notre langue. Tant qu’a moi….je trouve ca ridicule et malfaisant. Patrick I did not say no sign, what I said was “what does it matter what language it is in” it doesn’t change anything. Who cares what language is on top or beneath? That was the point I was trying to make. Let Quebec deal with thier own language signs as for here it only became a problem because of galganov.

    Patrick, I see their frustration coming out…..which shows that your arguments are hitting a sore spot for them.

  21. edudyorlik; Thanks

    It’s rather disturbing how Stella and Patrick have a view on reality or lack of it is a better way of seeing it.
    Their behavior when proof is provided is utterly amazing on denial,this could be only defined as brainwashing.

    Now people who observe and not comment;
    Do you not believe in “Freedom of Expression”?
    Do you see that these two do not?

    The Russell bylaw is no different then bill101,both infringe the charters “Freedom of Speech”.

  22. South Stormont Ontario Ground Zero for Language Test :

    No truer words Jamie -The battle for equality:The buck stops here! .
    This is only the beginning as more people from across the country see what we area all doing …more support is coming .

    Times they are a changing ….Canadians stand up ,its your rights don’t let others speak for you …..its your time.

    Silence means consent.

  23. Stella, devine qui est highlander ? D’après mike bédard, Higlhlander c’est howard galganov. So now you get why logic evades him.

  24. Patrick….oui je le savais. C’est tu possible, ca c’est vraiment drole.

    Absolutely right piper, more people across the country sees what you’re doing and knows what you stand for…..thats for sure. I think the proof was in the pudding when you last ran for elections.

  25. Stella, Patrick:

    How about you keep to using English in this forum when communicating between yourselves and the rest of these bloggers. Unlike you guys and a few others including myself, the rest of these listers haven’t had the opportunity of learning French and so it can be deemed rude whenever you communicate something in French only.

    To use French amongst yourselves can be considered rude in the company of those who don’t understand it.

    Thanks guys and gals,


  26. stellabystarlight said “what does it matter what language it is in” it doesn’t change anything. ”

    The people of Russell Township should be very upset, and were, did the council who put this in not get the boot? Anyway, over 70% of the Russell business community had bilingual signs, but the sign bylaw was put in, guess you can ask that council why stella and what it changes?

  27. Right Cory

    Yes its called courtesy .

  28. It’s not rude cory, YOu speak french 55% of the time, And highlander howard is perfectly bilingual. So why is it a personal problem for you guys.

  29. No highlander it is called freedom of speech….you know, the thing you are fighting for. It’s called democracy where one has the right to sign and talk in the language of their choice **smile**

  30. Thanks Stella said:

    “No highlander it is called freedom of speech….you know, the thing you are fighting for. It’s called democracy where one has the right to sign and talk in the language of their choice”

    Thanks for excepting it ,and not defining it as anti french !
    You are finally getting it!!!

    See people reasoning and logic at work here!

    Thanks Highlander.

  31. Cory, apparently, according to patrick, “curtesy” means it’s OK to speak French in the company of those who don’t understand it. It’s Quebecois “ethics” – French above everyone else.

  32. Helga, why is it a problem. If your not part of the conversation, if no one is addressing you… why do you care ?

  33. Do you want me to repeat, patrick? Read again, slowly:

    “apparently, according to patrick, “curtesy” means it’s OK to speak French in the company of those who don’t understand it. It’s Quebecois “ethics” – French above everyone else.”

  34. Cornwall is ground Zero to bring about language Fairness ,many from across Canada are watching the infestation of Quebec politics stops HERE.

    Quebec and her Ontario french language rights groups can keep their bill 101 laws there ,we in Ontario do not need your bill 101 .

    Quebec and(YES)her Ontario french language rights groups do not respect the charter of rights and freedoms and continue to violate them.

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